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“You are getting married!” He was bursting with happiness, but had to pretend to be surprised so she would not get suspicious. It was nighttime and Hansen had just returned home from work to find an anxious Sydney waiting for him.

“Yes.” Sydney replied while rubbing her hands together nervously. Her head was low and she tapped her feet. “Is it a bad idea?” She glanced at him.

Hansen saw the worry and uncertainty on her face and knew he had to clear them before she changed her mind. “No… no it isn’t. It’s a good idea.” He said.

Sydney pulled at her hair and threw her head backwards on the couch. “It’s Anderson, that’s why I’m asking you.”

Hansen smiled. He was already aware of it. His brother had informed him earlier on. Yet still, he had to act surprised.

“My friend, Anderson?” He gasped.

“It was a bad idea right? I knew it! I’ll tell him I can’t do it.” Sydney bolted out of the couch and rushed to the telephone.

“No, Sydney!” Hansen quickly moved to take the phone away from her. “What are you doing?” He asked. With his hands on her shoulders, he guided her back to the couch and then sat next to her.

“Sydney, you just told me that you will be marrying my friend. This is the best news I have heard all day. You are making the right choice here. Anderson is a very good man. You know it because he saved you. I approve of your relationship!”

“No, it’s not going to be anything serious. We will be acting. He only came to me because his father is very ill and he wants to fulfill his dying wish.”

“Oh.” Hansen said. How he wished those two would actually date. They looked so good together and would make such a great couple.

“I was so sure of it before but now, I think am making a mistake.” She rose to her feet and paced round, with hands on her hips. “I mean, I did not even ask any questions. Like, what his girlfriend would think about this.” Then it hit her.

“Oh my God! What if he has a girlfriend? What if …”

“Sydney, Sydney.” Hansen caught up with her. “You don’t have to worry about anything. Anderson doesn’t have a girlfriend.”

“Oh.” She said, while feeling a little relieved.

“And you do not have to worry about any exes either, because he has none.” She was a little surprised at that revelation, but did not see it as an issue because she did not have any exes too.

“Sydney, you must take it. You just think about it. This would be very good for your reputation. Anderson is quiet popular and when word gets out that you two are getting married the media would want to know whom this woman is. Everyone will talk about you and you’ll get the exposure you need.”

Sydney continued to pace around, rubbing her temples and groaning. “Yes, yes, I need this. I have no choice. I must do it.” She stopped and glanced at him. “Thank you.”

With those words, she grabbed her bag and bolted up the staircase.


The door closed behind her and she lurched on the bed. Pulling a pillow under her arm, she bit it with her teeth to suppress the scream that tore out of her throat.

“Oh my God, I’m getting married!” She said, unable to believe it.

Sydney could not control herself. She was nervous, worried, excited and most importantly, confused. This was all too sudden. This morning, she was going for an audition and by the end of the day, she was getting married_ to a stranger! That was the freaky part.

Anderson was a total stranger. Just because he saved her did not mean she knew all of him. What if, he was a snob? Most rich kids are like that. What if he was obnoxious or had a dirty habit she did not like? Would she be able to live with that? For a year?

“No, no, no, don’t think about such things.” She told herself and pushed her hair backwards. “He is a kind man and this marriage will just be an act.”

Sydney got into the bathroom and after her shower, changed into her nightgown and then went straight to bed. All she could think of was what tomorrow will be like for her. It was crazy. She was getting married!

That irritating sound pierced through her ears and she groaned, turning in bed. Moving her hand from beneath the sheets, she reached for her phone from under the pillow and then shut it up by swiping the screen. Finally, there was some peace. Or so she thought.

A loud knock came through the door and she bolted to a sitting position, eyes as wide as saucers. “Yes?”

“Sydney, are you up?” It was Hansen asking.

“Yes.” She replied and then yawned.

“Good, Anderson is here to see you.”

That got her out of bed and straight into the bathroom. Sydney quickly brushed her teeth, took a shower and then threw on a casual off-the-shoulder white top on a pair of denim jeans, then slipped her feet into black shoes. After haphazardly putting her hair into a ponytail and applying some eyeliner and nude lipstick, she rushed out of the room.

“Wow, you had just woken up the time I knocked on your door right?” Hansen was leaning against the wall when she walked out of her room.

“I’m sorry. I will try to…”

“No don’t apologize.” He cut in while standing up straight. “It’s fine. By the way, you look…” He tried to find the right word for it.

“I think nervous is the word you’re looking for.” Sydney said and squeezed her hands together. Was it strange that she was feeling nervous?

“No. The right word is beautiful.” He spoke while moving side by side with her towards the staircase.

When they reached it, she saw him: the black god. His look totally contrasted with the rest of the room. He was wearing a black blazer over a black shirt, black denim jeans and a pair of black sneakers. The only thing on him that was not black was his golden hair, blue eyes and gold watch.

Hansen went to hug his friend whilst Sydney sat down in a chair. The boys separated and then Hansen congratulated Anderson, who quickly told him it was all an act.

“Good morning Sydney.” Anderson spoke to her and she stood up.

“Good morning… Anderson.” Somehow saying his name felt weird now.

“Are you ready? We are going out.” He said and then she nodded.

“Where are we going?”

“We will be meeting a lawyer to make the contract.” He replied and she nodded.

Anderson led her outside and to her surprise, he was not driving a Bugatti today, but a black Ferrari. It was the same as Hansen’s but with black leather interior. She had to admit it was beautiful. Anderson, the black god, made black look cool.

After about twenty minutes on the road, he parked his car in front of a luxurious restaurant and led her inside. A waiter led them without questions to a table. There was a man already sitting there. He was dressed in a suit and held a briefcase.

This must be the lawyer. Sydney thought before Anderson introduced them.

“Attorney Daniel, meet Sydney Whyte.” He said as they exchanged greetings and then sat down. The waiter brought glasses of water for each of them.

The lawyer brought out his laptop and they got down to business. Anderson’s terms were simple: he wanted privacy, effective communication between them and most importantly, nothing must change in his house.

Sydney had no objections to that, but also spoke her terms. She wanted her freedom, privacy and most importantly, to be treated kindly without abuse. She was only trying to be cautious just in case Anderson turned out to be a bully who would hit her.

They also incorporated in the contract, how Anderson would help her in her career. Attorney Daniel asked them to put in other terms and punishment if either of them should violate the terms and conditions. After spending almost two hours with him, the document was ready.

“Thank you very much, Attorney Daniel.” Anderson shook his hand as he left.

“I will print it out and send you each a copy.” He said.

When the Attorney left, Anderson returned to his chair and then asked.

“So, future Mrs. Niles, what will you eat?”

Sydney was very happy that he mentioned food because she was starving, but then it hit her.

Niles was Hansen’s surname too!

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