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Vanessa Miller's body transformed by itself and gave her insecurities that she hid from the world. As days went on she wondered would she ever be able to love someone who would love a freak of nature such as her. With hope still in her heart, she did what she usually does and went along with her friends only to spot Mikyle Price who sparked her dormant desires. Mikyle Prince on the other hand is nothing but your ordinary gay boy who just came out of the closet and entered high school, never did he expect for just one day to go by and be pursued by the dominant Vanessa Miller that has every body bowing at her feet. The intimate interactions between them spell out disaster for him as a gay boy but Vanessa's love and attention sends curious eyes his way and many more. Now as a gay dating a female, he did not know where this would lead and caused trouble for himself leading to Vanessa showing him her true side which was the body of an intersexual. Mikyle now knew that they were meant to be but that did not stop the rest of the student body to look at their love with disgust -- now it was just them beating the odds and showing the rest that love comes in all forms no matter if you are gay, lesbian, straight or an intersexual. Cover art by: the_nerd.artist

Romance / Erotica
Vanessa Nicole
Age Rating:

Part One – The Problem

“No shit!” I laugh at the boring joke my bestie Lucy made. The laughing and chatter around us gets louder as we exit the school hallway and out into the parking lot. As I reach the bottom of the steps my eyes lock onto my partner’s royal blue Audi A8.

I frown because I know my partner never said anything about picking me up from school. I say goodbye to Lucy as I make my way to her car while taking my mobile out. I don’t see any notifications from her and not even a call.

I stop in front of her car and knock on the window but there is no response. I bite the inside of my left cheek and knock on the window again but still there is no response. “Nikki?” I call and the window slides down slowly. My heart starts beating fast as she comes into view.

Taking in a quick breath I force a smile, “Nik, what are you doing here?” I ask since she’s not looking my way and just facing forward. “Get in,” she says in an oddly deep voice. I hear the car unlock and pull the door open. I get in and close the door behind me while catching a quick look at some of the kids looking at me oddly.

Yeah, I’m like the only one that has a girlfriend picking me up instead of a boyfriend. She lets the window up and turns to look at me. The whites of her eyes are a light shade of red. She’s wearing a frown on her forehead.

“N-nik…” I start but she interrupts me, “Why did you do it?” she asks me and my mind races. I look at her and feel my eyes burn. “I-I don’t…” I trail and she starts the car up. Pulling out of the parking lot, she presses down on the gas and speeds away.

I quickly fasten my seatbelt and stay silent. My eyes dart around as I feel the tension in the car get more and more dense. I look over at her and I see the tears slide down her cheeks. “Vanessa, what’s going on? What did I do?” I ask and she doesn’t answer me.

I pull my legs up and hug them. My tears start spilling as they swim and I my mind goes blank as I start mumbling incoherent words that I can’t hear and can see that it’s pissing her off.

“Look, just shut up!” she says and the drive back to my place is long and terrifying. She stops at my home and switches off the car. Her knuckles are white from gripping too hard on the steering wheel.

“Vaness…” I try to speak again but like before, she cuts me off, “Mickyle, get the fuck out of my car!” she orders but I refuse and shake my head. “I’m not going anywhere! Tell me what I did, Vanessa, why are you crying and why are you so angry?” I ask her and she hits her fist against the steering wheel.

She looks at me and asks in a pleading tone, “Get out before I lose my shit with you.” Staring into her eyes I feel completely helpless. Wiping away my tears I shake my head, “No, I need you to tell me what I did wrong,” I say and she smirks at me. She unbuckles her seatbelt and gets out of the car slamming the door behind her.

As I struggle to unbuckle my seatbelt she opens the door on my end and quickly undoes the buckle. Grabbing my bag she grabs my arm too and rips me out of the car. Her grip on my arm is explosively powerful and honestly this has me in a daze.

The next thing I notice is my room’s door swinging open and I get thrown on my bed. She climbs on me straddling me and her hand locks on my neck. She gets into my face and slams her lips against mine. Pulling back she pulls my bottom lip with her then glares down at me and says through gritted teeth, “Make sure you STAY in your room and don’t come out until I say so!!”

She gets off me and I slams my door behind her. I quickly get up off the bed in a panic and making me scramble up to the door screaming her name but the second I step out I feel her choking me and her order erupts in my ear, “STAY IN YOUR ROOM.”

