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Briggs Saint James lives fighting for his country. His love for serving his country runs in his blood, it has made him a strong fighter and headstrong individual. But when it comes to a woman or finding the one, he's not there. He'd rather fight with the ones by his side he can trust then the heart-crushing woman who only seems to make him suffer after he's given them everything. After his camp was blown up leaving him injured and waking up in the worse pain imaginable and suffering after losing many of his men in his quadrant. He meets a nurse and rehabilitation worker who won't let him suffer alone. "Leave me the fuck alone," I yelled feeling the worse pain; physical and emotional distress I had ever felt. ... Will she make him release how precious life is and see beauty again. Layla Ryan gets a new patient, she never expected him. He was rude, impatient, but wickedly handsome...he's what wildest dreams are made of... Will she make him release how precious life is and see beauty again, or will she watch him fade away? Or will he maybe teach her a thing or two when it comes to letting go and putting your trust in someone who could change your closes mind in sexual fantasies? Bringing out the real Goddess that needs to be freed.

Romance / Thriller
K. R. Coombs
5.0 9 reviews
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