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    What happens when you are given the opportunity to marry a real life prince charming........     But that opportunity comes with a price,    Matilda Decker is a college dropout who has been responsible for her three younger siblings ever since her widowed mother walked out of them with her boyfriend....       While  prince Arnold Collins of Caledonia is a real life prince who wants nothing more than to maintain  the prosperity, peace and stability in his kingdom.....       In order to secure a stable and comfortable life for her siblings Matilda must marry the crown  prince of Caledonia in order to maintain the  stability of his kingdom Arnold must marry Matilda       

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Chapter 1

Matilda fondly called Tilly by her friends and siblings, can't believe this is happening, looks up at the sign at the entrance of her younger brother's school, she KO

On reaching the director of the school's office she was told to wait, after waiting for awhile her brother Derek walks out of the head teachers office.

" you can come in, Miss Decker"said the the head teacher's secretary with a forced smile.

"Oh God help me " Tilly said in her mind.

On entering into the head teacher's office, she noticed a picture of the king of Caledonia and that of the prince and in between these picture is the picture of the head teacher her self, she was taking in the beauty of the office, the two couch that was situated at the far end of the office that seems too small for the head teacher of the -

" please take a seat, Mrs Decker"

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