Corporate Bride

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Sydney finished taking her bath, dressed in the black jumpsuit her savior got her and ate what he bought her. She did not know what else to do after that since he asked her not to leave the room.

After sitting around for some time, she decided to call up Lance, her co-actor to ask how things were going at the studio. She did not find her phone or purse, and hence used her savior’s phone, which she found lying on the bedside table.

“Lance this is Sydney.” She said after he answered.

Lance gasped. “Sydney, where have you been? I called you a hundred times and your phone was not reachable.” He said.

“Yes, I lost it.” She said. “Is there a situation at the studio?”

“Yes there are a lot of situations here, but most importantly why did you quit your job?” Lance asked and her brows arched in confusion.

“What? No,… no I did not. I… I only asked director for some days off and he gave it to me. I didn’t quit my job!”

“Well that’s not what it looks like here. This morning that slut Angela strode into the studio and took over your changing room. The director announced that you quit your job and so he found a replacement.”

“No… no I didn’t.” Her voice cracked as a lump built inside her throat.

“I am sorry girl, we have already shot too many scenes and from the way the director is praising her performance, he wouldn’t like to change her.”

“Oh... okay. Thanks for letting me know.”

The phone slid out of her hand and landed on the bed as she sighed. Falling back into the pillows, she groaned in anger. If this were her room, she would have already smashed a few things. But since it was not, she folded herself into a ball and placed her hands between her legs to restrain her for throwing stuff around.

Angela! She screamed into the pillow. That woman was such a slut. Everyone knew how she gets her movie roles and it frustrated Sydney to hear that the slut got her part. Damn that director too! He did not hesitate to give out her part when Angela offered herself to him. Damn both of them!

Now what would become of her plan to move to the city? She no longer had a job, no place to sleep and no one to lean on. Sighing, she wished someone would just come into her life and save her right now.

Then, someone did. The door creaked open and he walked in. She bolted to a sitting position and faced him. His golden brown hair caught her attention just as it did before. There were beautiful curls, falling over a pair of electric blue eyes. The man was handsome, tall, well-built and somewhat mysterious.

“Hello.” He smiled as his eyes lit up.

“Hi.” She said.

He remained at the door, as if scared to walk in. She wondered why. “Sorry about everything. But are you okay?” He said and she nodded.

“Yes, and thank you for saving me last night. I owe you my life.” Sydney said.

“No. Thank you for saving me.”

She did not get why he said that, because he clearly did the saving last night. Anyway, she did not want to push further as she had more pressing issues to think off. Like it was time for her to leave his house, for instance. But where would she go. That was the issue.

“By the way, I’m Anderson.” He said, finally moving into the room. He sank into a chair by the wall and then glanced at her.


“Sydney, I hope you don’t mind me asking, but why was your mother mistreating you?”

She sighed, not sure, if she should tell him her problems. Anderson was a stranger and she did not think he would like to hear her boring life story. But then again, he asked about it. Hence, she would tell him and hoped never to meet him again.

Sydney had not intended to spill too many details about herself, but then he was listening so attentively that she could not stop herself. He made her feel like her secrets were safe with him. In the end, she felt embarrassed for letting him know that she was both, jobless and homeless.

“I should go.” Sydney got off the bed, forgetting that her ankle was injured. But as soon as she stepped forward and then pain erupted from it, she remembered.

“If you leave here where will you stay?” Anderson questioned and then she sat down. “You don’t even have a job.”

“I don’t know, but I’ll find a place.” She replied.

“Where will you find a place when you can’t even walk?”

Sydney glanced at him and then replied. “I have friends.”

“You just told me you know nobody in the city.”

“No, that’s where you’re wrong. I know… a guy…” Sydney wondered if Hansen would let her stay at his place for a few days while she searched for a job. “He will help me.”

“Who is he?” Anderson asked and then she confidently replied.

“Hansen Niles.”


“Hansen!” He gasped and she replied.


Anderson did not want to make it evident that he was surprised. How does she know Hansen? He wondered and clasped his hands together. Was she one of the many girls he hooked up with?

His eyes studied her. But she did not look like his type, though. Hansen’s girls were usually curvy and dressed slutty. However, Sydney was slender and a little curvy. Moreover, the dress she wore last night was not slutty either. It was the perfect size for her smallish figure.

How do you know Hansen?

“I have to go to his place.” She said and rose to her feet again, wincing in pain. “I’m sure he’ll help me.”

“Alright, I’ll take you.” She smiled and then he returned it.

“Thank you.” She said as he walked to her.

“Don’t thank me yet.” He told her and then swept her into his arms. Once again, she gasped and he looked down at her.

Her eyes were staring back at him and he wondered why they were so captivating. He quickly looked away from her and then exited the bedroom. She was as light as a feather, so he had no trouble carrying her all the way to the car.

Anderson buckled them up and then started the engine. As he drove out of his compound, Sydney glanced back at the mansion. He saw her mouth turned into an O when she saw it. She was probably surprised that his house was black inside and out.

He could not help the smile that broke on his face when she continued to stare in awe at his black mansion. He wanted to tell her that she had seen nothing yet, but then stopped himself. His love for black was his and only his business.

“Where does this Hansen man live?” Anderson asked. He wanted to make sure the Hansen Niles she knew was the same one he did.

“West Hills Estate.” She replied.

Yep, they were the same person. But how? He asked himself. How did she meet him? Where did he find her? He had to know, but he did not want to ask. He would get his answers when they reached his place.

After twenty minutes on the road, they reached Hansen’s place. Throughout the ride, Anderson made sure to ask Sydney for directions and he was surprised when she led him straight to his brother’s mansion.

“We are here.” She said, almost immediately, the front door opened and Hansen appeared. “There he is, Hansen.”

Anderson glanced at her when she smiled upon seeing his brother. He saw the excitement in her eyes and found it questioning. Was she in love with him? Quickly, she opened the door and then looked back at him, saying.

“Let’s go.”

As Anderson exited the car, he noticed Hansen going back inside. Then they would just meet him in doors after all. He carried Sydney to the front door and she pressed the doorbell.

A few moments later, the door opened and Hansen stood there. His eyes bulged as soon as he saw them. His mouth opened and closed many times in attempts to speak, but no words came out. When finally he spoke, Anderson knew why he was stunned.

“You found her!”

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