Bodyguard Demon

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Everything within Cassidy's life seemed to have spiral out of control when she becomes stuck to the side of a dangerous delinquent that every girls adores: Carter Holts. Dripping with overall sexiness, strength and looks that could kill, she was never ready to be pulled into a mans life that her family was enemies with, and the urge to snap his neck was always high whenever he came into a six feet radius.

Romance / Erotica
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Chapter 1

My urge to mentally roll my eyes for the umpteenth time today has become impossible to ignore. I faintly listened to Olivia gossip her head off to the table while picking at her nails about some guy on youtube; I think he went by James something- I guess a video he did causes her pores or something to clog and make her annoyed at the fact. I bit into my burger as she continued on with her basic rants per daily.

"-so I commented on his video saying how he caused my lips to swell up a bit and that my pores just suddenly opened like a dumbass volcano-" Blah blah blah, nobody actually cares about your stupid ass looks. I thought to myself, snorting unladylike at my thought accidentally. It made Olivia pause her words and eight eyes to lock on me. "What's so funny?" she asks me curiously.

My lips pursed as I realized I may have just fucked myself over by my action. Clearing my throat ans taking a slow sip of juice to wash down my food and make it the bell come faster, I thought on how I'd word this out and make it so I wouldn't have to deal with her drama coming my way. I worked to hard to make her an enemy now.

"I just find it funny at the fact you're annoyed at the guy for making your looks seem so messed up when you had the entire hockey team calling you beautiful this morning." I rambled out from nowhere, telling the white lie straight through my teeth like second nature. I met her gaze head on, trying to make my lie seem as believable as possible.

"When did that happen? I was with you this morning at the lockers." she questioned me,her eyebrow raised as she turned her body to face me. Crap! I hope she wasn't catching onto me. Giving a fake yawn and cover it with my hand as if there was no problem rising between us, I continued on with my little white lie.

"It was when you got distracted with Arthur before class." I stated. "Remember, we have a few hockey guys in our first class and they ranted on about you to me until you came in." I explained and for she watched me, as if waiting for me to confess my sins of lying and terrible acting. What? We aren't in fuckin' acting school, this is Ridgwood High!

I blinked when she suddenly released her infamous soft and kind sounding laugh, her head tilted back with her brunette locks falling down her bacm in beach waves. "You're so silly Cassidy!" she stated in response and slung her arm around my back shoulders, making me gag and tumble a bit forward in my seat. What was with her and wanting to be so strong?

"Uh, I guess?" I returned in a questionable voice, only for her to give a playful wink and release me ro begin her ranting once more. I breathed out a mental sigh of relief, glad she was at least too dumb to know when I lied. I just pray to whoever is up in the sky that she doesn't bring it up tp the hockey team; now that will be the hour of my death.

"Hey Cassy, we should go shopping." Olivia started her aftee school conversation with me. At times I regret having my lockee next to hers. Because of her rich mother she was able to donate so much money to this dump of a place and be granted permission to paint her two, practically one large, locker blue while us regular students stuck with the bland deep red color.

"I can't, I have tutoring." I lied through my teeth for the second time today to her. A pout formed on her lips when she heard my words, leaning her hand on her hip as I slinged my bag over my shoulder.

"Oh come on! You're always tutoring." She would whine out in a childish voice. "Can't you cancel? The mall opened a new store we should check out!" she said with a hopeful light in her eyes. For once I put actual deep consideration with her words. The mall rarely ever openes new shops so of course it would gain attention. I looked at Olivia who knew what I was thinking; it causes a groan to leave my lips as I shut my locker.

"You owe me a lunch date." I answered and she jumped up in place, clapping her hands with a squeal. I never understood why she always wished to hang out when I obviously am not like her. I'm middle class; I don't have much money, no job (she thinks I do) or even fancy clothes while she has all of that except the job part.

