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Chapter 12

New Character introduction:

Carter Masters is one of the three men who survived there whole fleet being taken out. He lost one of his legs; he will be getting a prosthetic leg.

He's 26, a smart-mouthed and bad tempted man after his last mission, which not only changed him physically but mentally. He is trying not to let his new circumstance keep him down.



Back to the story...

Shit, my eyes scanned Briggs's body. He wasn't wearing a shirt. Before I could hide my gawking expression, he looked up. "Hey!" I hear him speak, but my mind is still lost in what I am looking at—sexy muscle man in my sister's kitchen. His chiselled body had my body nearly going off like a missile.

Move body; move legs, I tell myself move. I finally make my body cooperate and move towards the kitchen.

"What are you doing here?" I asked. I suddenly feel awkwardly apprehensive that he saw me look not my best when he looked like a freaking masterpiece.

He raised an eyebrow at me. "I stayed the night I thought I would make breakfast."

"Oh, you don't have to do that. Sit, sit, sit." I said as I made my body moved in front of the stove.

I swiped my hair off my shoulder and nudged him with my hip to move him out of the way.

"How are you feeling?" Briggs asked me.

"My face hurts, and I feel like shit, but I have to get to work. I slept in."

"Why don't you call in?"

"Seriously?" I laugh in a scuffing tone, knowing I can't miss my first day back since being rehired.

"You don't look so hot." His eyes dragged over my body, looking at me in concern.

"Wow, thanks." I take the pan off the stovetop, grab two plates and plate the crispy bacon on our plates.

"Shit, I didn't mean it like that. I just meant you should take it easy." He rubbed his hands over his face.

"Right." I popped two pieces of toast in the toaster; then, I added the scrambled eggs to it. "It's fine. I know I look like shit hell, I feel it." I shrug his comment off and take a few bites of my food.

I couldn't finish it all.

I had to get to work, and Briggs had to get back to his room. I'm sure he's going to get in shit for leaving. He could even be kicked out, which then would leave him without any help.

We head to the centre.

"Babe?" I heard Briggs's voice pulling me out of my overthinking brain.


I'm sorry about last night."

I briefly looked over, and he was lost in my eyes.

"Honestly, I don't remember much. It's kind of a blur."

"Seriously, you don't remember me with a hand around your neck?" He sounded distraught he stared out the window, avoiding my eyes.

I reached out and slid my hand in his and intertwined our fingers. "Briggs, it's okay," I said softly.

"How can you say that? I strangled you, Layla." He moved uncomfortably in his seat, looking unsettled.

"Briggs, I know it wasn't your fault."

"So, you still want to be with me after what I did to you?" He was now turned facing me in his seat.


He leaned over and brushed my hair off my shoulder and slid his finger around my neck. "So, you're not scared of this possibly happening again." He was close, and his rugged voice warmed my insides. He squeezed my neck; his fingers tightened around my neck. "Runaway, as far as you can, I am not good for you." He nibbled along my jaw and eased his fingers from my neck.

"I can't." I shook my head tears filled my eyes. I reached out and caressed his jagged flesh on his face. My chest moved at a hurried pace. "Briggs, I can't walk away. Yes, I was scared, but I know the man who had his hand around my neck wasn't you at that moment. I know you wouldn't purposely hurt me.

"I know there are things that you have seen that I will never understand."

I sucked in a shaky breath, my lips quivered. "Don't push me away; what hurt me the most that when I tried to help, you wouldn't take it and told me to leave like I was garbage." I wiped at my eyes, keeping my tears away, a lump was forming in my throat.

"I'm scared I will hurt you, and you will see me as a monster."

"Briggs, I want to be there for you; I can pull back a bit if being a couple is too much too soon."

"Would you let me take you out on a date, a re-do?"

"Yes, I would love that."

I didn't even have to think about it.

"So, no flowers?"

I chuckled, letting out a snort, because of how I took his apology and crushed the flowers he gave me last night, that did remember oh and the face plant into the glass door. It may not have been my best move.

"Briggs, I'm sorry I shouldn't have done that. I blame it on the overconsumption of alcohol."

"Do you also blame the alcohol on trying to seducing me?"

