Corporate Bride

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“When did Anderson get engaged again?”

“Why did he and Kathleen breakup?”

“Why didn’t we hear anything about this?”

“Why did you allow him to get another woman?”

“Kathleen Alistair is the perfect daughter-in-law one could ever get.”

“Mary, why did you let her slip away?”

She was getting frustrated at all the questions her friends were asking. Ever since she and the others run into Anderson and that girl, yesterday in this same restaurant, she had not stopped being interrogated. Damn it! Her friends gossiped more that she imagined. How the hell, did they manage to get the whole city talking about it over night? Even an article appeared in the papers this morning with a bold caption:


Taking her glass of water, Mary gulped down the cold liquid to quench the burning rage inside of her, before speaking. “Anderson is a grown man and can make his own choices.” She bit her tongue after that.

“Yes, it’s true.” Teresa, a very close friend of Mary seconded.

“Yes, indeed. So I am not going to object to his relationship.” She said with a forced smile, although knowing inside that she would anything in her power to stop that marriage.

“You won’t object to his relationship?” Natty, another friend and a member of the gossip squad asked, in shock. “If you are not objecting to this then the girl must be from an elite family.”

All heads turned in Mary’s direction after that statement. She gulped. “Is she?” Teresa asked.

Mary knew how important associating with only the elite members’ in the society meant to her and her friends. They lived for such associations and being around low class people made them sick. She had no idea, however, if Anderson’s girl was from an elite family.

Her skin began to crawl with the thought that she might not be. No, she has to be. Anderson knew very well that the family’s image must be protected. He would not dare go and bring a lowlife into the family. No, he would not. But could she trust him on that?

“Uh, yeah. She is from an elite family.” Mary replied. That brought smiles to the faces of her friends and she sighed in relief. However, her interrogations had just begun.

“So who are her parents?” Natty asked, while flipping her synthetic blonde hair to her back with her really long manicured nails.

“Uh… Um… they are really important people.” Mary said, not wanting to lie to her friends. She knew better because they would go and investigate. If it turns out that she lied, it would be a disgrace to her and her family. And she did not want to ruin the family’s image.

“Mary, you’ve got to be specific.” Teresa said. “Are they Asians? I might know them, if they are. My husband is business partners with most of them and you all know that I understand most Asian languages. If it’s Korean or Chinese…”

The women sitting around the table started to roll their eyeballs. Teresa sometimes could go on and on about things she has. It usually, was very annoying and irritating for them. “Yeah, yeah, yeah. We know.” Someone cut in and she shut up.

“Who are the girl’s parents?” They were back to that question. Mary had been grateful when Teresa started blabbering. She had hoped that, her chitchat would distract them from her. Damn it!

“Her parents are… uh… are…” Mary was struggling to get a name, when someone interrupted.

“Madam, you got a call. It’s an important meeting and we have to leave now.” It was Larry, her chauffeur.

In the many years Larry had worked for her, Mary had never been happier to hear his voice. A big smile broke on her lips as she said, teasingly. “Looks like, that’s going to wait, ladies.”

She placed her empty glass cup on the table and rose from the chair. Larry guided her out of the restaurant, while taking her coat and purse along the way. A valet came with their car and Larry helped her inside. He took the wheel, before Mary asked.

“What business meeting is it?”

“There is no business meeting.” He replied while glancing at her through the rear-view mirror. “I noticed how tensed you were and figured you needed to get out of there.”

Mary smiled, impressed with him. “Yes, I was.”

Larry started the car and drove out of the compound. They reached the highway in no time. “Where to, madam?” He asked.

“Let’s go home.” She replied while leaning against the backseat. She would have gone shopping for tonight’s party. However, she was having a headache. She would go home, sleep and prepare for the ultimate interrogation tonight at the party.

Damn you, Anderson. She thought and folded her hands into fists.

“Larry, do you know any detectives?” Mary asked.

“No, ma’am but I can find out if you want me to.” He said and she nodded.

“Yes, please do.” She said, eyebrows arching deviously.

“Who do you want investigated on?”

“Sydney Whyte.”


Sydney was going through her script one last time. She made sure that everything on the paper was well documented in her brain, because tonight, she was going to unleash them to the hungry, nosey crowd.

Anderson and she had sat down yesterday, after they returned home from the restaurant, to write the “how we met” script. They figured people would want to know how they met, so they came up with some juicy details that was sure to keep them talking all night.

There was a sudden knock on her door and she replied, “Come in,” without raising her gaze from the script in her hand. The door opened and footsteps entered.

“Wow, you look good.” Hansen said and she glanced at him.

He was in a white tailored suit, with black edges and black shiny shoes. A smile formed on her lips. “Thank you. And you do not look too bad yourself.”

Hansen smiled and she set the script aside. Getting up from the chair, she made her way towards him. “Shall we?” He asked while taking her hand.

“Yes, we shall.” She replied.

They exited her room and moved down the corridor to the staircase without speaking. Sydney felt Hansen’s gaze on her every now and then and she wondered if he had something to say to her. Before she could ask, he spoke.

“Anderson will have such a surprise when he lays eyes on you.”

Sydney glanced at him and then looked down at herself. She doubted Anderson would be surprise by her looks. After all, she was wearing a dress just as any normal woman invited to a party would. She bet he had even seen women dressed more elegantly and sophisticated than her.


Anderson was waiting outside by his car, for Sydney and Hansen. He could not wait to go to the party and show off Sydney to everyone. Firstly, because he really wanted to see his mother’s angry face and secondly because he wanted to make her so mad that she explodes in front of everyone at the party.

A smile formed on his lips as he imagined her exploding in rage. It suits her. He thought. Anderson was so caught up in his thoughts that he did not see the time Sydney and Hansen walked out. He only became aware of them when one of them cleared their throat.

Raising his gaze, he met a pair of brown orbs. For a moment, he thought he was staring into a honey field, so beautiful, yet dangerous. It took him a few seconds to realize that the honey field was actually eyes, Sydney’s eyes to be precise.

He was taken aback as he never really noticed her eye color. He found it odd that, he was only noticing them now. Moving his eyes down, he admired her cream figure hugging, strapless flow-length dress and damn, she looked good in it.

He liked that she picked a simple dress with a beautiful color. It would complement his black tailored tuxedo, very well. There was another clearing of throat and Anderson glanced at the person who did it: Hansen.

Hansen got a smirk playing at the corner of his lips and a look that clearly said, “I know you like that.” Anderson quickly tore his gaze from Hansen’s silly face and glanced down at his watch as if he had not been ogling at a beautiful woman.

“Let’s go. We are getting late.” He said and turned to open the door for Sydney.

She smiled at him before getting in. He closed the door after her and then moved to meet Hansen at the back of the car. “So, we’ll see you at the party?” He asked.

“Yes, you will. But how is Sydney looking tonight huh?” He drawled, with a smirk and a look in his eyes.

“She’s okay.” He replied while making a turn around the car and then Hansen spoke.

“I saw how you stared at her. Just fall in love and make this easy.”

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