Maybe Someday

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It's a love story of two persons falling in love over text massages and drifting apart from each other and so more..... Rose The girl who is innocent, kind hearted , never experienced love in her 19 years of life met this guy on her text massages and they talked and talked for a long time he told her what is love? He made her feel words ,things she never ever felt ................. They fall in love and something happened and drifted apart by the faith she swore never to love again Preston He was a broken , lost soul , got cheated by his girlfriend the love of his life he swore to never love anyone again . One day accidentally he sent a text to the wrong number thinking it was his freinds number... A girl replied after so many days ....they started to talk he discovered how beautiful her soul was how innocent she was how much kind hearted she was and fell in love with her without seeing her They started talking through text massages those massages changed from a few minutes to hours ... He taught her how to love how to feel and made her fell in love with him something happened they drifted apart Let's see what will happen ,will faith reconnect them or will they never meet again?

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The wrong number

Rose 🌹
As usual , the day started with me waking up at 4 in the morning going for the run , i woke up changed into my gym shorts ,sports bra and hoodie ,plugged in my earphones and took off. Came back at 5 took a bath and then went to the restaurant "breakfast nook" where i work with an old lady, my owner Hope. She is the sweetest person in this world I've ever met. She is a kind hearted soul and I love her .
At 7 o'clock I came back home and got ready for college I decided to wear a black skinny jeans with a cute yellow crop top and white sneakers made half bun at the top of my head decided to apply some mascara on eyelashes and a little lip gloss. I called my best friend Elena ,I love her she is the most caring person in the world ,we met in the classroom had our boring lectures of business and accounts .
I came back home, was resting on my couch ,as i live alone moved out of my dad and mum's house last year when i turned 18 they let me live alone all though they give the rent of my apartment ( I mean duh I don't make that much money from working on a breakfast nook in the morning as a baker). I decided to make myself some pasta and was eating my dinner on my couch while scrolling through my Instagram when i suddenly got a text massage from unknown number.
Unknown: Hey bunny 😍
Me : Who?
Unknown: Preston
Me:Who Preston?
Unknown:U forget me ?😕
Me: I don't know u
Unknown: Do u remember Noah then? 😐
Me : Who Noah?
Unknown:Are you Rose Anderson?🤔
Me: I m Rose just not Anderson
Unknown: Oh I thought u were one of my friends😉
Me: It's ok
Unknown:So u r Rose?
Unknown:Ok, let me tell u the truth....
Unknown:I got this number from Isaac's phone and I thought it was the Roes i knew and i massaged u
Me: It's okk🙂
Unknown: Where are u from , exactly?🤔
Me: Why should i tell u ?🤨
Unknown:Hey! Don't get offended I m just curious 😟
Unknown:Oh! I m from Chicago too! 🤩
Me: so.....?
Unknown:U r cute😍
Me:How ? I mean u have never seen me and we are talking for just half an hour and u already think i m cute 🤨
Unknown: yes u are! U are too cute 😍
Unknown: Hey cupcake can we be friends👀
Me:I don't know u
Unknown:Save my number first cupcake and then u will know me
Unknown : pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee😕
Me: U r dramatic 😂
Unknown:I m glad that i put a smile on ur face 🙂
Me: wait let me save urr number first
Preston: hey cupcake! I think u should sleep now it's almost 11
Me: yes good nyt! Preston
Preston: gud nyt cupcake
Preston: Be happy🌻
Preston: Bye cupcake ,havs sweet dreams 😍

I washed the dishes and took a bat. I was way to exhausted after the shower that didn't bother to wear anything and just got under the covers and just drifted off to sleep with a peaceful smile on my face ,don't know why though .

Hey! My so so so so generous and beautiful readers i hope u enjoy this chapter 😐 and hopefully u want more from this story . I will upload new cahpters on every Monday and Friday from now on .
Please support me u beautiful readers out there who read this story and please share this and like this story and i hope u will love it
And please tell me in the comments whom do you guys like the most Rose or Preston
I love you guys and i m so thankful of u to read my story by finding time from ur busy and hectic life, i hope i will be able to give u what u are looking for in this story ..😍😘 Till then bye my lovely people see you all soon with a new chapter😘

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