My cheeks warm at just the thought of being intimate with him.

"I did not."

Did I?

"mmmm, yes, you did; you were completely trying to get me to have sex with you."

"Are you messing with me?" I really couldn't tell.

"No, I was completely turned on and would like to pick up where we left off, just us both being adequately level headed and sober." His eyes looked at me from his peripheral view; a beautiful smile lit his face.

"I'm so embarrassed I--"

"Layla, don't ever apologize for having fun."

He grasped my hand and kissed it.


We arrived at the rehabilitation center and entered the building. Instantly a nurse came over and gave Briggs a scolding look. "Where have you been?" She got right in his face.

"Don't get in my space, lady." I could see Briggs was getting worked up.

"Miss, just ease off," I said kindly.

"Who are you?" She eyed me over with a look of disdain.

"She's my girl--" he started to say, but I shook my head and cut him off.

"I was just bringing him back if you don't mind; he needs to rest."

"He shouldn't have left; I'll have to see if he's allowed back." She said in a snotty tone. She walked off in a huff.

Why do all the nurses hate me?

"Briggs, what happens if you can't stay?"

I was getting worried for him, where would he go and who would help him if he fell or was stuck and couldn't get up.

"Then I'll have to find my own place." He didn't seem worried at all. His arm snaked around me and pulled me into his side.

"Maybe this is better; now we can freely be together and not hide. Which honestly, all I want to do it be near you and touch you." He turned my face and kissed me, surprising me, waking the butterflies. His hands pawed at my buttcheeks, intensifying the mass tingles that were sparking. I gripped his shirt and leaned in and kissed his neck; he growled deep in his chest.

"Ahem!" We were rudely interrupted but missed creased brow, her eyes lasering in on me.

"Briggs, you are out, we can't have you leaving the facility; your room has been given to someone in else."

"Are you kidding me.? I released from Briggs's embrace and got in the nurse's face. I wasn't feeling well, still from drinking, and she was pissing me off with her judging eyes.

"He needs help, and you are tossing him to the curb. Where is he supposed to go?"

She smirked, "that's not our problem. He left so he can't be that bad off."

Briggs pulled me back. "Easy there. Babe, it's fine."

"No, this is not ok."

The nurse smirked and walked off.

I turned to Briggs. "Where are you going to go?"

I asked with worry.

"I'll see what Axl is doing."

"But who will help you?"

"Guess I can only count on myself." He brushed his hands down my back.

"Come sit with me at the desk, and I'll call your dad."

"He's already gone, babe."

I helped Briggs to a chair behind the desk.

I went and did my rounds. I entered Briggs's old room and see his friend Carter is now my patient.

"Hey." I smiled at him.

"Hey!" He smiled back at me, but it seemed forced.

"How are you feeling?" I asked.

"Better seeing you." He winked at me.

"Aren't you sweet, is there anything you need?"

"My leg back, " he said sternly.

He went from friendly to looking sad and depressed.

"Well, why don't we go outside today? Get some fresh air." I suggested.

"Fuck fresh air, when you can't enjoy it."

"Carter, you are still the same man--"

"Hahaha, seriously, you think I am the same man that I was when I enlisted? You know nothing."

"Maybe I don't know what you've been through or seen, but think of all the guys that didn't make it."

"Get the fuck out!!!" He yelled at me.

I stepped forward and took a seat in a chair beside him.

"I am truly sorry for the loss of your men; I just meant you should be thankful you are still here, even with one less limb." I looked at him through wet tears, but I didn't let them fall.

"Don't look at me like that." He had his own tears, but he didn't let them break free. I reached out and placed my hand on top of his.

"Carter, it will be a hard road, but I promise there will be good times again; the light won't always be dark. Darkness only stays if you let it win."

His eyes scan over me. "Well, darkness is all I see in my future."

"Then let's break you out of here."

I felt like testing boundaries and letting these men experience some sense of normalcy, whatever that is for them.

"You can do that?"

"Today, I will, and Briggs will be with us. So what do you say?"

"I say hell yes, get me the hell out of here. I want to break free from this place that reminds me of what I lost."

