Loving Dr Trouble.

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" Why should I?" I snapped. " Do it for Vicky." He said pleading with me through his eyes. " Fine." I sighed, rubbing my eyes tiredly. That's how I found myself in the Collins empire with a mute, rude arrogant jackass, Jake Collins, along with the rest of his family. I had one year, Just a year to cure him. A year that nearly ruined me. One year was all it took. A year of fun, betrayal, love, romance, party, sadness. All in a year. Dark secrets open one after the other. Enemies lurched at every corner. Not just normal enemies, enemies with wide genuine looking smiles and sweet, carefully composed ,mind swirling words. Paola gets determined to find out the hidden truth behind everything and find herself tangled in a web of lies, mystery and deceit. Will she succeed in breaking free? What happens when she finds out the big truth?

Romance / Drama
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Chapter One

Paola's POV.

I giggled. Some ladies were downright annoying. Love really is blind, because if it isn't I don't think any guy would date this annoying woman.

I'm in front of a cafe with a bunch of jobless people like me. Well, technically, not jobless, as I am a doctor working in a renowned hospital but here I am early in the morning watching this couple bicker about loyalty and trust.

The lady kept yelling while the very handsome boyfriend kept calming her down telling her how much he loves her and how innocent he is.

What tolerance! After some seconds,the lady burst out about the man's past making him yell back at her. I smirked. It was finally getting interesting.

Just then, my view was blocked. I looked down to see a woman munching her chips as she stood in front of me to get a clearer view. I felt like smacking her head. Then she would choke on her chips and I'll perform the Helmich process on her and use her face to wipe off her mess.

Determined not to miss such a wonderful scene, I looked around for a better spot to stand.

I turned looking for where I would see clearly went something caught my eye. Wow, a drop dead gorgeous looking man stepped out of the cafe flanked by another man whom I presumed to be his friend with the way he was talking enthusiastically.

The man caught my attention, I trailed my gaze up from his perfectly sculpted jaws to his plump pink lips to his wonderful nose and.....oh well, he was wearing sunglasses so i couldn't see his face.

Such handsome specimen can't pass me by like this. I had to see his eyes. I bet they would be light blue, the color of the sky or deep brown or... I had to see his eye color.

Not thinking twice, I ran towards him and tapped his shoulders. He ignored me and walked on. What?!! I huffed and then ran in front of him, spreading my arms wide to stop him from moving.

That did it. He stopped and his friend did the same. However, his friend trailed his eyes all over my body from head to toe. I felt naked under his intense gaze.

" What does this hot lady want from me?" He asked and I blushed a bit.

" Not you. Him." I said pointing at the hot guy standing in front of me.

" What's the color of your eyes?" I asked and I saw his eyebrows furrow in confusion. Then after a while, he snorted rudely.

" Hey, you rude piece of...." My statement was cut off when I looked at him from head to toe.

He was wearing a white shirt with his suit jacket draped on his right arm and on his hand was a cup of coffee. He had a pair of keys attached to a shimmering gold key holder on his left hand. My jaw dropped when I noticed his watch. It was diamond encrusted. He also had an emerald ring on his index finger if his right hand. His shoes were...

Wait, there were so many shoes. I looked behind him and saw about six bodyguards standing at alert with crisp suit and stiff faces. My face went hot. I had stopped all these people to ask about his eye color.

" I asked about your eye color." I stated again but he scoffed and sidestepped me walking towards a white limo parked in front of the cafe.

I looked around to see everyone gazing at me. I had managed to steal the show from the couple. Embarrassed, I decided not to let this slide. I turned around to see one if the guards open the door and he bent to enter.

I ran as fast as lightning and bumped into him, compressing him towards the door. The cup of coffee flew out of his hands, the content splashing on his bright looking white shirt, his hair and trickled down his face. It had splashed on the guard too.

However, it didn't quite affect his friend as he was standing at a distance. I heard car door slam as four men stepped out. Behind his limo was a black SUV. Right, his bodyguards.

I looked at him and sighed in satisfaction. As if recovering from the shock, he slowly turned towards me. He was filled with rage. I heard people whisper and I felt proud of myself, Atta girl.

I pat myself on the back, mentally. I was happy. You mess with me, I show you. I noticed a movement and saw his friend shaking his head vigorously.

Noticing me, he mouthed 'run' to me as he gestured for me to run moving his hands frantically. I turned away from him. The hot guy took a step forward, his fist clenched and eyes flaring. From the corner of my eyes, his friend kept gesturing wildly.

I took one step forward also, we were so close. His friend palmed his forehead at my stupidity. The guy froze. He was probably shocked at my audacity.

Before he could get back to his senses, I bolted. I ran. I ran as if my entire life depended on it. I ran so fast, the heels of my foot almost touched my shoulder blade. Not for once did I look back. I kept running mindlessly until I was so sure they had lost me.

I stopped. I panted. Wheezing in lots of air, I clutched at my chest. It hurts as hell. I could feel my heart beat as it drummed wildly against the muscles of my chest. It took me more than five minutes to get to my normal state. Sweaty and drained, I dragged myself back to the hospital. I was late again.

I checked in with my card and held on to the receptionist desk still trying to pull myself together. That was... adventurous. I pray I'm not scolded for being late. I enter my office, grabbed my coat and washed my hands, ready to see my first patient today. Just then the speakers boom.

" Dr. Henderson, meet me in my office now." I groan. I am screwed. I know they wouldn't fire me. I am the best speech- language therapist in the entire hospital. My pay won't be reduced because of my relationship with the boss. He is like a father to me, ever since his daughter died, I have taken a special place in his heart. But that doesn't mean I wouldn't get scolded.

