Needing Him

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Adeen Faye Dashwood is the daughter of a rich british politician and she has her own daughter named Alena Rae Dashwood. Adeen was left by her ex- boyfriend, Easton Grey Armstrong. Easton is the son of her father’s bestfriend. Easton left for the army five years ago and no one has no way to contact him. Alena is kept a secret from Easton. But what happens when Easton finally returns to find Alena and that the love of his life, Adeen hates him.

Romance / Drama
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The Gala

Have you ever been in love? Well I have, and love can be truly amazing or competelty terrible. In my case, love didn’t end well for me. It left me broken-hearted, but it also left me, my reason to live. My babygirl, Alena Rae Dashwood, my sassy little five year old daughter. I am the daughter of Alexander Dashwood, a huge politician in London. I am youngest of five children. My oldest brother, Adrian Cole Dashwood, a thirty year old businessman. Adrian is married to a old friend of mine, Cassie Dashwood. Adrian has two kids, Adelaide Grace and Aarron Lee. Next is Adara is twenty-seven year old fashion designer. Adara is engaged to Adrian’s bestfriend, Tyler. Adara and Tyler have a daughter named Adalyn Rose. Next is Arden, Arden is a 25 year old teacher. Arden is currently dating Max, and they have been dating since high school. Next is Asher, Asher is my twin brother, and Asher is a race car driver. Asher is a man whore, but I love him with all of my heart. Finally, we have me, Arden Faye Dashwood. I am 23 year old, and I am a children’s psychologist. I work at the hospital that my father sponsors. As you can see A’s are a big thing in my family.

“Alena, we have to go now” I screamed for my daughter. “Mommy, why do we have to go to the gala for papa” Alena asked. Alena came walking down the steps, where I was waiting for her in the living room. We are going to a gala which is a fundraiser

for the Army. My father is a big supporter of the Army. I have to go since I am his daughter. All of my siblings will be there. I get nervous when we go to certain galas because well I don’t want to run into a certain someone. “Princess, papa wants us there and you get to dance and have fun with your cousins” I reassured her. “But mommy, everyone looks at us funny because I don’t have a daddy like Adelaide and Adalyn. Mommy where is my dadddy?” She asked. I didn’t know what to tell her. How do I tell my princess that. “Princess, we talked about this” I said. “I know mommy, I’m sorry” she apologized. “Princess its okay” I kissed her forehead. I took my princess’s hand and we walked to the limo. Alena is wearing a blue short princess dress with a flower crown. She picked it out. I am wearing a long golden sleeveless mermaid dress with a diamond necklace and diamond earrings.

We arrived at the place where the gala was being held. Alena and I stepped out of the limo and walked inside. Alena hid behind me and wrapped her arms around my arm. When we walked in the gala was decorated with tons of decorations. “Mommy it looks like a castle” Alena said excitedly.”Yes it does princess” I said. We saw my dad and walked up to him. “PAPA” Alena said. “There’s my little girl” my dad answered. My dad picked up Alena, hugged her, and kissed her on the forehead. “There’s my other little girl,” he said towards me. “Hi daddy” he

kissed my cheek. “Adeen?” I heard. No no no no no. I know that voice. I haven’t heard that deep tone voice in five years. I didn't have to turn around to know it was.

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