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Chapter 6: Everything Has Changed

All I knew this morning when I woke

Is I know something now

Know something now I didn't before.

For the first time in months, Rachel woke up feeling happy. Sometime in the middle of the night Quinn had ended up spooning her, and while normally if she woke up spooning with a stranger after a night of drinking she would be a bit alarmed, but this was different. Quinn brought out all kinds of emotions from her, and none of them were bad.

She stayed in bed for a while, letting Quinn sleep, reveling in the comfort of a warm body pressed up against hers. So many mornings she had woken up alone, and here she was finally with someone else. This was what she needed. She just hoped it was what Quinn needed too.

There was a part of her that was slowly coming to terms that she could very easily fall in love with Quinn if she wasn't careful. Though she wasn't really sure that she wanted to be all that careful. Quinn seemed like the kind of person that it might be okay for her to fall in love with.

She quickly put that thought out of her head, as she was reminded that no one could ever love her. She was a celebrity, for crying out loud; people were only with her for the perks that that gave them.

At least that's how it had been with him.

No, she would have to be very careful not to become too attached to Quinn. Soon enough this magical weekend would be over and she would be back in California while Quinn stayed in London. She couldn't get used to this feeling of warmth and protection and happiness.

Well… Too late.

Rachel softly sighed as she knew it was hopeless. She had always been easy to fall, and that was one of her weaknesses. It was certainly what had led her to this weekend in the first place. So maybe it wasn't so bad. And maybe it was.

And all I've seen since eighteen hours ago

Is green eyes and freckles and your smile

In the back of my mind making me feel like

I just wanna know you better, know you better, know you better now

Quinn woke up feeling complete. She didn't have this ache in her heart where she knew Zoie used to be. Well, it wasn't completely gone, but it was a start. It was more progress than she had ever made. That itself was enough to see where this thing with Rachel was going.

Not that there really was anything going on with her and Rachel. Sure, they almost kissed last night, but that was nothing. Right?

"So which one of us is the cuddler?" Quinn asked once she realized Rachel was awake as well.

"Mm," Rachel hummed, turning over to face her. "Seeing as you were spooning me, I'm gonna go out on a limb and say it's you."

"Except according to my track record, I'm not known to cuddle with one night stands," she replied teasingly.

"Man, if this is your idea of a one night stand, I don't know how you get the girls. Though I guess that's the reason they only stick around for one night," Rachel stated, playing along.

Quinn grinned, shaking her head and sitting up. "You win. If you're this witty right after waking up, I have no chance."

"You're right. You do have no chance of ever winning against me," Rachel said, sitting up as well. "Though for your information, I do like to cuddle."

With that Rachel was up and off to the bathroom before Quinn could respond. Quinn decided to go start on breakfast for the two of them. Except when she left the bedroom, she found Santana was already in the kitchen cooking.

"Morning Quinn!" Brittany cried from her place on the couch where she was watching cartoons.

"Good morning, Brittany," she replied, continuing on her way through the living room to the kitchen. Of course. How could she forget? It was Saturday, the day where she and Santana cooked breakfast and they all watched cartoons together.

"Is your friend staying for cartoon breakfast?" Brittany questioned after Quinn.

"Um, I think so."

Santana looked up from her work at the stove where she was making pancakes. "Hey, this is your job. I shouldn't be doing it just because Britt likes your shit American food and you decided to sleep in."

Quinn rolled her eyes, taking over from Santana. "You know you love them too."

"Like hell I do. I love my traditional British breakfast."

"You're Hispanic."

"And your point is?"

"Quinn has a friend over!" Brittany said in a hushed tone, finally having gotten up during the commercial break.

Santana froze where she had been buttering bread to toast. "Britt are you sure?"

"I saw her!"

Quinn kept making pancakes, ignoring their conversation.

Santana turned on her. "Q, what the hell?"

"I can bring people home, you know."

"Yeah, but that doesn't mean you do," she replied. "Damn, is she homeless or something? Because normally you just go back to their place so you can fuck and leave."

