Against All Odds- Ever After

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Bella & Silas met little Eva and found love. Are they really going to have their ever after or is life throwing them another curve ball? Ever After is the second book in a the series and should be read after Against All Odds.

Romance / Thriller
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"Babe did you kiss Eva goodnight?" You are getting ready for your upcoming trip to Seattle, WA. Your sister-in-law is getting married and you and Silas are flying over there, and Nadia just picked Eva up to watch her until you two are back.

"Yes wife, I did."

"Do you have your bags ready?"

"Yes… Mrs. Roman."

"Are there any clothes in the dryer? They need to go in the dryer and–"

"Isabella Lianne Roman" He interrupts you and takes your hand between his. "Everything is perfect. Nadia and Bradley will be with her the whole time. What is going on?"

"Your parents, they don’t like me so I can't go."

"Ok babe, they love you and you know it. What’s really going on?"

"I don’t want to be away from Eva, what if she walks? Or says mama for the first time? What if she gets sick? Or misses me at night? You know what? You go! I’ll stay here."

"Isa we are not missing my sister’s wedding and Eva is going to do great. Plus, Nadia could use some practice for when she has her own."

"I know… I’ve just never been away from her more than for work hours."

"Well, that’s because you insist on being at the office chit chatting with Andrew." He laughs and you continue going back and forth, you with excuses to stay and Silas with reasons to go.

"You know I can help you get rid of all that stress, right?"

"Silas we need to be at the airport in three hours."

"So? Eva is not here and we don't have to wonder whether or not she will wake up in the middle of us… distressing." He says, dropping a kiss on your mouth that makes your legs wobble.

"I love you so goddamn much diamond!"

"I– I love you too Silas"

"Do you want me?

"I do babe… you know I do."


"Now Silas, please… now!"

"God, I will never get tired of hearing that." He lifts you up the floor and you wrap your legs around his waist. He now has you pinned to the wall, your dress up above your breast while his tongue circles one nipple and his fingers pinch the other. You moan and Silas groans. He grinds his hips against your core shooting pleasure through your insides.

"You like that, don’t you?" You nod because fuck! You can barely speak. "Say it! Tell me how much you like it."

"I love it!" Your fingers play with his hair as you hold his head in place. "You are so good at this baby."

"You are so sexy Bella! Do you want my fingers inside you?"

"Yes! Yes, yes I do!"

"Ask me nicely." You've always enjoyed the way Silas drives you crazy, teasing you all the way through orgasm.

"Please Silas, get your fingers in me!"

"Oh diamond I will…. I will take you right here. And once you are done, I’ll take you to bed and make you come again, and again."

He keeps his promise and takes you right there. Pulling your thong to the side he takes you fully on one deep thrust.

"Open your eyes queen, look at me."

"Silas, please…. Harder!" He slides out of you almost completely only to slam his hips back against you.

"You want me to come, don’t you?"

"Yes, yes I do. I want to feel when you fill me up."

"Fuck babe, you’re killing me." He takes you to the bed, drops you on your belly and lifts your hips up to meet his hardness. He fists your hair wrapping it around his hand and pulls filmily, but somehow gently.

"Silas I’m– Oh God!"

"Give me your hand baby."

"Ah! What?"

"Give…" He thrusts inside you.

"Me…" Another thrust.

"Your…" Third thrust.

"Hand…" And with that last thrust you put your hand back to him and he grabs it. He lowers your hand with his, touching and rubbing your clit, never slowing down.

"Babe, I’m going to cum."

"Cum for me, diamond. Cum with me!" You go crazy at the voice and the feeling of your husband inside you. With one last thrust, he slams his hips against you so hard that it lets both of your limp bodies pressed on the bed. The heat of his seed filling you up, while he traces kisses down your spine.

"God Isabella, I love you!"

"Me too, baby." You answer between pants and labored breaths.

"I think after this, we’ll need a second nursery."

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