I grab hold of my neck and I can feel the oxygen in my lungs escape as I stop breathing. My eyes dart around the hall way and I see my brother staring at me with a frightened look in his eyes.

Vanessa isn’t here but her commands are as powerful as her. I quickly take a step back into my room and close the door in front of me. I drop to my knees and grip at my hair. I try to pull it out as I scream at the top of my lungs. I bang my head a couple of times against my carpet covered floor and feel myself grow dizzy.

I crawl to my bed as I sob and pull myself up on the bed. Pulling my royal blue blanket with me that she bought me and wrap myself in it as I cry my heart out. I don’t know what I did to make her so angry at me.

A knock lands on my door and opens. I hear footsteps walk up to my bed and I get tapped on my arm. I pull my arm down and meet the eyes of my baby brother Chyler whose eyes are as red as Vanessa’s were.

“You k, Kyle?” he asks and I shake my head. He climbs onto the bed and pull him into myself and hug him while I sob into his back.

“Ness, car still out,” he says making me frown.

“Is she outside?” I ask him and he shakes his head.

“She no der, ma say she walk,” he answers. Well I didn’t know my mother was home. And indeed, she walks in to my bedroom and rubs my back.

“Kye, what happened?” she asks and I shake my head. “I don’t know why she’s angry at me,” I answer and sob harder.

The tears wet my face and the sound of my crying muffles out and sleep overtakes me.


A cold hand squeezes my neck and chokes me. My eyes snap open and meet the eyes of my partner. She’s staring down at me while straddling me. She still has tears in her eyes swimming which make that of mine burn as my own well up.

Her grip loosens slightly and she pulls back. She leans down and kisses my lips. Her head moves to my left and she whispers in my ear, “I’m sorry I hurt you earlier on.”

I turn to face her and wipe away her tears, “What did I do to upset you so?” I ask and rub my thumb over her cheek.

“Why did you betray me Mickyle?” she asks and I look at her confused. I scan her face and look for a sign but she just stares blankly at me. She turns around facing the other way. I get up and snake my arm around her. She holds my hand and we lock fingers. I kiss the back of her neck and ask, “Please tell me what I did, you know I’d never hurt you please tell me what I did so I can fix it what I did.”

She turns in my arms and looks into my arms. After a moment of silence she asks me, “Why did you send pictures of your legs to Mehcad Cedar?”

Hearing this my heart races. Looking into her eyes I ask, “What?”

“Don’t lie to me Mickyle, that chick uploaded it on her Instagram and tagged you in it,” she says and I can feel the pain shoot through my heart. I sit up on my bed and move back resting against the headboard.

I look down at her and feel the tears fall down and I see it hit her cheek. She sits up with her back facing me on the edge of the bed, I hear her sigh. “Mickyle, it’s been three years almost four and you’re doing this to me. I can’t believe you’d betray me like this, are you tired of me?”

My heart starts beating fast again and I quickly get up and hug her from behind, “Vanessa, I’m sorry, it won’t happen again, please, please, don’t leave me.”

She shrugs me off and rubs her hands against her face with a frustrated sigh, “I won’t leave you but I need you to answer my questions Mickyle. I told you that you could be friends with anyone but don’t get too involved with them. Why did you send pictures of your legs to her? Who else saw it before she uploaded it and who else are you involve with?”

Swallowing my saliva I squeeze my eyes shut. “She borrowed my phone to make a call and went through my pictures and started complimenting me. She added her number to my phone and since that day we’ve been chatting and she’s asked me for pictures of my legs…” just as I want to continue, she gets up and walks towards the window and turns to look at me with the most frightening gaze I’ve ever seen on her face.

“How long have you been chatting with her?” she asks in an incredibly scary, yet calm voice.

I wipe the tears away from my eyes and look down at my feet while gripping the bed, “It’s been three months now,” I answer her question.

“SO YOU’VE BEEN FUCKING CHEATING ON ME FOR THREE MONTHS MICKYLE?!” she yells and I instinctively shake my head and start crying. I get on my knees in front of her and grip onto her tracksuit pants.

“No no no, I didn’t cheat on you Vanessa, I’m not cheating on you, please believe me,” I say and she grabs my hair and pulls me back to the bed. I struggle but can’t get free.