"Oh piss off," Quinn said, shoving Santana with her free hand.

"But really, is she homeless? Because we are not a charity," Santana pressed.

"She's the opposite of homeless, for your information, she's"

"Princess Anna, San! She's the Princess Anna!" Brittany gushed, unable to hold in her excitement anymore.

Santana turns from Brittany to glare at Quinn. "A movie star? Really? You're going down that path now?" Quinn just shrugged. "Couldn't you at least have picked a better one?"

"Quinn?" At the sound of her name being called out, she abandoned her pancakes to find Rachel just exiting her room, now freshly showered. She waved from her place, catching Rachel's attention. "Oh there you are!"

"Fancy some breakfast?"

And all my walls stood tall painted blue

And I'll take them down

Take them down

And open up the door for you.

"Hi, I'm Brittany!" Rachel was immediately assaulted upon her entrance in the kitchen. Brittany pulled her into a hug not even a second after introducing herself. "You're shorter than I thought you would be."

"I'm Rachel and um, thanks?" Rachel didn't really know how to respond to Quinn's overenthusiastic roommate.

Brittany's smile died a bit. "You mean you're not Anna?"

Rachel looked at Quinn, silently asking what she was supposed to say. Quinn took over for her. "Britt, Anna isn't a real person. Rachel just pretended to be Anna for the movie."

"Oh okay! So you mean like Puck does in his movies?" she questioned.

Quinn and Santana both shared an accusatory glance. "You let her?"

"Why the hell would I let her?" Santana asked.

"What?" Rachel asked, completely confused.

"Our friend, Puck, is in gay porn movies," Quinn offered up for Rachel in a hushed tone. "We've been trying to keep them from Brittany, but apparently she was exposed to them somehow anyway."

"B, who showed you those?" Santana questioned gently.

"Puck," she replied. Santana groaned.

"I am going to kill him."

"You're friends with a porn star?" Rachel asked Quinn.

Quinn just shrugged. "He went to university with us and needed money. Then he found out he liked doing it more than the shit job he was taking classes to get. We don't judge."

Rachel nodded. "Do you need help with breakfast?"

Quinn smiled at her. "That's sweet, but you're our guest. You don't have to help."

"Hell yes she does if she wants to eat," Santana interjected. "I don't care if she is a bloody movie star."

"Hi, I don't believe we've been properly introduced yet. Rachel Berry," she said, extending a hand for Santana to shake.

Santana just rolled her eyes before taking her hand. "Santana. And I know who you are. Britt's made me watch that princess movie about fifty million times."

Rachel turned to Quinn. "Your roommates have watched my movie that many times and yet you still had no idea who I was on the plane?"

"You've obviously never watched a movie with them. It's not something you want to do unless you want to also witness sex on the sofa," Quinn answered.

"Oh. Okay," Rachel said, not knowing what else to say.

"Why don't you make yourself useful and fry some bacon, Berry? That's Q's favorite," Santana suggested.

"I would, except I'm kind of a vegan and it goes against my beliefs." Not to mention Rachel had never learned to cook anything more complicated than toast.

"Then what can you do?"


Santana sighed. "You picked a real winner, Quinn. At least B can make bacon."

Rachel went to say something, but Quinn jumped to her defense before she could. "Don't be such a bitch. Not everyone had to cook for five siblings every morning while growing up."

"Damn right they didn't. Berry, why don't you go pick us up some Starbucks?"

"We have a coffeepot for a reason," Quinn pointed out.

Santana threw her hands in the air in exasperation. "Fine! Just let the superstar sit and watch the commoners!"

"Quinn, I really don't mind helping," Rachel tried, but Quinn just shook her head.

"Don't let Santana get to you."

So Rachel took a seat at the bar and quietly watched the antics of the three. It was clear that they all loved each other. Quinn wasn't left out feeling like a third wheel as it probably would've been when anyone else lived with a couple.

