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Chapter 8


I was sitting in Melissa's Office the human resources liaison. Her office was bright and cheery clean lines and mellow tones of gray and white. With the light oak finish on her desk. She sat up straight and smiled sweetly back at me.

She was kind and understanding after I told her what had happened. She was apologetic towards me as she listened. She didn't interrupt me she let me finish. Her hand wrapped around her coffee mug as she sipped from it. The aroma was nice and made me want one.

She leaned back in her whitewashed leather chair.

"Layla I am so sorry for what you went through. That nurse was completely out of her mind. Unfortunately, I think she had a crush on Mr. army man and just acted Jealous."

"I'm just glad she's gone and I have this job back," I spoke honestly. I love my job and I take it seriously.

"So as your advisor you will not be able to have an intimate relationship with Briggs while you are here at work, as he is your patient here. It's just not ethical, it's our policy. She pulled out a paper that stated the terms that as an employee I cannot be in an intimate relationship with Briggs.

It hurt but I understood it. How long would he have to be here anyways a few weeks and then we can be together.

I signed the document and thanked her for letting me tell my side. She walked me out and said I could have the rest of the day off and that I could start tomorrow. I entered Briggs room, I saw him standing to look out the window. I rushed over and made sure he was ok.

"Did you get up all by yourself?

"Yes." He turned and slid his hands onto my hips.

"Wow, that's fantastic."

I remembered I am not allowed to be with him, I moved away.

"Hey, what's wrong did I do something? He looked at me with concern. He grabbed the crutches and hopped over me. I put my hands up and shook my head.

"Hey what's going on?

"I can't be with you Briggs not while I work here."


"It's one of there policies. As your nurse, I can't be involved with you."

"What the hell? So I can't kiss you or touch you?


"Well damn, now I wish my dad didn't get your job back." He mumbled under his breath but I could still hear what he said.

"It won't be that long at the rate you are going you'll be out of here in no time." I tried to sound hopeful but even in my tone, you could hear the underlining disheartened tone.

"Fuck I just got you and now I can't have you!? I looked wounded. "Layla this sucks. And I have something to tell you? He looked despondent and nervous his eyes were avoiding mine.

"What is it? He's already having a second thoughts. I covered my face feeling overwhelmed.

"You want to walk away from me don't you? I whispered softly. Not ready to say goodbye.

"It's actually the opposite Layla, for the first time I want someone and that someone is you. But when I am healed and out of here I will be sent back to my base in Dallas Texas."

My heart sank my mind went spinning around like a carnival ride. I never even thought about him not living here. I just assumed he was placed here cause it said he was from Seattle.

"So then I guess this is it? I paced the floor.

"Apparently we can't even be together and I have no idea what happens after. But I know I'll be back at base and be set up there for a bit until my next assignment."

"So that's it? I made eye contact and that's all it took for me to completely fall apart.

"I don't know what to say, Layla. I didn't expect this or to feel things with you. But it seems pretty impossible right now."

"I need to go...I am sorry for this."

"Please don't go."

"What more is there to say?

"How about fuck the rules and we just be together? He was much quicker then I thought he could be and he had his lips one mine, gentle pressing and aligning together perfectly. His arms wrapped around my neck steadying himself. I placed my arms around his waist...

A moan fled from my lips, from the slight stroke of his tongue. The effect he had on me was intense. Heat...tingles...butterflies. But this doesn't change anything. I break free from his gentle lips. His eyes flicker then gazed into mine.

"What? His eyes begged me to speak.

"What's the point of this if your leaving and then you'll get called to go back into battle. I just got you and I'm scared."

"We can't be scared of the future cause none of us know what is in store. You either want me and us or you don't. And if you can't see that with me out of here then maybe we should end things now."

It hurt to hear him say that but I know it's the truth and I know he wants to know if I'm going to be there for him when he's away. I guess I was lost in the thought of him being in recovery for a long time that I didn't even think he would be going back after his last tour.

"Briggs I don't know what to say. Seeing you leave...knowing your somewhere risking your life. Worrying that you won't come back that's a hard thing to think. And I know you have the most giving heart and strong fighter inside you, I get it it's who you are. But being without you would be even more of a struggle. I am one of those girls that guys don't like, clingy, and needy. I want a man who is there."

