Love me or Hate me

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Chapter 2

Hi Annie, Susan here. How are you?? It's been a long time since we met. Today morning I landed up here for two days business trip. I'm staying in hotel Park Inn. Can you come down to meet me or You decide a gathering place to meet. Said Susan.

Annie was in the cab already when Susan called her so she decided to go directly to the hotel to meet her.

Annie said joyfully "text your room number. I will reach there in a couple of minutes as I'm already in the cab.

Susan was waiting in the lobby. Seeing Annie, she walked towards her.

Hi Annie, am so happy to see you. Finally, we met after a long time. Said Susan. Annie hugged her in excitement.

They go to her room. Annie asked about her job

Luckily everything is going pretty well. I forget to tell you that One day John called me and asked about you. I heard that he have shifted here. I would like to meet him too.said Susan.

Annie didn't feel safe to tell Susan that she met John already and coming directly from his home.

Afterwards, they had lunch together and went for shopping. Suddenly Annie felt her mobile was vibrating from her handbag. She ignored the call and was busy talking with Susan. In the mean time Susan got a call. She Said "I have to leave now as there is some urgent work." Susan left saying goodbye in hurriedly. Annie was confused and watched her going out.

Annie spends some more time in the mall, then she went right away to her apartment as she was tired.

While reaching home when she looked into the phone, she saw 9 missed calls and some messages. She decided to take a bath and check the phone later and kept the phone on the bed. Suddenly she heard her phone ringing. She thought to attend the phone after her bath.

Annie freshen up and came to her room and checked the phone. She was surprised to find out that most of the calls and messages are from John.

As it was late night, Annie was confused to call him. Suddenly she heard a beep sound and a message popped up.

Realising it was John's message, she suddenly called him.

Hi John, am sorry.. I couldn't attend your call as I was busy with my friend Susan. We had met after a long time. Well then why did you call me?? Is there anything urgent??

John was annoyed when Annie didn't pick his call. But he calmly stated "I just........ Missed you". And disconnect the call.

Annie was in a daze.. she was too tired soon she fell asleep.

As it was Sunday morning Annie went to church while coming back, she saw John waiting for her near the church. She turns around and walks towards him.

Annie was confused and asked him "how did you know that I come to this church?"

Yesterday, after you left my home, I came after you. Then found your house and saw this church while I returned. And I was sure that as it was Sunday, today you will come to this church. So I thought to wait.

Annie got irritated and asked Why do you keep following me?

John was silent. He didn't reply to her. Later he said "if you don't mind, can I drop you home??"

She said angrily "thank you! But I am not departing to my home."

Ok, I will drop you wherever you are going and he opened the car doorway.

"If you are free I want to tell you something." John was distressed when he said this.

Seeing John's face Annie entered into the car. John asked his driver to go to his villa. Annie knew that he will take her to his place.

After arriving at home. Annie went and sat on the couch and enquired about Betty??

John said "she proceeded to New York yesterday to bring back my child. They will be reaching tomorrow. Can you come with me to the airport to pick them??

Annie was confused, " how can I go to the airport tomorrow?? As it was Monday I have many things to do?? Then she thought to get a half day leave."

She just nodded. And asked by what time they will be arriving at??

Tomorrow by 9pm. John replied

I will take half day leave. Will meet at 2pm and I have some shopping afterwards we can travel directly to the airport. Is that o.k.?? Annie's asked in doubt.

John agreed.

John moved to the kitchen and Annie walked behind him. As Betty was not there Annie thought to cook the breakfast for them.

While Annie was making pancakes John was looking at her and asked can I hook up with you?? And came near her and hugged tightly and kissed her.

Anne was enjoying and didn't wish to halt him. She left him to do whatever he wanted to do. That night Annie stayed in his home. She was very happy being with him. And they slept together.

Next morning as it was working day for Annie. She told John that she was leaving as her new boss will be joining today, and told him to pick her after her office.

John smiled and said bye to Annie.

Annie reached office early and set everything as she was in charge until a new secretary is appointed. Annie thought about her former boss who was very kind. She was nervous about her new boss.

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