My Boss's Brother

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Falling for my boss's brother isn't a big deal is it, I mean why should she care right? I work for Drake Corporation I'm the Head of the IT Department and this is my story.

Romance / Erotica
Jessica Yanez
Age Rating:

Chapter One - The Elevator Introduction

I graduated MIT University and have been working hard because I love my career. I started working at Drake Corporation after i did a year internship abroad.

My boss is a bit uptight , everyone and anyone who has said anything about her uptight attitude has said she needs to get laid. Yeah her name is Caroline Drake.

I'm talking to my bestfriend on my phone riding the elevator down to the lobby and theres one person in here with me he looked back at me and wickedly smiled. Uhm I have to go bye. I hang up and I stay looking forward and he takes a step backwards .

Hi, I couldn't help but notice your complaining about Caroline , I tilt my head and smile and look away. Im Jona, hi Jona Scarlett. What floor do you work he's asks. Head of IT I reply. Wow impressive he says with a smile. We finally get to the main lobby Jona turns looking at me and says till next time Scarlett. I smile and nod. I walk out quickly and turn back and notice Jona is still standing by the elevator's looking at me. I shake my head smiling and I head out.

Wow that vibes was intense and I let go of my breath, I didn't even know I was holding it.

I walk to a near by pub and have some drinks with friends and colleagues. I get home shower and change clothes and wonder who the guy in the elevator was Jona is his name. My stomach growls, I'm hungry I'll order something. Buzz Buzz I answer hello delivery Dalaney Chinese , ah yes I'll buzz you up. I get my wallet and open my door how much is it . Twenty five. Fifty. Here keep the change I hand him Thirty dollars. I eat and put something on showbox than off to bed.

Beep beep beep

My alarm clock goes off ugh I feel tired still. I get up and get ready for work and take an Uber. I walk in the building and head to the CEO floor. Good Morning Scarlett, Good Morning Veronica, how are you doing this morning? Before Veronica gets a chance to answer Caroline yells Scarlett your late. I wasn't late, I'm heading to my department now, come In to my office now. Veronica looks at me and smiles goodluck the dragon has spoken. Nothing I cant handle her fire needs to be tamed. We both laugh and I walk into her office. I walk Straight to her desk disregarding anyone who is in there.

I plaster a smile on my face Good Morning Caroline. Ah yes sit and Scarlett this is my brother Jona. I turn around and look at him and he smirks. Hello Scarlett nice to meet you ,he extends his hand out. I shake his hand firmly. Hello Jona nice to meet you.

Jona will be in your department for the next few months . I know you're good at your job but you could do better. Excuse me, I say shocked. How dare she put my work ethic down. Caroline ushers me out of her office, you heard me now go. Bye Jona. I turn around to go out and stop , Oh Caroline , she looks up at me and I smile and tell her Get Laid. Jona starts laughing and I head to the elevator's.i let out a sigh ugh how dare she. Jona runs into the elevator before the doors close. That was freaking awesome Jona says excitedly. Yeah well someone needed to tell her something, I look up and smile at him .

Yeah your brave, he says laughing.Not to pry but are you single Scarlett? Omg is he seriously asking me that my heart just jumped into my face. I didn't know what to think, excuse me? You know what I asked he says with an arched eyebrow and a wicked smile. The Elevator doors open and as we get off Jona pulls me to the side. He grabs my waist and pulls me closer to his body Straight into a kiss. All I could muster out was a wow. He puts a finger on my lips and tells me to be quiet. I take a deep breath smiling at him I can only think of that amazing kiss , his lips soft and his mouth tasted like coffee , it was amazing. Ok now we need to work . Jona smiles and says let's get this started. The day went by slow and I couldn't get my mind off that heated kiss.

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