Corporate Bride

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“No don’t leave me, I love you very much Brian.” She held on to her husband’s leg as he tried to leave their home.

“Molly, I don’t love you anymore and I’ve got to go.” Brian took his bags and she did not let go of his leg.

“What about our child?” Molly cried.

“We have no children.” He said.

“I’m pregnant.” He quickly dropped his bags and knelt down beside his wife. Their arms went around each other and they remained locked in that position.

Someone struck the clapperboard before yelling.


The actors rose to their feet and the male actor walked to his changing room while the female actor went to see the scene they just finished shooting.

“Sydney your performance today was amazing. Keep up this good work and you’ll hit the big screens real soon.” The director said.

“Thank you, I hope that’ll happen soon.” Sydney added and then continued to watch the screen.

Damn, she really did a good job acting this scene. Every emotion seemed so real and believable. She was truly a good actor. It was a shame no reputable director had taken notice of her amazing acting skills yet. However, she prayed that happens very soon.

“That’s a wrap then. See you all same time tomorrow.” The director yelled for everyone to hear and then Sidney went ahead to her changing room.

She got out of the sundress and pulled on her pants and blouse. She undid the braid the hairstylist made for the scene and then combed her lush dark hair to her back. She had just finished tying her hair into a ponytail when the door opened.


“Yes, Lance.” It was her co-actor at the door.

“See you tomorrow and take care of yourself.” He said and then walked away.

Sydney wore her shoes and then took her bag. Everyone else was getting ready to go home as she headed out. Right outside the studio, she saw Lance getting into his car.

“Want me to give you a ride?” He offered and she shook her head.

“Thank you, but I’ll take a taxi.” She replied and he nodded.

Lance drove his car away and then she stood by the roadside waiting for a taxi to pass, hopefully. Unfortunately, none came by and after fifteen minutes, she decided to walk home, bashing herself for turning down Lance’s offer. This was how pathetic her life was. It was not as if, she was even an actor. Oh well what else did she, expect as a small town actor? The pay was small and she had absolutely no recognition whatsoever.

Sydney dreams of the day, she would get a role in a big movie. She dreams of the day people will see her pictures on the front page of magazines and newspapers. Moreover, she dreams of the day when people see her, they will say “see the famous actress Sydney Whyte.” All those dreams would surly come to pass someday, because she would never stop pursuing what she wanted.

It took her an hour to walk home and it was almost two am when she arrived. The front door was wide open and she heard screams coming from the kitchen. It was her mother and older brother arguing again. Sighing, she decided not to get involved and go straight to bed since she was very tired. The shoot today had been hectic and ended at one am.

“Where do you think you‘re going, Sydney?” It was Caleb, her big, stupid and very annoying older brother.

Sydney ignored him and continued to move towards her bedroom door.

“Mum, Sydney is home.” Caleb appeared in the corridor with their mother, both holding bottles of alcohol. “See?”

“I’m tired please let me sleep.” Sydney said.

“No, no, come here.” Her mother said and she sighed, turning around.

“What is it?” Sydney asked the drunk woman and she frowned.

“Is that how to talk to your mother? You do not respect your elder’s right?” The woman moved towards her and without warning, she slapped her across the face. “How dare you?” She screamed. “I am your mother and you will listen to me.”

“NO.” Sydney yelled while tears rushed into her eyes. “I am not going to listen to a drunk and crazy woman.”

“You’re calling your mother cra…”

“My mother will never do this. That woman who taught me everything I know today will never do… this.” Sydney glared at her mother with a disgusted look and then added. “The woman who was my mother died years ago. You are just the broken fractals of that amazing woman.” With those words, she stormed into her room and locked the door behind her.

Sydney lent against it and drew deep breaths, while blinking back the tears. Her mother’s footsteps reached her door and then she banged against it.

You ungrateful child, I gave birth to you. I raised you and this is how you repay me? Your father would have been disappointed in you today if he were still alive.”

The mention of her father brought back her tears, but she did not let it fall. Sydney moved from her leaning position and entered the bathroom. She locked the door, together with the ruckus her mother was making, behind her and sat on the stool in front of the mirror.

Sydney sighed and wondered if the mother she once knew were still inside that alcoholic banding at her door right now.

No, probably not.

Her mother had not always been a drunk. She used to be a hard working nurse who loved her husband and children very much. Everything changed, when the hospital she worked with suddenly fired her and their father died because they could not afford his medication anymore. Alcohol and hard drugs became their mother’s new best friends and before they knew it, she changed completely. It was not long before Caleb joined the bus.

Sydney became the slave of her mother and brother and they had mistreated her for years. Those two got along very well because they were partners in drinking and partying. Sydney’s only wish right now was to get a breakthrough in her acting career, get enough money, and move out of this house. She knew they did not want her here and neither did she want to be around them also.

She got into the shower and took a quick bath. After changing into her pajamas, she got into bed. Her eyes were heavy with sleep but she could not sleep because her drunken mother and brother were having another argument. She pushed her head deeper into the pillow and groaned.

Sydney lay back in bed, imagining she staring in a major motion picture and then soon feel asleep.

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