"I promise you Cassidy-" she states, shutying her locker and wrapping her arms around me to hug me against her tightly. "You won't regret going!" she finished and the honesty that boomed in her voice almost made me believe her; almost.

I allowed myself to be dragged inside of the very old rusted looking mall that had barely any citizens inside. "Great, not many people!" Olivia giggled and wrapped her one arm with mine, tilting her head as she peered at me with her bright brown eyes. "You aren't that social so it's a good thing?" she asks and I slowly nod my head in agreement. I had very strong social anxiety to half of the population that ut makes me carry medicine; I hate it.

I stumbled forward as Olivia rushed on, the bounce in her step obvious that she can go and explore the new addition of the place she spends hours at. I'm surprised she hadn't had her mom buy it and fix the entire place yet.

As we walked, my other hand would type against my cracked filled screen as I sent my father a message of where I was and with who. My dad was a chill and good guy but usually protective over me ever since my mother's disappearance nine years ago. As much as I didn't want him to baby an eighteen year old, I understood why.

"Ouch!" I groaned out lowly as I slammed into a hard surface like some type of cartoon. I felt myself stumble back and detach away from Olivia, dropping my device as I rubbed my now sore feeling nose. "What the fuck-" I startes and looked up.

An unknown looking store was in my vision and I ended up running into a pipe that controlled the exit gates of when the stores close. "Cassidy are you okay?" Olivia asked me worryingly as she rushed over to my side, bending down to pick up my phone which now was turned off from impact.

"Yeah I'm fine, but my nose and phone seems to not be." I answered, frowning as I took my phone and tries to turn it on. Sadly it wouldn't, which meant the phone I've had since I was fourteen had finished its life. Live on childhood in one phone, you will always be missed.

"Damn that was nasty ass hit." My eyes lifted to see a man with a nose piercing and red short hair standing at the entrance. He was handing me a damp looking cloth which I humbly took to press onto my nose. The heat of my sore nose and the cold feeling mixed caused shivers to shoot through me. "Saddening that a pretty girl like you had to have such a bad hour already." he chuckled and I shrugged, ignoring the flirty tone of his first few words.

"It's life, very shitty." I returned and he barked out a short and small sounding laugh as he nodded in agreement.

"Sorry, my name is Grant. I'm the manager and owner of this place." he introduced himself, holding his hand out. I slipped my free hand into his and shook it.

"Cassidy; and this is Olivia, my friend." I said, doing my best to not add any rude emphases on the word friend with her standing right beside me.

I looked up above his head, seeing the word Deabru plastered as its store name. I found amusement from it, never hearing of the place.

"Come on inside and take a seat." Grant mused, patting Olivia's back which ushered her to rush inside with a giggle. Of course she'd try and get with the cute emo looking dude! Not fair.

I followed after her, hearing the steps of Grant in tow as we entered a bit deep within the place. I would spot a few people from school here- talking, relaxing. I myself would take a seat ona comfortable looking chair, watching as Olivia eagerly examined the neatness of items.

"Yo, C! Get your ass out here with a med kit. Someone bruised their nose." Grant would shout towards the back before peering at my face. He leaned forward, taking the cloth from me and eyeing my nose. "Yeah looks like it bruised. Don't worry I'll have my friend help ya, he's good with medical stuff." he hummed and I nodded, watching as he went behind the countee to help a customer.

As I waited, my eyes would roam the place from my seat. It mainly covered in red anf black type of colors, a few rainbow looking items as well but aside from that; I know for a fact this place wouldn't be wanted by Christians. I felt my lips twitch in amusement at my own thought. In the corner of my eye I noticed two females with brunette hair look in my direction with some type of looks in their eyes.

Choosing to ignore it, I casted my eyes down and began to think this may have endes up actually being a bad idea.

"Wow the clutz is hurt again? No surprise." The males voice spoke and I felt spine chills. This can't be fucking happening! I shouted mentally, my eyes lifting to coldly meet a pair of amused filled green eyes.
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