I give him a gentle look, not of pity now but seeing him pushing through his trial right now, making him a fighter just like Briggs. These men didn't see how strong they actually are.

"Okay, I will have to sneak you out, so let's try and do this inconspicuously." I winked at him. He tried to smile, which I could tell was hard for him.

"You're a little rebel, aren't you?"

"I figure I will be fired after this, so I might as well make it worth it."

I walked out and scanned the perimeter of the nurse's station. I only saw Briggs where I left him, and he was sleeping with his head back against the chair. He looked in peace for a moment.

I hurried out to grab a wheelchair for Carter as he hadn't got his prostatic leg yet. And this would be faster than trying to get two injured men out without anyone noticing.

I grabbed the wheelchair, but as I was pushing it back down the hallway, the nurse that seemed to have a stick of her ass came waltzing over.

"Where do you think you are going?" Her hand were placed on her hips.

"Listen, Marguerite, " I saw her name on her name tag. "I am taking my patient out to the grounds now. If you could move, that would be wonderful," I said with a little underlying attitude.

"You already have a red flag, better watch yourself. And as for your man, he'll be singing another tune when I get my turn, and believe me, I will."

"Excuse me?"

The nurse jumped when she heard Briggs behind her. "Who do you think you are? The only one that will be getting any of my time is my beautiful girlfriend. So you better step back cause you'll be the one without a job." He winked at me, making me tingle between my legs.

"Uggg, you are blind if you see her as beautiful." She spat out as she walked off.

Briggs eyed me over; I walked past him and held back my tears. "Layla?" He called out.

I walked into Carter's room and saw him sitting up. His legs were hanging down, the one that was just a nub now was wrapped in gauze. He looked up and saw me staring.

"Nasty, huh?"

"It's not that bad." I tried not to stare.

It had red bloodstains on the white mesh material. I pushed forward and placed the wheelchair beside the bed.

"You're a terrible liar." He said, placing his hand on my arm.

"Carter, I'm so sorry." I finally broke down, but it wasn't just Carter. It was Briggs, and now the nurse saying those nasty things are making me just feel like shit.

"Now that's the response I was guessing you would sport. Help me into the chair, this stench in this hell is making my head spin." He said grumpily.

I wrapped my arm around him and helped him into the chair. I pushed him out then waved Briggs to follow.

"Where are we going?" Briggs asked as he stepped in line with me.

"Getting the hell out of here. I'll be your nurse. I hate it here, and I am never coming back here."

"Babe, take a moment before you do something rash."

"Briggs, no, I am not going to work somewhere. I feel like shit."

Suddenly I saw the security guard coming. "Shit, you guys need to get out of here now."

I run Carter down the hallway. I can hear the guard on this walkie talkie. He was telling the guard at the gate to keep them locked.

I pushed Carter out to my car. I passed Briggs the keys. "Go, hurry."

"Babe, I'm not leaving you behind."

"Me neither," Carter said.

"Guys, don't be stupid go; I'll be okay."

A guard grabs me and slams me hard against the hood of my car. "Hey!!" Briggs yelled and grabbed one of the guards, trying to get him off me. But the guard elbowed him hard, knocking him down to the ground.

I brought my head back hard and slammed it into the guard's face. He made some blood-curdling screams and let go.

"Get in the car," I yelled and helped Carter into the car. Briggs got on the driver's side, and I jumped in just before the guard could grab me.

"Goooo!" I scream.

The gate is closed, but Briggs floors it.

"I'll buy you a new car, babe." He said as he crashed through the gate.

"Ahhhh, yes, baby!!!" I clapped with excitement

I leaned over and kissed Briggs on the cheek. "That was so fucking cool."

"Nice work, buddy. Now, let's try and stay low and not get seen by the police." Carter Hollard from the back seat, patting Briggs's shoulder.

"Holy hell, what a rush." I started giggling uncontrollably, which then morphed into involuntary sobbing.

"Babe, you did so good babe, you were so badass." He reached his hand out and squeezed my hand.

"I can't believe I did that. I try my best to be level headed and not get into trouble, but that felt so damn good to smash that guard in the face."