She throws me on the bed straddles me. Looking down at me she asks, “So you’re tired of me now and decided that you wanted attention from someone else huh? Is it because I didn’t fuck you when you wanted to hmn? Is it because I don’t please you sexually anymore?”

Before I can protest, she sticks her middle finger and her index finger into my mouth ordering me to suck her fingers but not only that she sticks it down my throat chocking me and making me gag.

Her fingers leave my mouth moments after she pulls my boxers down. She forcefully raises my legs and forces her fingers in my hole knuckle after knuckle. I gasp and arch my back then remember that my parents are home along with my siblings.

I turn to look at the door and hear her laugh. She says with a mocking smile on her face, “Don’t worry, tonight, you can scream and enjoy yourself tonight with me,” then she grabs my neck with her free hand and says, “And from tonight onwards, you’ll me mine!”

Her fingers leave my entrance leaving me feeling empty and just as I lift myself wanting to move, I feel something warm and thick squeeze past my entrance. My eyes widen and they snap to the object between my legs forcing its way in.

My back arches forward before I can make out what it is as she forces it deeper and deeper inside my chamber and my head snaps back. I feel her moving deeper and further inside me, making pain shoot through my body and up my back.

It hits my pass a spot I didn’t know I have that makes me shudder and send me into bliss. I feel her hands push my legs forward as she tries to move even deeper inside me. I can’t close my mouth that’s open wide and as I gasp frantically for air.

Her tongue slides up my neck up to my ear. She sucks in my earlobe and says seductively, “Calm down and take in a deep breath. I won’t move until you’re ready,” and kisses me.

She starts removing her clothes and rips off my shirt while I adjust to her size. She cups my face making me look at her. I can see the strained look on her face and hear her ask, “C-Can I move now?”

I blink once, twice… then nod my head. She leans down and kisses my forehead then my lips. We start making out as I feel her move inside me.

The pain soon turns to pleasure. I move my hips in sync with her. We move in each other’s mouths as saliva pools out from the sides. She pulls back and grips firmly on my waist then starts slamming herself inside me making the pleasure I felt before multiply by millions but the odds and strange feeling of her moving deeper and hitting my prostate drives me over the moon.

I open my eyes and as the haziness fuzzes out, I see her head is leaned back with her mouth open as she grunts in pleasure by being inside me. My gaze slides down her body stopping at her breasts.

I raise my hands and reach for them but my arms are to short and just fall to my sides. She smirks then leans forward and the necklace I bought for her, the star that matches my crescent moon that I’m currently wearing.

I lift myself up and drape my arms over her shoulders and pull her down. We lock lips and wrap my legs around her then lock them at the small of her back. She slows down and starts circling her hips that make me shudder and groan for more.

She smiles against me lips and asks, “Do you like that?”

I nod my head and force my tongue into her mouth. I scream as she pulls all the way out then slips into me balls deep. ‘Fuck!!’ she curses and pulls away from me and just as she pulls out I fart.

My eyes widen because I know I just farted and I can’t believe I did. I look down at her and see that she’s still as hard as a rock with her cock covered in a thick and white substance that’s also covering parts of her stomach.

I watch as she runs her fingers across her stomach picking up the thick substance and licks it off her fingers. She looks at me and grins, “So you cum out of your ass,” she states and I now realize that it’s my cum all over her. I whine and cover my face with my hands and lay back down as I hear her chuckle.

I feel her enter me again which makes me grip the sheets since there was no warning and she circles her way in. I honestly didn’t know that I just ejaculated but I guess it’s because this is my first time experiencing anal sex.

She starts moving faster as we move in sync and not long after the rushed movements she bites down on my lips and I feel her warm liquid entering me. She breathes heavily above me and drops her weight on me. I hug her as tears form in my eyes.

Fuck it I don’t care anymore. I break down as she wraps her arms around me and pulls her limp member out of me. After I stop crying, I look up at her and she has this satisfied look that is also peaceful.

I get up and kiss her lips which make her open her eyes and look at me. “I’m so sorry,” I say to her and frown at the sound of my voice, it feels like I was scream, oh wait, I was screaming. And there’s the taste of blood in my throat.

She cups my face and kisses my lips, “It’s okay, just don’t do it from now on, okay?”

I look down at her the rest my head on chest between her breasts. I cup one and squeeze slightly, “I promise but you have to tell me what’s going on,” I say as I run my fingers over her limp member resting to the side with my cum drying on her, oh shit, she didn’t use protection. . . and why didn’t my parents come knocking down my door?

