Running Into You

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Maggie Sloan had been hurt, lied to and had her heart crushed by people she had loved and called her friends. All she wanted was a family and someone to love her and cherish her. Liam Olsen had been hurt and wouldn't risk his heart again. He lived his playboy lifestyle and never got in too deep with any woman. Both of their world's were flipped upside down when he ran into her.

Romance / Erotica
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Chapter 1

“So do I have any recourse? Any options?” She pleadingly asked the nice, older man sitting at the desk across from her.

“Well Miss Sloan, from everything you have told me, unless the police can find your ex or friend and charge them, I don’t know if we can go after them civilly. Neither one of them owns any property here in Florida that we can put a lien on either…” the man said apologetically.

“So I am just out all the money they stole? Unless somehow they turn themselves in or get caught by the police?” she asked.

He sighed, “I’m afraid so…”

Maggie was stunned at his words. She couldn’t hold the tears back much longer and took a deep breath. She stood up, shook his hand and thanked him.

“If I can find anything to help you or if they are arrested, please let me know. We can definitely move forward from there. But in the meantime, change all your passwords, call the credit card company like we talked about and set up an alert with the credit monitoring agency.”

She nodded again and turned to leave. She nodded to the receptionist and she bid her goodbye, and walked to the elevator. Thankfully she was the only one in that particular car and the tears started falling the minute the doors closed. She was so screwed! She went down two floors and the doors opened again and she discreetly wiped her face. She didn’t make eye contact with anyone and was relieved when the doors opened on the main floor and she could get off.

She walked numbly to the main doors and swore under her breath when she saw it was pouring rain. She didn’t bring an umbrella and would have to run to the lot where she parked her car. She took a deep breath, clutched her purse, put it over her head and darted out towards the lot. She had her head down some as she sprinted past some people walking towards her until she hit a hard object and fell to the ground, landing in a puddle.

Maggie looked up in amazement at what or who she ran into. She saw a man standing over her with a stunned look on his face. She looked around and saw the contents of her purse scattered around her and her green silk dress soaked. She burst into tears, not being able to handle anything else.

“Miss I am so sorry!” the man asked, “Are you hurt?”

He reached down to help her up, but she shook off her helping hand. He started picking up the things that fell out of her purse and helped put it back in the bag. She was still crying and yanked the items from his hands.

He noticed that she was still crying and looked miserable and his heart skipped. Despite the tears and the rain, she was beautiful and he wanted nothing more than to take her in his arms and make it all go away for her. The rain was still coming down and they both were getting wet.

“Is there anything I can do to help?” He asked gently.

Maggie looked at him with malice, “I think you have done enough, thanks!”

She picked up her keys from the ground and started briskly walking back on the sidewalk to the parking lot. She thought she heard him call after her, but ignored him and kept going. She quickly made it to her car, unlocked it, got in and slammed the door. She was drenched and found a shirt in the back from her softball bag and tried wiping herself off. She gave up after a few minutes and saw the mascara and eyeliner running down her face and just sobbed in the shirt for a few minutes. She pulled herself together, turned on the car and drove home; Makayla, her closest friend and fellow teacher was waiting for her.

Liam stood in the rain and watched her speed walk past him and into the parking lot. He looked down and saw her cell phone lying on the ground and picked it up and called after her. She didn’t even look back. He took the phone and went into the building to ask security if they knew who she was. He had to return the phone to her and make sure that she was ok. She was in his head and he felt terrible that he ran into her and knocked her over.

He stepped into the building and immediately walked over to the main information desk.

“Derek, can you tell me if a lady in a green dress checked in with you today?” Liam asked with authority.

“Hello Mr. Olsen, I just came on. Let’s go in the back and check cameras and see if we can find who you are looking for.”

Liam thanked him and took him into the security office.

“Mr. Olsen, can I get you a towel or something? You are soaked!” Derek commented.

“No, Thank you Derek. I will head up to my office as soon as we are done and get cleaned up.”

Liam clapped him on the back as they rewound the recordings and Liam found the woman she was looking for and what time she checked in.

“She is very pretty, isn’t she?” Derek commented.

“That she is Derek, that she is. Thank you! I will ask Trish for her name. I appreciate it!” Liam said and rushed out to have Trish check the logs. Liam asked Trish for the names of the women that had checked in and where she went. Trish was flustered by Liam’s request and sputtered around as she looked at the computer.

Liam was used to the women in the building reacting to him this way. He knew he was very good looking and with his British accent working in his favor, he often had women eating out of his hands. There were very few exceptions to that. His mother and sister were part of that count that didn’t fall at his feet, and the woman from today was another.

“Mr. Olsen there was only one woman who checked in during that time, along with three men. It was Ms. Maggie Sloan. She went up to the 6th floor for an appointment with the Jennings firm. I don’t know any more than that sir.”

“Thank you very much, Trish. I really appreciate it.” Liam said flashing his dimpled smile at her and turned to leave, Trish was trying to regain his brain function as he left.

“Damn that man is something else. I could have dried him off with no problem!” She whispered under her breath to the lady sitting next to her, Amanda.

Amanda giggled, “I know exactly what you mean! He talked to me last week and I all but had to change my underwear after! It’s ridiculous how hot he is!”

“Did you see that he was named one of the most eligible bachelors on the East coast?” Trish asked her friend.

“No! But I might have to go get that magazine and put the pictures on the wall!” Amanda said and both women giggled to each other.

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