"Did you hear his nose crunch?" Carter gasped out loud in a burst of heartfelt belly laughter.

"I am so fired, but it was one hell of a farewell." I was still wiping at tears that we are sliding down my face.

"So killer, we are we going?" Briggs looked over at me.

"Where do you guys want to go?"

"Hotel and we order room service and lots of alcohol?" Carter piped up.

"Sounds good to me." I agreed.


Bring parked outside the hotel. I rented the room; and upgraded suite with a second room attached to it and a kitchenette.

I went back out and helped Carter out, but in the rapid departure from the rehabilitation center, we left the wheelchair behind. And with Briggs ago, I had to help Carter.

Carter got some stares and whipsters, but he just ignored them. We waited at the elevator. He was balancing on his right leg. The doors opened, and we stepped inside. Two young women, about 20 years old, walked out and scrunched there face at Carter. I felt so bad for him.

Like can't people feel compassion?

The doors closed, and Carter slumped down to the floor and wept. "I'm hideous. Girls can't even see past the bum leg. They just see it as disgusting."

I looked at Briggs, not knowing what to do or say.

Briggs took a seat beside Carter. "Man, don't let what two shallow twinks think of you. We know the real you, and I know what kind of heart and kind spirit you have." He nudged Carter with his elbow.

"What if no one can look past the missing part?"

"Dude, then they aren't meant to be with you, there is someone out there that will take all of you, missing pieces and all. Because you are more than a man with a missing piece, you are an incredibly funny, kind, genuine guy."

"Hahaha, what the hell happened to the old Briggs that hated relationships or any talk of women in any other capacity other than just sex?"

"He met someone he couldn't deny." He reached his hand up and brushed his thumb over my hand, sending an electricity sensation through me.

"I'm happy for you, man; I never thought I would see the day you let someone into your closed-off self."

"Sometimes, you have to take a chance cause the risk could be worth it."

I know it can't have been easy for Briggs to say. I know this won't be easy for him, letting me in, but I am more scared of letting him go and missing this feeling only he gives me.

I help Carter up then Briggs. The doors open and Carter placed his arm around me, and we slowly made our way down to the suite. Briggs used the key card and unlocked the door. I get Carter to the bed. He laid down flat on his back, breathing heavily.

"What do you need, Carter?"

"Just rest."


"Why don't we order some food and watch a movie."

"Porno?" Carter stared right at me with a teasing grin.

"Haha." I tossed him the remote.

I sit on the bed and open the drawer and pull out the menu. "What do you guys feel like?"

"Beer and pizza," Briggs said. He pointed at Carter, who was asleep.

"Poor guy."

I put our order in; then, we sat on the couch. I leaned against Briggs. He ran his fingers through my hair. It felt amazing. I turned my head and looked up at Briggs. He smiled at me.

"Damn, your so pretty." He traced my lips with his finger.

I placed my hand on the side of his face and leaned in and kissed him. His thumb rubbed back and forth on my thigh, causing this growing tension of tingles. The brushing of his tongue along the edges of my lips awaking this ache for him, this need for more—the lingering from his touching, was filling me with fueling heat and desire. I gasped when his hand squeezed into my flesh, and his tongue met mine in a twisting dance of thrashing caresses.

His arm came around me, and he pulled me onto his lap. My head fell back, and this gave him a destination to devour my neck. Soft kissing and gentle sucking, moving up and down my neck.

His hands ran over my ass, pulling me against his obvious hard-on. I leaned out and smiled at him; he winked at me and pulled me back down and crashed his mouth on mine.


I am sorry for the extended break. I feel I am back and can continue some of my stories on here and Wattpad. I try my best to bring you exciting content, and sometimes I can lose sight of what I had in mind and have no direction. I usually just have a storyline, and it can be hard to keep it going. Thank you for those who stick it out.

I will probably bring some of my stories from Chapters over here to finish them.

If there is one that you would like to see on here, I will consider bringing it over. There are a few I feel need work, so I would need to get them re-edited and where I want them. That's why some aren't finished cause when I went back to continue them, I felt they weren't my best, and I didn't want just to put out crap. Hahaha.

Much love, Katy xoxo😘

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