Real or Fake

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Chapter 2

"He can't go on like this anymore, this attitude must change, I know your condition with your siblings that's why am willing to give Derek another chance but he must change, this shouldn't happen anymore" the head teacher said with pity.

And Tilly hates its when people treat her with pity. Its not their fault their mother left so why pity her.

"Thank you Doris, I really appreciate it"

"Its nothing, hangs in there"Doris said with a genuine smile



"What did I say about fighting, you know I don't want you involved in any sought of violence"Tilly when she was in their little apartment

"Bit he was insulting father"Derek replied unrepentant

Tilly sighs "what did he say about father? " taking the seat beside him on the couch, while his sister Camile watch from the opposite couch

"He said father was a corrupt captain "

"Derek"Tilly said gently "how did he know father was in the military? "

"I might have told him"

"Why did you do that?, I specifically told you not to let anyone know that father was in the military "

"He said father was a drunk, I told him that was not true but he didn't believe so I told him the truth but he still didn't believe and continued taunting me, so I punched him and we got into a fight"

Nobody in the kingdom knew about her father's job in the military, because he was a secret agent so he pretended to be a merchant as a cover for his unexplainable and impromptu disappearance.

Tilly stifled a smile "did you win?"

Derek smirked "of course I did"

"Are You encouraging him to keep on fighting?" Camile Derek's twin sister said in disbelief

"No, am not, Derek do you remember that talk we had about fighting" Tilly asked

"Yes, I do and I promise not to get into a fight again"


Camille interrupted her

"You can't just forgive him that easily if you do he will continue getting Into fights"

"I promise I won't"Derek gave Camile a smirk

"That's what you said the last time" Camille protested

"Camille is right, that's what you said the last time" she stop and thinks for awhile "you are on lunch duty for a month"
"What?, lunch duty?, you can't possibly mean that" he whines

"Yes,I do"

Lunch duty is a punishment made by Tilly where the person who is punished has to assist her in making the family food and has to clean up after the cooking which means the person will have to miss TV time after eating.

"That will teach you to avoid fighting" Camille replies with a grin "and that means more zee world for me"

"Eww, what do girls see in zee world, I don't---" they continue banter

They are not identical but you can see the similarity between them in their hair colour,they both have blonde hair and blue eyes, unlike them she is a brunette with long wavy hair and amber eyes just like her late father

She looks at the twins and sighs, she remember how devastated they both were when their mother left,
She remembered that exact day four years ago in great detail.

She remembered how she had just returned from college.
When she walked into the sitting room, she was greeted by the sight of her mother busy moving her luggage.

"Mom, what is going on?" She had asked her mother

"Am leaving, I can't take this anymore" her mother Bianca said as she broke down in tears

She rushed to her mother
"Mother, please calm down, let's talk this through"

"There's nothing more to talk about"

"Mama..... "Said six years old Camille "are we moving? "

""Are we going to daddy?" asked little Derek from the stair where he was with his twin sister

Her mother broke down in tears. Her husband had died three years ago leaving her a widow with three kids, she had mourned him for two years before she finally moved on with Rafael her current ex live-in boyfriend who had just broken up with her after she refused to give up their infant Vanessa for adoption.

"Rafael broke up within me" she cried

"Oh... Am sorry, don't worry too much about it, he wasn't good enough for you " she hugs her mother

Bianca shifts from her arms
"Tilda, i can't stay here anymore, I feel suffocated"

"OK" she thinks for awhile "we can go on a trip, we could go to Africa to see the elephants, remember how you always wanted to go there with dad we could go now"

"No" Bianca shakes her head in refusal "don't you get it,you guys suffocate me" she points at the twins on the stairs

"Mama" Camille and Derek said in tears

"Mother, how can you say something like that, we are your kids"

"I know, you all are the reason Rafael left, he was tired of you guys, you are all bad luck, i wish you'd never been b-" slap

Tilly slapped her mother
"How can you say that? "

Her mother packed her ---

She was drawn from her thoughts by the sound of the door bell.

"I'll go get it, nobody moves" with a groan she moves to the door and was rewarded with the sight of her step sister Vanessa on the door step with her kindergarten teacher Marion

"hey Marion " she greets

"Hey, how did it go? "

She had told Marion about the summon to Derek's school and Marion had offered to bring nessa home.

"Um, what can I say,? He got into a fight but its all settled"

"Hey nessa" she hugs her sister "how was school?"

"It was cool" she shrugs

"I better get going" Marion said

"Aren't going to come in for coffee "

"I can't " Marion said with a smile "I have a date"


"She has a date with kain, Baron's dad" nessa replied

Marion and tilda gasps "how did you know that? "

"I have ears everywhere " nessa replied seriously

"Oh, i better get going" Marion said to break the the awkward silence that had descended on them

"Yes, thanks again"

"Bye Marion send my greets to baron and his dad" nessa said with a wave.

"Well, that was embarrassing" Tilly said once they were in the comfort of their house.

"What was? " Camille asked curiously

"None of your business" nessa snapped

"Don't talk to Camille like that " Derek snapped at her.
He was protective of his twin even if they fight all the time.

"Why don't we all calm down" Tilly suggested

Derek sighs "am sorry nessa"

"Its no biggie but am still not telling her anything",with that she walked off to her room which she shared with Camille.

"What was that about? " Tilly asked Derek when nessa was out of hearing shot


"Don't you dare lie to me mister, what was that about? "

He sighs "she told Alison that I like her"

"Who's Alison? "

"Derek's crush" Camille answered with a smile

"So why are you angry at her? "

"Because Alison won't talk to me"

"But that doesn't give you the right to be mean to nessa"

He run his hand into his blonde hair and sighs "I know, I'll go apologize to her" she stands and walks to her room

They both come out if the room some minutes later full of smiles.

Hi guys. So since am still updating my other book "Forever yours", I think I will update this book once a week till am done with "Forever yours". Or i can just leave this and focus on "Forever yours" Not sure.
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