Pitying my poor ears, I drag my self and entered the elevator ready for the streams of scolding I would get. I raise my hands to knock but stopped when I hear a man yell. That isn't Willy.

I lean towards the door, placing my ear on it, trying to get a scoop of what they are arguing about.

Don't misjudge me. I love gossips, like love, love them. However, I try to remain professional at work. Keyword, try. It was just so unimaginable that someone would yell at Willy.

" Please just try to convince her. Ignore him." A lady like voice said. Wow, what in the name of squashed potatoes is going on in there.

" Boo!" I stagger, losing my stance and fell into a strong pair of arms. I know that smell. It was my best friend, Daniel.

" You scared me." I said and he laughed as he helped me back on my feet.

" So..."

" So....?" I asked back.

" Why were you eavesdropping, Henderson." He asked and I roll my eyes.

"No, I wasn't." I said and he scoffed, clearly not buying my lie. I mean,who would?

" Let me guess, late again." He said and I ruffle his hair.

" That's why I love you. You know me so well." I said and he snickered.

" Then..why are you here?" He asked again and I sighed.

" Willy called for a meeting."

" Seeing the way you were pressed against the door, you were clearly already in a meeting. Plus, when did you start calling your punishments meeting, Paola?" He asked and I rolled my eyes.

" Get away, you bully." I pushed him as I grabbed the door knob.

" I'm crashing at your house tonight, Hannah's coming too." He called over his shoulder as he walked away. I sighed. Well, I could definitely use some time with my two besties.

I knocked and entered immediately.

" Why knock when you wouldn't even wait for a reply?" Willy asked and I smiled.

" I'll keep that in mind." I said and he rolled his eyes. That was like the hundredth time he'd corrected me. Sadly enough, he never got tired of repeating the same thing.

" You arrived so early." He said in a sweet sarcastic voice.

" Why, thank you, Willy. I'm glad you noticed." I said and he glared at me. I smiled. He had warned me multiple times to call him Professor while at work but I never and will never answer.

" That's by the way,meet Mr and Mrs Collins." He said and I finally turned to see a man and a woman sitting comfortably in front of Willy. I smiled.

" Good morning, I'm Dr. Henderson." I said in my professional tone.

" Hi." The woman squeaked but the man just nodded. He looked as if he wanted to be anywhere but here. His loss, I didn't force him all the way here.

" Dr. Henderson, we need to talk." Willy said and I almost rolled my eyes. He called me Paola whenever we were not in the hospital but sometimes he slips.

" Ok."

" Please sit." He said and I sat down.

" Well you see, you wouldn't be working here...."

" I'm so sorry. I'll never arrive late again. I promise just give me one more chance." I pleaded. It was strange. Why would Willy fire me?

" Calm down, just for a year."

" A year?"

" Yes."

" But ..but .. my bills and my patients. I..."

" You'll still be paid." He said and I became confused. Paid?

" Yes, and you would see your patient."

" Patient?" I asked.

" Yes, just one." I gaped. This was weird.

" Yes, just my son, Jake Collins." The woman spoke and I turned to her.

" Why?" I asked.

" He's a special case. He's had lots of specialists look after him but he never became well again. He believes he won't be able to speak again. His father also believes that, but I made them give me one more chance.

I heard of you and the numerous miracles you have worked so I decided to ask you to help."

" But..my friends and..." I started but Willy cut me off.

" We've clearly discussed that and drafted a contract. You are free to live your normal life, meet your friends and stuff. You can even come here too. You just have to be there during the week days and on special occasions."

" Ok. I'll just go to see him and that's it?"

" No, you'll move in to our mansion. There, you would take care of him during the week days. You can go back home during the weekend. We wouldn't want to choke you." The woman stated.

" What would I be getting out of this? I mean, I'm being paid here."

" She's smart. I like her." Mrs Collins said and Willy smiled.

" Most people do." I snickered. Trust me, I have a lot of hate fans, especially here in the hospital.

" Fifty Million." She said and my eyes almost popped out. That was a whole ton of money. I would never earn that much for working a year here. I can't even dare to dream of that.

I wanted to agree. Then, I remembered Vicky. I could use this to get all I've ever wanted for so many years.

" I'm so sorry but I can't." I said as I watched her gaze drop and then she sniffed. She was crying?!!! I felt guilty but I had to do this for Vicky. I needed more than that. So much more.

" Paola please, you're their last hope." Willy said begging me with his eyes.

" We'll give you anything you want." The woman said. Now, you're talking.

I laughed a bit.

" Anything?" I asked.

" Yes, anything but the Collins empire." She said adding the last past quickly and I scoffed. Who wants your empire?

" You'd give me your heart if I asked." I said jokingly and she smiled.

" You really underestimate the love of a mother."

" I really don't think I want to." I said, playing this out a bit.

" You have to." Mr Collins yelled, speaking for the first time. Grumpy much?

" Why should I?" I snapped.

" Do it for Vicky." Willy said pleading with me through his eyes.

" Fine." I sighed, rubbing my eyes tiredly.

" Thank you so much." The woman said engulfing me into a big hug and I patted her back awkwardly.

" I just hope she's not some rigid statue that is a sucker for rules." The man spoke again and I almost burst out laughing. Willy, however looked uncomfortable as he scratched his neck nervously.

" That's the problem." He said and the man groaned. I blinked. What was going on.

" Then this would be hard for the goody two shoes." He said and I glared. I didn't like him.

" That's not the problem. You see...she

..err...she never sticks to rules."

"Perfect!" Mrs Collins said, smiling broadly at me.

" But there's a catch." Willy said, facing me.

I groaned. I gulped down some water. I was dehydrated from the early morning run.

" You'll have to be his pretend girlfriend." He said and the water went all over his desk.

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