“Why is the house so quiet?” I ask her and her breathing stops for a second then starts up as she speaks, “Oh, they inhaled a sleeping gas that will knock them out until tomorrow morning,” she answers making me nod since I don’t really care.

“And you have a . . . dick?” I say softly making her chuckle. She runs her hands through my hair and sighs. “I’ve always had one, or well not really. I was born female, still am, but when I was three, I went to the toilet and my pee didn’t shoot down and instead shot up hitting my face. When I looked down I saw my clit was outside and my lips separated. We went to the doctor after that and they said ‘It seems we made a mistake’ but then as I grew older, I grew breasts and my vagina closed up while my balls and dick grew bigger. Since my gender was never changed, I still am a female and it proved for the best since I started my menstruation when I was fourteen. I’m one of those rare people called an Intersexual,” she ends making me frown.

I look up at her and ask, “Intersexual?”

Nodding her head she answers, “Yeah born both male and female. I had the option of changing to one gender, still do.”

“Then why don’t you?” I ask her and she slaps my bum. “I just didn’t want to relearn how to pee again and I actually like my dick and my boobs so I don’t want to change,” she says making me nod.

“Can you fall pregnant?” I ask out of curiosity and she shrugs, “Don’t know, never tried,” she answers and I don’t know if I should be happy about that answer.

I get up and kiss her lips. Looking into her eyes I say to her, “Vanessa Nicole Miller, you’re perfect!”

She just stares at me then after a moment she says, “You’re perfect too Mickyle, but don’t ever fuck with my feelings like that again.”

I stare into her eyes and can see how serious she is. I never cheated on her but I guess you could say I was wrong because we are in a relationship – we are right?

I don’t remember her asking me to be her boyfriend – I never asked her to be my girlfriend . . . since then, we were always just together.

“I love you Vanessa,” I tell her and she wipes away the tears that I didn’t know were falling. “I know you love me Mickyle, I love you too.”

“Then why did you never ask me to be yours?” I ask her and she frowns at me.

“I’ve been with no one but you for the past three years and I’ve been in love with you since the day I saw you for the first time,” she says then adds, “How in the fuck does that not say anything to you?”

I’ve done everything for her in these three years, why didn’t it seem like we weren’t together and why is she telling me now only that she’s an Intersexual. If she kept this from me for three years, what else is she keeping from me?

As I try to find more reasons to blame her she pins me down and kisses me. Our tongues dance in my mouth and I melt under her kiss and touch. She pulls away making me whimper. Opening my eyes I look into hers and she asks me, “Will you be my boyfriend Mickyle?”

I nod my head and smile embarrassed by the fact that I just tried to get out of being in a relationship with her. “Yes, yes I will,” I answer her and she kisses me again. We lay in each other’s arms for the rest of the night and I fall asleep in her arms.

Opening my eyes I wake up to a cold bed. She’s not here, why is she not here? Was it all a dream?

As I get up I feel the pain shoot through my body as evidence of our first night together. Fuck I can’t believe I lost my virginity last night.

I slide over and reach for my phone to check the time and find a sticky note stuck to my screen with the words: I might have gone overboard last night but I don’t regret it. I love you Mickyle and don’t doubt it. Remember to keep your head up and don’t let your crown fall.

I smile and kiss the note she left me. Painfully I get out of bed and make my way to the bathroom. It’s early but everyone is up and seems normal. After doing my morning routine, I dodge my parents as they ask if things with Vanessa and I are good.

Things are good, I won’t fuck up anymore.

Getting back to my room I check my phone and see that she miss called me. I dial her number and she answers in no time.

“Hey,” I say.

Vanessa, “Hey baby, how did you sleep?”

“Well and you?”

Vanessa, “I slept well too, how’s your body feeling?”

“I’m in pain.”

Vanessa, “Did you take pain medication?”

“No, I didn’t.”

Vanessa, “Good, don’t, you need to get used to it.”


Vanessa, “I love you Mickyle.”

“I love you more Nikki, I’m not going to school today, can you come over please?” I ask as tears begin to fall.

Vanessa, “Is everything alright?”

“No, I want you to hold me,” I say as I sob into the phone.

Vanessa, “Okay hold on. I’ll be there in an hour maybe two okay love?”

“I love you.”

Vanessa, “I love you more.”

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