"Layla, this is all I know; fighting for peace fighting and conquering over the beasts and monsters of the world. I feel powerful and dominant and it's hard to express how it just has to be for now."

When he talks about the war he really talks with a view that I obviously just don't get. To have to work so hard for this country and watch people who have been by your side get blown up and killed just doesn't sit right with me.

I see it in his eyes he loves it and I do greatly admire him that he is so strong but strong people aren't invincible.

"I hear you, Briggs, I do but I would be even more broken if you came home in a box." I accidentally let out a whimpered sob. I turned away covering my face.

"Then I guess we go our separate ways this is why I didn't do relationships this right here woman not being able to handle me leaving. It hurts but it's just what is for me."

My heart ached; like physically ached inside my chest. It ached for a man I've only known for a few days but I have felt more in this short time with him in my life than ever before. He's who I have been searching for. But we are at a crossroads.

He wants to fight in a war I want him to fight for me for us. But even the thought of him being hurt again the pain of missing him months or years at a time is just hard to think about.

"I'm sorry Briggs I don't want to hurt you but you matter to me and I know if I made you leave the army you would always regret that and it wouldn't be good." I gently turned back to him.

"You felt like this man who saw me for the first time and you saw me and you accepted me. I've never felt pretty or valued or cherished, until you. We barely know each other yet I felt like we've known each other forever. And I don't want this to end. I reached out and ran my hand down his chest then I rest them on his waist.

His hands held my jaw his thumbs brushed lightly over my cheeks causing me to close my eyes and remember this moment. Knowing it will never compare to another man's touch. Even his slightly cracked and weathered hands felt good...felt right.

I eventually bring my eyes up and looked at him. His soft blue eyes gazed back at mine.

"I don't want to let you go, I feel right for the first time being with a woman I want more then I have ever wanted before. I want you, Layla. When I am freed from here I want to be with you wholeheartedly. You... me whatever it is that is happening I don't want it to stop."

He was sharing his heart and I see he means it which means I have to accept him for every part of who he is, which means warfighter and all.

"I want all of you Briggs every part of you even the warfighting hero, I want it all. It'll be hard but I'd rather be together than apart." My eyes glossed over from my tears.

"Those words mean everything to me, and I will fight even that much harder to make it back to you. I will look into being transferred over to this base."

"Or I can move out to Texas I could find work out there." I want to prove that I am just as willing and into us that I will fight for us too.

"Let's just see what happens." He stepped in close and he placed his lips on mine. His body was trembling. I helped him to his bed. He winced in pain.

"You did so well Briggs." I praise him. He was really trying, you can see the determination of the strong war man fighting to get better.

"I've had you that is giving me hope and strength to get better."

"As sweet as that sounds Briggs that was all you. I see the warrior the strong built military man working is butt off to win this."

"We never stay down for long we keep getting up and get ready for the next combat."

He pulled me in between his legs I couldn't stop myself my need for him took over like I had no control over what I was doing. I gently pushed him back on the bed and I surprisingly straddled him. His hand sunk into my thick hair.

"What about your job? He reminds me.

"Briggs I can't stay away. I can't."

"I'm going to quit. It's the only way I can see us being together I don't want to wait."

I moved over the hardness that I could feel through his gown. I closed my eyes and sat up and moved over him up and down, damn I was so turned on.

"Fuck, Layla you are going to give me blue balls."

His hands clasp my breasts through my shirt his strong thumbs rub over the thin fabric of my shirt gently stroking my hardened nipples I bit my bottom lip as I felt my core liquify from his touch.

"Why do you have to be so hot and feel so damn good? I slide off him knowing I shouldn't be doing this.

"Serious blue balls." He sat up on his elbows and winked at me. My eyes get lost by the pull of his erection tenting in his gown.

"I'm sorry I didn't mean to start anything or cause you pain."

"But you liked it right?

"Hell yes!

"Then get back over here." His shameful sexy smile and alluring eyes reeled me back in like a force I couldn't stop.

I climbed back on top of him. His arms came around me keeping me close. He grinds his hardness against my worked up centre. I leaned down and placed my arms on either side of his face.

"Briggs come home with me?

I can't believe I asked him but it was out before I could stop it.

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