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Chapter 9


Layla just asked me if I would move in with her. Damn! I've never lived with a woman before never wanted to or let anyone in enough to take that next step. But Layla is everything that is good in the world and it only is getting better with her. But what if she doesn't like who I am being around her all the time I can get a little moody and get stuck in my ways. When you have been on your own for doing long you never have anyone to ask permission to do things. I like things a certain way is this too soon?

"I've scared you I'm sorry I shouldn't have asked. I just got excited." She leaned away and climbed off the bed.

"Wait you just caught me off guard. Come back, please? I was in shook.

"I should go, Briggs. I'll see you later? She said sounding slightly nervous.

"You still want to have dinner with me? I asked with hopeful intention.

"Of course. I don't start until tomorrow as your nurse."

"So I get you for one night? I keep my eyes on her.

"If you play your cards right." She seductively smiled at me licking my lips slowly with the tip of her tongue. Making my cock harden.

"Oh, I will seduce the fuck out of you." Fuck I am so hard, my eyes linger on her breasts I can see her sharp nipples poking against her shirt.

"Wow, a real prince charming with a mouth like that." She was blushing hard.

"I will never be a prince charming that's for fairy tales, I'm a real bloodthirsty male that has taken claim on you and I will show you how a real man treats his woman."


Damn, hearing him say that just made me so wet, and the tingles down there oh my God he was good.

"Guess I'll just have to wait and see."

I spin around and twerk my ass at him.

"Come on, baby that's just mean."

He rubbed himself under the blankets.

"I will see you later, don't go anywhere."

"Hahaha, I won't."

I turned around at the door and blew a kiss at Briggs.

"Please be careful." He said with distinct worry.

"I'm going to go to my sister's place, then I'll come back here and pick you up."

"Does your ex know where she lives?


"What if he's there?

"I'll call the police if he is."

"Can you call me when you get there and let me know your safe?

"I'll call you on my sister's phone as mine was shattered."


I smiled as I walked out and closed the door. I walked out and head to my car. I head out of the gates and head to my sisters.



I couldn't stop smiling, thinking of Briggs how fucking hot and delicious he is but my smile soon fades when we can't be together. I can do it, I'll just have to be as professional as I can.

Pulling into my sister's driveway I let out an exhausted breath. I park and get out and walk towards the door.

I knock on the door before I pull my extra key out and unlock the door.

I open her door and step inside.

I see her little Pomeranian dog Jaxs jump off the couch and greet me with slobbery kisses.

"Hi, Jaxs." I pet him. He jumped into my arms. I carry him over to the couch. We snuggled up. I put on the tv and laid down.



I heard my name being called.

"Layla?? Layla??

I opened my eyes and see my sisters bright red hair an inch away from my face.

"What are you doing here and what the hell happened to your face? She took a seat on the armrest of the couch.

"My ex," I said shamefully.

"That mother fucker." She yelled and charged out of the house and she got in her car. I ran outside and hurried after her.

"No, just leave him he'll hurt you," I begged her not to interfere.

"I don't care what he does to me, but no way on the hell he's hurting you and getting away with it." She got out of her black Mercedes-Benz and moved towards me and she wrapped her arms around me. 'I'm so sorry."

"It's okay, I actually have some good news so please let's go back inside." I needed to get her back inside. I don't want her to get hurt because of me.

"oh, what's the news? Her whole face lit up.

"I met a guy." I blushed just thinking about Brigg.

"What? She leaned out and looked at me.

"Let's go inside before you nosey neighbours think something is going on." I looked around and can see her neighbour peeking through her blinds.

She took my hand and guided me back inside. She made us martinis and we went and sat outside on her patio.

"So who is he, what is he like and heck tell me everything." She clapped her hands excitedly as she crossed her legs and waited with an anticipated expression of happiness for me.

I tucked my hair behind my ears.

"He's seriously the sexiest man I have ever seen. He was a little standoffish as first but we made a breakthrough and I think he is really into me."

"Wow, so where did you meet him? Her eyes glowing with curiosity. She knows my struggle with men and obviously how it ended with Chris.

"Work, I just got resigned to a new location for the military section one of there bases.

"oooh, a sexy man in uniform, very nice sis."

"Well it was until I got in trouble and got fired but then this guy's father showed up and got my job back," I explained everything that happened.

Even with Chris, she was crying as I told her what he did to me. She told me I should get a restraining order and she also said I was allowed to stay with her as long as I needed.

I thanked her. She asked me if I would bring Briggs back here after our date tonight. I said I would ask him. But I would have to see how he's healing.

We hung out for a bit, I had a shower then Sadie had a few outfits for me to choose from as I didn't have any clothes with me. Except t for the ones on me.




After she left I got up and made my way to see Carter. It was still painful to move but I was not stopping. I inched my way down slowly down too Carter's room. I knock before I enter.

I entered his room and I see him asleep. His leg was bandaged from the knee up with the rest of his leg gone. I took a seat the noise of the chair woke him up.

His eyes were dark and full of pain.

"Hey Carter, how are you doing? I speak softly.

He teared up. I placed my hand on his shoulder.

"You are going to be ok." I tried to say the right thing to keep him positive. But he was not having any of it.

