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Chapter 7


I held her close to me as she fell asleep on me. Man, I was hurting for her, her pain I could feel. It was felt through her shaking body as she sobbed. I didn't know how to make her feel better. I wish I had a magic wand to make her feel better.

I hear a knock on my door I look up and see my dad. It's been years since we've seen each other. Seeing him made me tear up. He stood tall and strong. My dad, I admire so much he's such a strong fighter. His heart and blood are what fuel him to help this world and try and make a difference. Fighting for freedom, working on special secret assignments to free captured people.

"Son! My dad stood there looking at me with tears that glistened in his eyes.

"Hey, dad." I talked low not wanting to wake Layla up. I rub her back with the tips of my fingers.

"Wow, did you meet a woman? He looked surprised just as I was. He knows my angst against being in a relationship.

"Yes, I did." I nod still not believing it.

"Do you mind if I come in or would you like me to leave? He keeps his voice in a soft whisper.

"You can stay." I point to the chair beside

He moved in and took a seat beside me. "So how are you doing? He rubbed my shoulder.

"I'm ok." I shrugged my shoulders. We don't usually share our feelings. We keep things bottled up. Hide our feelings show we are strong and unbreakable. Fearless. hardworking battle fighting Titans of war and peace.

"I tried to get here as soon as I got the word you they were bringing you here." He says.

"It's ok."

"Were you working? I ask.

"Yes, a special assignment. I can't stay long but I needed to see you."

"This makes me happy to see you're finally letting someone in." He leans back in his chair giving me a slow once over. Like he was just taking in my face and injuries but was stunned by the woman in my arms.

"I don't know how great I'll be, but she makes me feel things." I couldn't help the smile from the way she made me feel.

"She's beautiful, how did you meet? You've only been here for a few days."

"Hahaha, she was my nurse."

"Damn, boy they never had nurses like her when I've been in the hospital."

"She's my saving grace, like the moment I opened my eyes I thought I died and she was an Angel. But she is more real to me than any woman ever has been. She treats me like I am not this hideous monster." I run a hand through my hair.

"You're not a hideous son." My dad shook his head like he couldn't believe what he was hearing.

"Dad looks at me my face it's burnt to shit I am permanently deformed." I touch my burnt face tears filled my eyes.

"Son you're wrong you're still the same man you have always been. Strong, brave, handsome...Kind."

She seems like she knows a good thing if she's sticking by your side, Briggs. She doesn't seem like a fake it or just putting up a front to be nice."

"What if she realizes I'm not the man she thinks I am. What if I can't give her all of me? I am starting to question my abilities and second guess what the hell I am doing. How could I just forget I don't do relationships?

Layla moves in my arms and her eyes float open, she pushed up brushing her hair away from her face as she sat up.

"Oh, hey." She speaks softly with a gentle smile towards my dad.

"Hey, sweetheart." My dad spoke cordially. He stood up and walked around and stood in front of Layla.

She stood up.

"You're Briggs dad? She asks, she looks back and forth from both of us.

"How do you know? He asks curiously.

"You have very similar features."

"Well, you are right." He extends his hand out to her but instead of shaking his hand, she wraps her arms around him. Wow, I was not expecting her to be so affectionate towards my dad. You can see she is a genuine person that is just sweet. Then she suddenly pulls back like she may have overstepped.

"I...I'm sorry I shouldn't have done that."

She looked at the floor tucking her hair behind her ears.

"Hey, it's okay." He gently placed his hand on her arm. She looks up and she has tears in her eyes.

"You're sweet. What's your name sweetheart?


"It's very nice to meet you."

"You as well, I can give you guys some time alone. I should go before I get escorted out of her by force." My dad looked concerned and unsure of why this would happen.

"Layla stay," I speak up and reach out for her hand, nervous for her to leave and be in possible danger.

"Briggs I should go I need to find a new job and see if I can stay with my sister."

Her chin was quivering as she spoke, she was scared.

"I could give you a ride Layla, where do you need to go? My dad offered.

"My sister's place. I have to find a new place to live for the moment."

"Are you in trouble? He asks with concern his hands sit comfortably in the front pockets of his pants.

"I could be but maybe I am just being paranoid." She seemed to just wave off what happened as nothing. Like she didnt wants to be a bother to people.

"Can you tell me what happened? He asks her cautiously.

"She nods her head and told him what happened but not all the details.

"Damn, and that nurse still works here?

"Yes." We both say at the same time.

"I'll be back." My dad walks off like he's on a mission I could see his military side coming through he was going to deal with that nurse.

Layla looks at me. "Shit is he going to get her fired?

"If anyone can he will and I wouldn't be surprised if he gets your job back."

"Well, I won't hold my breath." She plunks herself down beside me.

"So soldier shall we get you up and moving today?

"If you just wanted to see my erection all you have to do is ask." I tease her. I immediately see her eyes go wide and her cheeks grow warm.

"Briggs!! She giggles its the cutest sound her eyes sweep over the sheets that lay over me.

"Do you want a peek? I start lifting the sheets but she places it back.

"You're not curious? I ask a little hurt she isn't wanting to check it out.

"What if you're dad comes back or miss oh so sweet nurse?

"Well, I highly doubt the nurse will be back."

"You know this will just make me want you more? She looks away shyly like she can't believe she said that.

"It's ok to say what you want and honestly if I could I would take you right here right now. But I know you will have to heel from what happened. Plus I'm not quite physically we'll enough to be physical with you yet."

"Well then let's get you moving around. The sooner you can move on your own the sooner you'll be able to go home."

My mind raced to the fact that once I am healed I will be able to go home but my home turf is back in combat. What was I thinking? I must have been given some drugs that made me crazy.

