Arranged To The Mafia Boss

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Alana Sánchez is a normal 21 year old girl, studying in school, charming boys by just her personality and kind actions. A very innocent girl, right? But she has a very dark side, at home her father is never present due to his gambling issues. What happens when she is forcefully taken by the Delacruz Mafia as payment to her father’s debt?! She is to marry Diego Delacruz, who is a force to be reckoned with. Scary, cold hearted and ruthless, will Alana thaw is heart?

Romance / Action
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Hi I’m Zara! This is my first book so I’m sorry for any errors or punctuation mistakes. I’ve been inspired by so many authors so I decided to start writing my own books! Please if you haven’t check out K.R Coombs on here and on Wattpad and CortizeCooper on Chapters and Wattpad! Thank you for clicking on my book and enjoy! 🥰🥰🥰🥰

The cover is off the Internet I don’t really know a lot about the process of covers so yeah!

No negativity is to be spread around here, if so I’ll report you.

You are also welcome to put ideas in the comment section if I do come across writers block!

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