Love me or Hate me

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Chapter 5

I won't be here for a week. I will visit you after I come from my business trip. John dropped Annie to her place and he left.

After few days when Annie went for jogging, she saw a little boy dressed in exquisite clothes. He was crying and toddling.

What happened baby? What's wrong? Are you looking for your mom? Annie looked at the child's face.

Judging from his appearance, it seemed that he was about 1 year old.

Annie picked up the child and patted his back and said don't cry baby. I'll help you find your parents, okay?

He just kept rubbing against her chest. Annie looked around but didn't find anyone looking for him. She thought his parents abandoned him.

Annie, who is this child? When she took the boy back, her maid Sarah happened to be back from the supermarket. After seeing the little boy in Annie's arms, she asked in surprise.

I don't know either. I picked him up on the way. Annie said in deep sorrow.

By the way how old is he? It seems he is not even 1yr old. What's wrong with the people nowadays? Sarah angrily said.

I don't know whether the child is abandoned or not.

He was very obedient when he was held by Annie. She felt warm in her heart.

She kissed him on the face.

Sarah, cook something for the baby. The baby must be hungry.

In the meantime, she found some official work to do so, she finished it fast and played with the baby.

The milk is ready, feed him. Sarah handed the bottle to Annie and was about to feed him, but he didn't drink it.

Does he not like the milk, Sarah thought.

Annie tasted the milk, it was very delicious. I don't know why he didn't drink it. Annie looked with confusion.

Annie said, I will go to the supermarket nearby and buy some baby foods for him.

When she came back from the supermarket, she saw a black Rolls-Royce parked in front of her yard.

When she saw the luxury car, she was shocked.

Did someone come to pick up the child?

Suddenly Annie felt a sharp pain in her heart.

While entering the house she saw a familiar face.

Seeing John, Annie was shocked.

Why are you here? Coldly said Annie.

Sarah came to her and said."The child is the little master of the Prestige Group."

John said with a smile "thanks for taking care of my Leo"

Annie lost her temper and said, In a rich and powerful family no one is there to take care of the baby. At Least there should be a bodyguard to take care of him. How can you leave him alone. The baby is less than one year old. You are too careless.

Fortunately, I saved the child. What if he was taken away by human traffickers??

"You are right. I will be careful in the future". John said with a smile on his face.

The baby is sleeping inside. I will take him out. She smiled bitterly. In fact, she didn't want to give the baby back to him, but had no choice. Thinking of this, she sadly turned to his room.

Sarah asked doubtfully, do you actually want to give the baby back to him?

Sarah knew that Annie liked the baby very much so she asked in this way.

I have no choice. It is illegal to keep the child with us. So we could only give the child back.

When she got back to the room, the child had already woken up.

He was sitting on the bed. Seeing Annie, his beautiful big eyes kept staring and made a gesture of hugging.

She touched his soft hair and tears suddenly flowed out of her eyes.

Baby you will go home soon. After you go home, you should be obedient and don't run around. He seemed to understand what Annie said.

He suddenly burst into tears.

When she heard the child's loud cry. She hugged him tightly and patted his back gently.

She walked out of the room With the child in her arms and gave to John.

"Dada", Leo was really happy after seeing John. John took him and kissed him on his forehead.

John said goodbye to Annie and walked towards their car.

Seeing that the child was taken away. Annie felt so painful in her heart.

Just as the car door was about to be closed, Leo realised that he was going to leave Annie and suddenly burst into tears. He reached out his hand as if he wanted to grab Annie.

The car had already started slowly. She couldn't help but burst into tears.

Leo was crying and John couldn't handle him. After reaching home. He called Annie.

Seeing it was John's call Annie was excited to pick up the call. John said sadly.


If you don't mind Can you come to my home and spend some time with him. He will be very happy to see you.

Annie agreed. She was happy to meet Leo.

After office, she went directly to John's villa. Betty saw Annie coming and welcomed her.

Annie smiled and sat on the couch and asked about Leo?

Master Leo is sleeping. What do you prefer tea or coffee? Betty asked.

I prefer coffee. Annie was looking for John but couldn't trace him. .

At the same time she saw someone coming from the upstairs.

You must be Annie right?? I'M Lucy, John's mother. He told me all about you. John's mother held her hand and said, John loves you alot now even Leo also.

I wish you both to get married as soon as possible. Annie I want to tell you something very important. In the meantime, Leo woke up and started crying.

Annie rushed to Leo's bedroom and embraced him. She held him in her arms and walked towards the living room.

Leo was very happy to see Annie and called


Everyone in the room got surprised.

Annie kissed Leo in his For head. And played with him for some time. She said goodbye to everyone at home

As She was about to leave the house. She saw John's car coming. Suddenly the car stood in front of her. John opened the door and said I'll drop you home.

Annie agreed.

The baby was crying loud when he came to know that Annie was leaving him.

Annie asked John "Can Leo stays with me for few days."

John smiled and agreed.

As the car started moving slowly Leo waved his hand to Lucy and Betty.

Annie was holding Leo in her arms. Soon he fell asleep. While reaching home, Sarah opened the door and saw Leo and John. She was happy to see the baby back home..

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