"I have no fucking leg. How am I going to be ok? He was coarse and loud and hell I don't blame him.

"How are you doing? He asked trying to change the subject.

"I'm going on a date tonight," I told him.

"Shut the fuck up. You Briggs the man who doesn't do relationships is letting someone in?

"Yes," I said.

"Who the hell is dumb enough to go out with you? Carter called me out knowing I don't date. He chuckled.

"Layla, the nurse." As I said her name I instantly missed her like this new sense of needing someone washed over me. I wanted more of her. I needed more.

I craved more.

"No fucking way. She actually agreed?

He chuckled like it was the hardest thing to believe.

"Yeah she agreed and I actually want to be with her." I can't stop smiling.

"Wow, we'll she must be one hell of a catch to want to be with you." He poked fun at me. It's our thing.

"She's incredible and beautiful and sweet and I simply can't say enough good things about her." I boast.

"Damn, Briggs she's got you under her spell."

"That she does and I actually think this could work." At least I hope it does.

"Well, I am happy for you man. Maybe she has a friend she can hook me up with?

"I'm not asking sorry man you're on your own, why don't you just keep calling the rent a hoe that you have on speed-dial? I poke fun at him knowing he's a complete player. Just as I was.

"Dude what the fuck, maybe I have feelings, if I had a heart I would be greatly offended by what you said."

Carter laughed making light of me calling him out.

"S what brought this on? I thought there was no way in hell you wanted commitment? He leaned back in his bed arms crossed over hid the chest.

"She just won me over, I actually want a relationship with this woman. The only thing is as my nurse we can't be together.

"Damn, that sucks. So what are you going to do? Carter asked me.

"That I don't know. She asked me to move in with her."

"Hahaha what? Carter shook his head in disbelief. What did you say?

"I was in shock and didn't have time to respond before she apologized and took it back."

"I get it, man, she was excited for you guys and probably just said it in the heat of the moment."

"Yeah, cause who would want to live with me? I said jokingly, but I kind of wish she meant it.

"A crazy person." Carter laughed as he knows I can get moody and silent and closed off when I deal with vivid nightmares and flashbacks.

We talked for a bit, I haven't heard a word from Layla which had me worried. What if he was there? what if she's hurt? I was starting to feel anxious and panicked.




I arrived at the base and headed inside. I fidget with my dress, actually, my sisters dress feeling insecure. I'm used to hearing nasty things said about me from Chris.

I walked by a glass window in the hallway and see myself. I quickly fiddle with my hair and tug as the hem.

I walked down the hallway and heard Briggs yelling.

"Get the fuck out! I saw a nurse run out with tears.

I rushed inside and saw Briggs shaking.

"Briggs, what's wrong? I rushed over and took a seat.

He looked up and I saw furry and hate.

"Where the hell have you been I've been worried sick about you." He shouted.

"I...I forgot I'm sorry." I felt horrible I was supposed to call him and let him know I was at my sisters place safe.

"I'm so sorry." I see him turn his head and stare out the window.

"I don't want to feel this way but your making act crazy. When you didn't call I thought the worse had happened." His hands were shaking as he ran them through his hair.


"Just listen to me," he commands not letting me speak.

I nod my head for him to continue.

"I don't know how to do this, how to not worry or feel this need to know what is happening with you but I need you to tell me where you are at least until I'm out of here."

"Okay, I am sorry, I just lost track of time and honestly no one has ever cared enough to care where I was or what I was doing. This is just as new and scary for me as it is for you."

I leaned in and brushed my hand over his face.

"I'm sorry for losing it, it's just being stuck in here and with what happened to you I was going mad with worry."

Axl knocked and walked in his eyes scanned over my body. "Sorry for interrupting."

"What do you want, Briggs asked Axl.

"I just wanted to say good luck to you man. Fuck I'm so jealous Layla that dress is fucking gorgeous on you."

I blushed from his over-exaggeration compliment.

"Mmm, thanks for over the exaggeration."

"Are you joking, you seriously don't see how fucking stunning you are? Axl seemed mystified.

I looked down at the floor feeling shy and uncomfortable. I've never been called beautiful or stunning or gorgeous. Tears overspill and slip down my face.

I felt a hand tilt my face up Briggs stared into my eyes.

"Layla, you look extraordinary like you take my breath away."

"You two are very sweet." I feel my cheeks warm with heat.

"Axl do you want to come to dinner? I know my sister loves a man in uniform."

"Are you joking right now?


"Hell yeah does she look like you?

"Actually yes she my twin. But she's got vibrant red hair."

"Fuck, come on is this a joke?


"Can I have her phone number?

I found a pen and paper and wrote down her number and passed it to him, he left.

Briggs's hand slid into mine. "You don't take compliments well, huh?

"No. I've never been called beautiful or pretty or stunning. My sister is the one who the guys seem to attach to."

"Layla, you are beautiful, I mean it like I feel undeserving being around you. Guys like me don't deserve a woman so beautiful as you." His eyes scan my face his thumb rubbed over my hand.

"Why do you think you're undeserving of me? I was curious. Surely this man must know how handsome and good-looking he is.

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