Rachel found herself wishing she had a life like these three. She wouldn't be near as lonely if she had someone like Santana to bicker with all day or Brittany to discuss random things with. They weren't near as well off as she was, though Rachel knew she would easily trade all her wealth for a few loyal friends. She knew she didn't really have that option, but it was nice to dream. She could dream all she wanted of moving in with Quinn and having her teach her how to cook breakfast.

It would never be anything more than a dream, though, and she knew that. With the life she had made for herself, she couldn't have a simple life with Quinn or anyone. It would forever be filled with grocery store tabloids commenting on how she's gained weight. This was the life she had chosen, way back in high school. She just had to show her tormentors that she was capable of so much more than they could see. And she had shown them. Though the price she had to pay to do that, Rachel didn't know if it was worth it anymore.

She shook her head, smiling to herself. If her younger self could only hear her thoughts now. High school Rachel would think she was absolutely insane for thinking it wasn't worth it. She was a star, what she had wanted since she was little. What could be so wrong about that?

Plenty apparently. She didn't have friends, something she'd also always wanted since she was little. She was sure that being famous would cause her to gain more than enough friends. And it did. Except they weren't the sort of people she wanted to be friends with; they were only there because of her fame. The same types of people who had once picked on her in high school were crawling all over themselves to please her, and that should've made her happy. But it didn't. She just wanted someone real. Someone who liked her for who she was, not what movie she was in.

And she had found that person. She was standing right in front of her, with flour in her hair and a smile on her face as she made the Mickey Mouse pancakes that were more than likely for Brittany. Yet she knew this wouldn't last. How could it, with Quinn living in London and she in Los Angeles?

She knew she would just have to make the most out of this weekend. Whatever happens later would just have to wait.

And all I feel in my stomach is butterflies

The beautiful kind, making up for lost time

Taking flight, making me feel right

When breakfast was made, Quinn sat down beside Rachel, placing plates before both of them. Rachel looked down at her plate quizzically, then back up at Quinn, waiting for her to explain whatever was wrong.

"I hope you don't mind," Quinn said hurriedly. "I went ahead and got the food I know you can eat. You looked kind of lost in your thoughts and I didn't want to disturb you."

"I'm sorry," Rachel started. "But I can't eat pancakes. I know for a fact that they contain milk."

That was the problem. Quinn beamed, realizing Rachel hadn't noticed. "These don't contain milk. I googled vegan pancake recipes and made some for you just so you didn't feel left out."

Rachel gaped at her for a few seconds, unable to find words. "You didn't have to do that, Quinn."

She shrugged, rubbing the back of her neck with her hand. "I know, but I wanted to."

"You're so whipped, Q," Santana commented, sitting down on the other side of her.

The two ignored her. "Thank you so much. You have no idea what this means to me."

"It's just pancakes," Quinn tried, but Rachel wasn't having it.

She shook her head. "It's not just pancakes. No one's ever made accommodations for my diet before."

"Well then that makes them shitty people."

"No, it just makes them normal people," Santana added. Quinn turned to glare at her, and Santana just rolled her eyes. "Bitch you don't scare me. I've seen you a crying mess on the floor."

"San, don't be mean," Brittany put in. "And come on, we need to start watching cartoons."

"Can't we wait until after I've finished my breakfast?" Santana asked gently.

"No. Leave Rachel and Quinn alone and let's watch Spongebob." With that, Santana was practically dragged to the living room by Brittany, and the two were alone.

"So. Do you have any plans for today?" Quinn asked after swallowing a mouthful of food.

"Not at all."

"Really? Aren't movie stars supposed to have their days planned out?"

"Not movie stars on vacation," she replied. "I came here to get away from planned out days."

Quinn knew she shouldn't ask. She should just let Rachel go and move on with everything. Yet something in her wanted to get to know Rachel better. She wanted to take a chance on things again. So she did. "Then you wouldn't mind wandering around London today with no planned destinations at all? With me, that is."

Rachel grinned. "I'd love to."

Cause all I know is we said, "Hello."

And your eyes look like coming home

All I know is a simple name

Everything has changed

All I know is you held the door

And you'll be mine and I'll be yours

All I know since yesterday is everything has changed.

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