Love me or Hate me

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Chapter 3

As she was busy working in her cabin, she heard someone murmuring "our new boss is very handsome" While she turned around she saw John standing besides her.

Annie got annoyed and said quietly why are you here so early? I told you to come and pick me after my office.

John left smilingly saying "I just missed you".

Annie saw him moving towards her boss's cabin.

Why does he go to the boss's cabin? Are they friends? Or is he the new director of this company? Can I peek the cabin, but what if I get caught. It's not a safe idea, she thought to herself.

She wanted to know what was going on in the cabin, Suddenly she got a call from her Boss.

"Annie, I want to meet you, come to my cabin. The caller immediately hangs up the call.

She was excited and anxious to go to the Director's cabin. When she opened the door and saw two people in the cabin.

Hi Annie, I'm Michael. Am your new boss.

Hi Sir, said Annie.

Michael introduced Annie to John.

Annie, meet Mr.John, He is the director of the Prestige Group. He is our new business partner.

Hello Annie, John politely Said.

Hello John, nice to meet you. Said Annie

As they know each other, they pretended not to express it in front of Mr.Michael.

Later on Annie went to her cabin. She noticed that, John was busy talking with Michael and in between he was watching her.

Annie took half day leave from office. John waited for her near the parking area. As she was walking towards, She saw Susan talking with him. Annie was irritated by watching her behaviour towards John.

When she got near them, John said "Annie,we have been waiting for you for a long time. Shall we all go for a lunch as Susan is leaving the city tonight."

Susan happily agreed.

Annie was disturbed by susans behaviour towards John so she didn't wished to go with them.

I don't feel well, you guys go and have lunch.. Annie refused.

John got confused, he thought to cancel the plan and thought to drop Annie at her home.

I can travel home alone. You guys go and have lunch and drop Susan at the airport as her flight was also around 9pm. Annie told to John.

She noticed a sharp and complicated gaze falling on her.

As Annie left, Susan was very happy to be with John. They spend hours in the restaurant and in shopping. Later, John dropped her at the airport. As she left, she hugged him and said bye.

John felt something strange with Susan's behaviour.

As Susan left, John was waiting for his child and Betty to arrive.

In the meantime he tried to call Annie, but she didn't pick his call. John was worried about Annie.

At the same time, He was surprised to see his mother, Lucy. John waved his hands. And they came from the exit path. Betty was holding the baby. As the baby saw John he was overly happy to see him.

The driver went passed through a crowded metropolis. John told to stop the car near a restaurant. The baby was staring at the lights. He was very calm. They offered some soups and Chinese foods. John tried calling Annie after going to the washroom. Still, she didn't attend his call. After dinner they went to the villa.

The villa was in between the city and it was luxurious one. As they arrived at the villa, Betty took the bags and suitcases and moved to the house.

As the baby was sleeping John put him in the bed cautiously. And told his mom to take rest after a long tiring journey.

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