Corporate Bride

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A small town actress, who accepted a role to play the wife of a billionaire's son, had no idea what her decision could cause. Plunged into the world of the rich and famous, Sydney came to understand that the life of the billionaires was not as perfect as they made it look. And their family drama was more dramatic than the scripts she acted out. What if her new family are hiding some secrets? What will happen if these secrets come out? Lives will be destroyed and some lost. Can their love conquer it all?

Romance / Drama
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“Anderson, I am not well. As you can see, am not in the best of health and hence cannot handle all the businesses alone. You and Hansen must take over. Both of you will have equal properties to manage, and you shall start work immediately. However, you have to get married before you can have your share of the inheritance.”

“Damn that old man!” Anderson cursed and gulped down his beer.

Two days had passed after that conversation with his father and he still could not bring himself to accept it. Why? Why him? Why could it not have been Hansen, but him?

Dammit! He knew why. His father was punishing him for every bad thing he had done as a child until now. However, this punishment was too severe. He wished his father had frozen his bank account, or denied him from using the private jets or gave him a timeout to South Africa, as he always did. But this? This. Was. Torture. Torture to the highest degree.

“I can’t get married.” He said and raked fingers through his golden blonde hair. “I can’t get married.” He shook his head as his heart twisted painfully. His breathing became shallow as he felt a panic attack about to kick in.

Anderson rose from the chair, threw a stuck of dollar bills on the table and walked out of the bar. The setting sun turned the whole place orange and beautiful. He approached his jeep, while taking in deep breaths. “I can’t get married.” He told himself and then stopped abruptly as it finally hit him.

He knew why his father did this to him. Anderson was allergic to relationships and commitments. Yep, that was it. He was allergic to those two things and everybody knew it. Ever since he was a boy, he never attached himself to anyone because he hated the way one had to be caring, sweet and loving. He thought those things were a waste of time and all that crap always made him want to throw up.

Relationships and commitments are for the softies. He always said.

“I hate that old man.”

“Whoa, mind your language big guy. That old man is also my father.” Hansen said and then Anderson spun around, surprised to see his brother there.

“What are you doing here? Are you following me?” He snapped.

“Don’t you remember? We came here together after father reminded you to get married before he snatched your part of the inheritance away from you.” Hansen told him and then he remembered.

Whispering something obscene under his breath, he sighed and then added. “So you heard me?”

“Yeah, I did.” Hansen said. “I can’t get married. I can’t get married.” He mimicked Anderson’s voice and then chuckled.

“Oh you think this is funny?” Now he was upset with his brother. “I have to get married before I get my inheritance while you just get yours on a silver platter.”

“No, I did not get mine on a…”

“He didn’t ask you to get married!” He yelled and then caught the attention of the couple who just parked their car the space next to them.

Hansen sighed and tapped his brother’s shoulder. “Alright so what are you going to do?” He asked.

“I don’t know.” Anderson shrugged. “I might as well just pack my bags and leave, after all nobody wants me here.” Anderson replied and then went ahead to unlock his jeep.

“Don’t even say that as a joke.” Hansen chastised. “You are my brother. I want you here. Most importantly, I want you to get your inheritance.” He said and then Anderson shook his head.

“Forget it. I am not getting married just for some inheritance.”

“Yes, you are. And you will.” Hansen told him. “I will find you a bride!” He declared.

“No thanks. As for the money, that old man can keep it. I will make my own.” Anderson entered the vehicle and started the engine.

Hansen got into the passenger seat. “No, you will get your inheritance. I will get you a bride, even if I have to hire an actress. I’ll do it and that’s a promise.” He said while Anderson drove out of there.

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