"Briggs, what's wrong? She laid her hand over mine.

"Nothing." Shit, I need to slow the fuck down. Slam on the breaks before this gets too serious.

My dad came back in.

"So the nurse is fired, Layla you have your job back."

"Really?? She jumped out of her chair and gave my dad a big hug. " Thank you so much, can I buy you dinner or beer?? Layla offered my dad.

"No payment is necessary. Just be there for my son." He hugged her back. I've never seen my dad so warm and friendly. He seems different not so rough and aggressive in his presence.

Maybe we do change.

"But I would like to take you guys out for dinner. They said you're clear to go tonight. We can take one of the wheelchairs."

"Seriously? People are going to stare and think oh that poor broken soldier. "I can't."

"Of course you can, you've already been up a few times," Layla says.

"I'm fucking deformed. They will all stare at me." My heart rate was escalating.

"No, Briggs you are not deformed. You fought your heart out and unfortunately, you got hurt. Please come out, it would fun." She gave me the sweetest eyes, her lashes fluttered slightly.

"Damnit, okay." How can I say no to her?

"Do you need clothes?

"Yeah, and I shower."

"I'll leave you two I'll be back by 5." My dad says.

"Okay, thanks, dad."

"I love you son."

"I love you too, dad." He hugged me before he left. He smiled at Layla then left.

"Briggs do you know how I see you? Layla leaned in placed her hand on my chest.

"How? A troubled broken soldier? I guessed.

"No, a genuinely caring person who fights for his country proudly and with courage and so much strength."

"Not anymore." I shake my head feeling less of a man having lost most of my men. She touched my chin and tilts it up, our eyes lock on one another.

"Briggs you are still that man, your beautiful inside and out."

"I'm not Layla. I'm not a good man I've done shit that I regret every day."

"We all have Briggs." Her lips kissed me cheek and I was a goner.

"Layla, you are perfect there is nothing evil in your body." I touched her face delicately.

"I am not perfect. I am flawed I have scars I've been through things that I keep hidden cause it's to much pain to relive."

"You're perfect for me." She ran her hand over my chest again, my heart raced my cock sprang to life. I grab her face and brought it in close and crash my lips upon hers...hers are soft and so lush. I can smell the sweet scent of her shampoo, coconut.

Our lips moved with each other, I did little light feathering strokes of my tongue over her quivering lips. She gave me this swirling in my heart. My fingers tighten in her luxuriously long hair. Our tongues dance and explore every inch of each other's mouths. She took my damn breath away. We pull apart she kisses my lips before she sat back.

"Guess we can be imperfectly flawed together." Her smile was infectious.

"Yeah, less pressure to be this perfect person that we can live up to." She circles her fingers over my arm lightly.

"So about that shower? I ask her, her cheeks rise with the heat.

"If you think you are up for it?

"I'm surprised you haven't run away from my stench." I joke.

"Hahaha, I was wondering what that smell was." She giggles.

She went off and started the shower then she helped me get to the edge of the bed.

"Hold onto me." She instructed. God, it was hard to think with this beauty beside me.

I held onto her shoulders and stood up. She passed me crutches that she had leaning against the wall. I get situated and start making my way to the washroom...my back hurt a lot but if I did it slow it wasn't as bad.

I was nervous for her to see me naked my whole left side of my body is burnt from the bomb that tossed my body from the explosion. Just thinking of it I can still feel the heat and how hot it was. The smell of burning flesh.

"Briggs, are you okay? She brought me back from my wandering brain.

"Yeah." Do you want me to leave?

"No, please stay," I asked.

"Okay. Do you need help undressing?? She asked, his cheeks spread with warmth.

"Yeah." I nod, I feel useless having someone do this. I can't even undress or barely move.

I still haven't seen under my bandages where I am burnt on my body.

She stepped in close and damn she is pretty. Her body was so close her hands grabbed hold of the tie at the neck of my gown. She pulled on the tie and the gown slid off. I leaned against the bathroom counter. Her eyes scanned over my body.

"Damn, she smirked as she took my body in.

"That bad??

"No, not at all, you're even hotter then I imagined." She admits.

"You've imagined what I looked like?

"Yeah, how could I not you are seriously so hot." She ran her hands up my body making me shake. Then she slides her fingers into the elastic of my underwear and she slid them down.

"Fuck baby, maybe I should do this on my own."

"Are you uncomfortable with me? She asked.

"Slightly yes. Just that you're turning me on." She looked down and she could clearly see I was erect.

"Oh, um...that's very nice I should go.

She walked out and smashed into the door.

"Hahaha, we both laugh.

"Call me if you need help. Use the bars to steady yourself." She instructed.


Layla walked out. I made my way to the shower I was able to get in fine holding onto the railings.

Damn, that water felt so nice. It helped my aching throbbing back. It hurt to stand but I didn't care I needed this. I'd had surgery on my back. I hope I won't be a cripple forever.

Once I was done I turn off the show and grab the towel that was hung on the handlebar of the sliding shower door.

I carefully got out and dried myself off. Refreshed and feeling less like sludge.

I wrapped the white terry towel around my hips.

I use the crutches and make my way out. Layla was waiting outside the bathroom.

"How are you feeling?

"I feel great actually. The shower felt good."

"You smell amazing." She leaned up against me and kissed my neck.

"Soon you will be joining me. When I can balance and hold you up." I pat her ass gently.

"Let's not get ahead of ourselves."

We sat and talked for a bit. Layla went off and talked to the head nurse and the Human Resource manager.

I'm glad my dad got rid of that bitch and got Layla's job back.

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