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Chapter 10: Treacherous

Put your lips close to mine

As long as they don't touch

Out of focus, eye to eye

'Til the gravity's too much

And I'll do anything you say

If you say it with your hands

And I'd be smart to walk away

But you're quicksand.

Quinn woke up the next morning to Rachel snuggling in closer to her. She hadn't necessarily wanted to be awake this early, but this feeling of home that she felt with Rachel at that exact moment was worth it. She knew she shouldn't get used to it, but she found herself daydreaming about waking up like this every morning.

God, what she wouldn't give to have this every morning. To be able to wake up with Rachel in her arms, to develop a morning routine with her. Well, it would be practically perfect. Quinn would be up first, obviously, because she painted best early in the morning. When Rachel finally decided to wake up (because Quinn assumed that Rachel was one of those people that liked to sleep the day away), they would cook breakfast together so Quinn could gradually teach Rachel how to cook. Then they would fight over who gets to take a shower first, but Quinn would always let Rachel win. Which meant that Quinn would always be taking cold showers unless she opted to shower with Rachel, which was a good possibility.

They would often spend the day together, as Quinn would have a studio in her apartment. Rachel would work as an actress on West End, which was close enough to Broadway to hopefully count for her. The two of them would live happily ever after, going on double dates with Brittany and Santana, having dance-offs, and sneaking into fancy parties with Puck. Maybe even one day they would start a family and have kids.

It was a nice daydream, and it put Quinn back to sleep because she couldn't bear to get out of bed to face reality. Not yet.

Because once Quinn let herself get up, her mind would know it was the last day with Rachel.

This slope is treacherous

This path is reckless

This slope is treacherous

And I, I, I like it.

Rachel almost had a panic attack when she woke up. Quinn was no longer there.

The thought passed through her mind that Quinn could have been lying last night; that Rachel really was just like all the other girls Quinn had slept with and left. She quickly dismissed this thought, because she knew Quinn was better than that.

When Rachel got out of bed and put some clothes on, she found Quinn in the kitchen making breakfast. The moment she heard Rachel walk in, Quinn looked up from her work and smiled at her.

"Good morning, sleepyhead," Quinn commented. "Care for something to eat? I made your favorites."

"How do you know my favorites?" Rachel asked, stifling a yawn.

"Wikipedia," she replied. "I hope they're right. I know I said I wanted to learn everything from you, but I wanted to make your favorites for your birthday and I didn't want to wake you up to ask."

"Aw, that's so sweet. Even if it's not my favorite I'll pretend it is." Rachel honestly didn't think Quinn could get more perfect. Finn was nothing like this.

"You don't have to," Quinn said. "I mean, it's not like I ran to the store in the cold this morning to get fresh fruit and tofu or anything."

"Quinn, you didn't have to do that," Rachel said, walking over to the kitchen so she could kiss her.

"It's a good thing I didn't. I made Santana do that," she stated after kissing Rachel.

Rachel playfully hit her shoulder. "Jerk."

"I'm kidding! Santana's not near that nice. Plus she and Brittany stay in bed practically all day Sunday. In fact, we should probably clear out soon before they wake up."

"Where are we going today?" Rachel asked as Quinn set a plate of tofu scramble and fruit down on the counter. "Oh my god, wikipedia knows me."

Quinn laughed, grabbing another plate and going to sit down. "I thought I'd let you pick since it is your birthday."

"But how am I supposed to know what to do? It's not like I'm a native Londoner," she stated before taking a bite of her tofu scramble. "Fuck. This is good."

"Neither am I. And I think you're exaggerating just how good this is. I've never made it before," Quinn said, picking at her own food.

Rachel put down her fork and looked at Quinn in awe.


"You mean to tell me that not only are you an excellent painter, dancer, and ice skater, but you're a natural cook? Nope. Unacceptable. The only person that perfect is Mary Poppins, and you're not her."

This got Quinn to smile before breaking out into song. "Just a spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down…"

"Of course you can sing too. I mean why not?" Rachel threw her hands in the air in exasperation. "Fine. I give up. You are a flawless person."

"I'm not perfect, Rachel," Quinn said. "I just put off the appearance of being perfect."

"Well you do a pretty good job of it," she replied, going back to eating.

Quinn shrugged. "It's part of being a Fabray. Everyone in my family is supposed to appear perfect when we're really not."

"My family embraces the fact that we're nowhere near perfect," Rachel added, thinking of her dads. It had been months since she had seen them last. There just never was enough time in her schedule between work and Finn for her to fly out to New York. Monday would be emotional, not only because she was seeing her dads, but also because she was leaving Quinn. She had mixed emotions about whether she should be looking forward to it. Right now she was just trying to focus on the present.

"Your family sounds nice."

"They are. I don't see them near enough."

"Same here," Quinn joked, getting Rachel to giggle. Quinn somehow always seemed to be able to make her laugh. She liked it.

