Love me or Hate me

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When Annie met John she didn't know that whether their love will last long or not.

Romance / Thriller
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Chapter 1

As it was Friday, and a long tiring day in office Annie wishes to go to the pub. She asked Julie to come with her.

Sorry Annie,I got a birthday party tonight. Am leaving early today. If you require any help, please call me.Julie was worried about Annie as she was new to the city. Can we go next week? Julie asked doubt fully

"That's sounds good. oh ok then u carryon. I will go solo.

where is the file, I kept it here. Annie was murmuring to herself. Suddenly she heard a beep sound in her phone.


Annie was busy with her work she didn't wish to reply as it was a unknown message.

Again came the beep sound. But she didn't notice to it this time

"We Will meet at 8PM.I will wait for you infront of your office."

In the mean time Some one came and asked why are you staying late in the office. You should leave the office now as it was raining heavily. While turning back she saw it was her boss Mr.Adrien who was very tall and handsome with brown eyes and who was in his 30's.

I will leave after completing this.She replied. She felt Adrien was so kind and caring.

Annie your house is 5miles away from here so if you don't mind I can drop you home. Adrian asked softly.

Annie hesitantly said No,thank you Sir, I can manage. In her mind she was thinking about going to the pub.

Ok, as you wish. Adrian left smilingly

Annie finished her work and left the office and was waiting for the cab. Suddenly a black Mercedes came and stopped infront of her. A man wearing a black suit with an umbrella came out and said Hi Annie. I have been waiting here for so long. Didn't you check the phone??

She realised that it was her senior Mr John. He was a decent guy who was very smart and handsome. All the girls in the college where behind him.

Annie is surprised to see him . They haven't met after the college.

As it was raining heavily, he opened the door and asked her to get inside the car. She sat and put the seat belt. And while the car was running very slowly john asked the driver to play a soft romantic song.

Annie , Didn't you get any of my message??asked john curiously

Annie was confused and don't know what to say and she dont want to lie to him and then she said I was busy today. Sorry I didn't notice your message. Before john asks her something She changed the subject and asked him

"So what do you do nowadays"??

Before asking some other question she saw the Golden club from the car window.

John can you drop me here? I really had a tough day and I need to spend some time here. If you dont mind, can you share your number. We can catch up later. She didn't wish to leave him soon.

If you dont mind Can i join with you?? Asked john in a playful tone.

She was happy to hear that. And nodded smilingly.

"Yea sure. If you dont have any other business you can accompany me."

And the car parked infront of the Golden club.

They went into the club and ordered drinks. As the music was loud John whispered in her ear"shall we dance" ??and pulled Annie to dance. They both enjoyed dancing . John was being close to Annie. His hands roamed around her body.he leaned into her and pressing his body against her. She felt strange.

The lights were dim and the music softened to a slower rhythm. He hold her tight in his arms. It was too much for Annie and she grabbed his hand to stop him.

"I want to sit down " she told him firmly. And went alone to the bartender and sit near a chair and ordered some other beverage.

John walked behind her and said "You looked amazing up there sweetie, and put his arm around her shoulder and kissed her.

Annie glared at him and sipped her drinks not knowing what to do. As she got headache Annie finished her drink quickly and told John that she wants to go home.

John paid the bill and hold Annie in his arms and came out . As the car came John gently laid up Annie in the back seat and there were too many thoughts running through his mind. "I don't have any address to drop her at her home. Should i take her to my home?? Should I wakeup her and ask the address."

As she was sleeping John asked the driver to drive slowly to home as he doesn't want to disturb her sleep.

An old lady named Mrs Betty who was his maid, opened the door and helped John to carry Annie to his bedroom which was in upstairs. While reaching home John told to his driver to buy some dresses for Annie.

John Stared at Annie lying on the bed comfortably. As some one knocked the door John asked Betty to find who it was on the door. Betty opened the door and found out that it was the driver with some clothes in his hand. Carrying the clothes betty went to upstairs and gave it to John.

You change her dress, I will move to anither room. And Please prepare some hot soup for me. John told to betty and he left the room.

Annie's dress was wet cause of rain so Betty struggled to change her clothes . Later she went to the kitchen and prepared some soup for John.

After some time when betty saw John coming from upstairs.

Told his soup was ready.

Keep it there i will have after sometime. John said and went back to the room where Annie was sleeping.

He gazed at Annie who was laying in the bed and went near her and hugged her and gave a kiss in forehead.

He came down had his soup and after sometime lighting a cigarette he sat lazily on the sofa and watched news in the tv and after sometime he went to another room to sleep.

Next day John wokeup early around 6am and was waiting for Annie to wake up.

Time went on and on. An hour passed.

Around 8.30am Annie was struggling to get up. She felt very uncomfortable. Her body was too soft and not in her control as she drunk previous night. she didn't know what was going on.

She sat up from the bed and felt that she was wearing some other clothes. Which was purple in color. She grabbed the quilt on the bed and covered herself.

Where is this place??

As she saw John, she wrapped herself tightly to prevent her body from being exposed.

You gave yourself away. you took off all your clothes and ran to my bed.

What?? Annie was stunned. She wondered if she heard it wrong.

Annie felt hurt even as she was breathing. She didn't knew how to face this. She started crying.

"Relax dear.. nothing happened last night i was kidding. Dont worry. Mrs betty changed your clothes as your clothes were wet"said John in a playful manner.

Hearing this Annie thanked John in mind and smiled at him with tearful eyes.

John thought in mind how innocent she was.. and he admired her.

After sometime John reminded Annie that there were another pair of dress kept in the cupboard. So she can use it after bath.

Get ready and come soon will have breakfast together.said John.

She went to room and open the cupboard.

As Annie opened the cupboard she saw a red frock same like the previous one but with different patterns. She took a bath and wear it. And looked in the mirror and found out that She looked more beautiful compared with the purple one.

She went down and found that the toast and fruit juice, which was already on the dining table.

John sat besides her . Annie was very hungry so she took the toast and started eating without asking anything to John.

After having breakfast they both went to hall. Annie sat on the couch while john was standing besides the window with some thoughts running in his mind..

Annie asked "do you live here alone?? Where is your family" Annie saw a sorrow in John's eyes when he turned and looked at her.

He said in a low voice "1 year ago, my wife... met with a car accident and died on the spot. We have a 1 year old baby. He is staying with my mum now. As I got a new project here I moved to this city..Am planning to bring the baby by next week.

Annie was upset by hearing this. Annie was in deep thought "how are going to manage the baby all alone".

As Annie was thinking John said " As Betty is here she can look after the baby while I go to office".Annie felt relaxed while hearing this.

And there was full of silence in the room. Annie thought to leave the place as she was having some other work at home.

I should leave now. If you need any help you can call me at anytime.Annie told in a helpful way.

Annie booked a cab and as the car arrived john Stared at her silently. He wished she stays back long .Both of them felt sadness in their eyes.

On the way back home Annie got a call from her class mate.

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