"If my dads knew how horrible your family was to to you for being a lesbian, they probably would adopt you," Rachel stated. "My dads are known for taking in stray gays who run away to New York but don't have much of a plan after they get there."

"If they adopted me though, then I couldn't do this," Quinn said before moving in to kiss her. Rachel smiled into the kiss because she was so glad they could do this.

"Shouldn't you two be somewhere else instead of snogging at the breakfast bar?" Santana said, interrupting their kiss before it could become more.

"Look who's awake," Quinn commented as she watched Santana walk into the kitchen. "It's not even noon."

"Don't even go there with me, Fabray. You know exactly why I'm up and it's only because I'm the damn nicest friend you've ever had and don't you forget it," Santana replied, fixing herself a plate of the tofu scramble. "What is this shit anyway?"

"Tofu scramble," Rachel answered before Quinn could reply. "Quinn made it for my birthday."

"Damn, Q, you never made me breakfast on my birthday," Santana said as she moved to sit next to Quinn.

"That's because you don't leave your room on your birthday."

"Breakfast in bed would be nice," she replied.

"Yeah, that's not happening."

Santana ignored her comment. "Though not this shit. I need a good English breakfast."

"You're not even English."

"I'm more English than your sorry ass."

"Oh I love you guys!" Brittany said, coming out of nowhere and wrapping the two into a hug from behind. When she let them go, she turned to Rachel. "Happy birthday, Rachel!"

"Thanks, Brittany," Rachel replied, once again brought back into the conversation of the roommates.

Santana and Quinn shared a look, which Rachel noticed, before Santana stood up. "Come on, B, we need to get our shower on."

Brittany pouted. "But I wanted to talk to Rachel about her birthday."

"No," Santana said. "Let them have their birthday sex in peace."

"We're not having birthday sex," Quinn stated before Santana could drag Brittany away.

"We did that last night," Rachel put in.

Brittany turned around and beamed at the both of them. "I knew it! I knew you two would get together! Didn't I, San?"

"You did," Santana confirmed. "Now we need to go or we'll never get done in time."

"Okay. See you guys later!"

Quinn breathed a sigh of relief.

"What?" Rachel asked, curious as to what exactly Quinn was so relieved about.

"Oh, it's just that normally Brittany asks for details of my sex life," she replied.

"Well. That's kind of odd."

"That's Brittany."

"Santana had a good idea though," Rachel stated, grinning at her.

"Nope," Quinn said, taking their plates to put in the sink.

"But what if that's how I want to spend my birthday?" It wasn't necessarily what Rachel wanted to do with her last day, but she sure as hell wouldn't mind it.

"We're not spending your entire birthday in bed," she confirmed.


Quinn smiled. "I hoped you would catch that. Tonight?"

"Of course."

Rachel had no idea at the time that Quinn wouldn't make good on that promise. There was no way she could know that something disastrous, something that would throw them both for a loop, was coming her way. She was simply looking forward to spending her birthday with Quinn.

I can't decide if it's a choice

Getting swept away

I hear the sound of my own voice

Asking you to stay.

"You could stay, you know. If you wanted to." They had been walking along down the street, discussing The Phantom Of The Opera which they had just finished watching (Quinn had surprised Rachel with tickets to the matinee performance), when Quinn found herself blurting that out.

Rachel stopped walking. "What?"

"Forget it, I didn't meanI mean, I know you can't." Quinn stumbled over her words, trying to right her stupid mistake.

"Quinn, I want to." This got Quinn to look up from her shoes, a habit that only showed back up from her middle school days when she felt extremely embarrassed.

"You do?" There was something hopeful in her voice that made Quinn feel even more like she was back in middle school.

"Of course. There's nothing I want more than to be able to stay here and get to know you better," Rachel assured her. "But you know I can't."

Quinn tried not to look too disappointed. "Yeah, I know. You're the big superstar and you have to get back to your job."

"I do. I absolutely cannot stay right now. But maybe once my contract is up for my tv show. There's plenty of film work in London that I could get. Plus they say West End is easier to get on than Broadway."

"Are you serious?" She couldn't believe what she was hearing. She had been so convinced that Rachel was going to walk out of her life the next day that she hadn't even thought of the possibility that Rachel would try to stay.

"It's not set in stone or anything, but I really want to try with us, Quinn. I want there to be more to us than just this weekend." Rachel looked sincere, and Quinn felt like crying from the happiness she felt.

"Me too."

Despite being on a public street, Rachel pulled Quinn in for a passionate kiss. They weren't letting the off-chance of the paparazzi ruin their perfect moment. Quinn was finally happy with the way her life was heading.

The happiness didn't last, though. For when they got about half a block down the street, trouble found them.

"Quinn?" She felt her hand drop in shock from the figure that had suddenly appeared before them. It couldn't be. Not now.


Your name has echoed through my mind

And I just think you should, think you should know

That nothing safe is worth the drive and I will

Follow you, follow you home

I'll follow you, follow you home.

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