Corporate Bride

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“What is going on here?” Hansen gasped when he moved downstairs the next morning and found Sydney’s suitcases standing in the living room.

He looked round the empty room and then advanced into the kitchen. There, he saw her flipping pancakes in the frying pan. He went over to her and asked. “What’s with the suitcases? Where are you going?”

Sydney took the pan off the stove and offloaded the pancakes into a plate. After putting the frying pan in the sink, she grabbed the pot of coffee off the coffee maker and went to place it on the dining table.

“I am leaving.” She replied while pulling a chair out. “Come and sit down.” She said, glancing at Hansen whose jaw was on the floor.

Firstly, he was surprised that she was being nice to him after ignoring him all week. What changed? Had his begging finally worked? Has she decided to forgive him? The thing, which surprised him more, was that she was leaving.

“What?” He asked, refusing to sit. “Sydney, I get that you are upset with me for not telling you the truth but should you just pack up and leave? What about Anderson, he needs you?” He said, searching her face.

“I know. That’s why I am moving in with him.” Her reply stunned him even more. If the chair had not been standing nearby, he was sure he would have collapsed to the floor out of joy. A big smile made its way onto his face and he asked.

“Really?” She nodded, while sitting on the chair next to his.

Last night she barely slept after the day she had. Memories of her trip to Disney studios and the guest appearance she made in the blockbuster movie did not leave her mind. She was happy, remembering how the director had been impressed with her acting skills.

Her trip, however, was not the only thing that gave her insomnia. Her mother’s condition, coupled with the pressure to take her to a rehab center, Mary’s tempting offer and Anderson’s words were additional factors. She tossed and turned in bed feeling as if she committed a huge crime. The one question that rang in her mind all night long was what was she doing for Anderson? Then she got the best idea, ever.

“So, will you take me?” She asked Hansen who asked.


“Yes.” He bolted out of the chair and rushed out of the kitchen. He ran up the stairs, taking two at a time.

Sydney smiled and folded her arms on the table. Her idea was one she spent all night scribbling on a paper. Hopefully Anderson would agree to it. She did not even want to think about the possibility that he might refuse it. If he wants his inheritance, he must agree with her plan.

She and Hansen were on the road in less than fifteen minutes. “You are really moving in with your fiancé huh?” He asked.

“We have to look like a real couple.” She replied and he nodded, keeping his eyes on the road.

“It sounds like a good idea, but my brother has never lived with a woman before. Oh well, except our mother of course. He might not agree to it.”

“Then, I will make him agree to it.” She replied confidently with a smile.

Hansen glanced at her and then returned his gaze to the road ahead. A smirk made its way onto his face as he imagined his brother’s facial expression when he sees Sydney’s things. With that thought, he stepped on the gas pedal and drove as fast as he could.

Thankfully, they did not run into the police and got to Anderson’s place within fifteen minutes. Hansen gladly helped Sydney carry her bags to the front door. He waited in anticipation while she pressed the doorbell. They listened as it resonated through the house.

“What’s taking him so long?” Hansen said while Sydney twisted her fingers. She was nervous, nervous and scared, scared that he might not like her plan. She still remembered when Hansen mentioned his brother has never been in a relationship. Her plan however, involves a lot of coupling stuff.

The door suddenly burst open and a red-eyed Anderson stood before them, in nothing but boxer shorts. Strays of golden hair fell around his eyes and the side of his face. His massive chest stared back at Sydney’s widened eyes and she could swear that they winked at her. A soft looking carpet of golden hair lay between his two breasts and went lower to his well-defined and drool-worthy abs, then disappear in the waistbands of the shorts.

The muscles on his arms flexed when he placed one hand on the door and the other against the door-frame. Sydney had never seen a man so manly. The so-called men in her town did not even work out. They loved their food more than their health. Not even the actors she worked with looked this sexy and oh-so smoking hot!

Anderson rubbed his eyes and blinked rapidly to adjust to the cruel sunlight that attacked them. When he could see better, he made out Sydney and Hansen, together with what... suitcases?

“Took you long enough.” Hansen smirked and lifted a handbag, over his shoulder... a ladies handbag to be precise.

“What are you doing so early in my house with a ladies handbag?” He asked his brother, still not wondering why the suitcases.

“Let us in and we will explain everything to you.” Hansen’s eyes glinted as he smiled brightly. Reaching for his brother’s arm, he removed it from the door-frame and left enough space for him to enter. He dragged Sydney’s bags with him, leaving her still awestruck at Anderson’s god-like features.

His eyes found hers and she quickly looked away. Sydney moved inside without a word. Anderson turned about and watched her move through the narrow corridor until she turned into the living room. He closed the front door as a puzzled expression made its way onto his sleepy face.

What is going on here? He asked and dragged himself into the living room where Sydney and Hansen already made themselves comfortable on the chairs. With his hands on his hips, he asked.

“What brings you here so early in the morning? And what is with the suitcases? Is someone moving in?”

Before Sydney could reply, Hansen beat her to it. “Your fiancée is moving in with you.”

Anderson became fully awake after that shocking news. His gaze quickly moved to Sydney and her eyes were already on him. They locked for a couple of seconds before she confirmed what his brother just said.

“Yes. I am moving in with you.”

“Why do you want to move in with me?” He asked.

“Because, she is your fiancée.” Hansen replied and Anderson frowned at him.

“I wasn’t asking you. Now please don’t interfere.”

Sydney got off the chair before answering. “I want to move in with you as part of me keeping my side of the deal. You are doing your part, so it’s time for me to do mine.”

“You are already doing your part by playing my fiancée.” He remaindered her just in case she had forgotten that.

“I know, but I am not playing that part as well as I am supposed to. Which is why, I decided that from today on wards, we are going to be a real couple.” Anderson blinked, while still holding her gaze. “I understand that you do not know the first rules in dating a woman so I wrote down a few notes which will be of help.”

Sydney tore her gaze away from his and moved to remove a paper from her bag. She advanced towards him and continued. “I hope you do not mind my rushed decision,”

“Yes, it is indeed rushed.” He cut in.

“...But I would really appreciate it if you not object to anything on the paper. Everything is important if you want the media and everyone else to believe that we indeed are a serious couple.”

“Might I add that, your inheritance is at stake here.” Hansen added, as his brother skimmed through the paper.

No. No. No. No. No! Anderson chanted at the few ‘rules’ he saw on the paper. No. No. No! She was asking too much of him. He could not possibility wear matching outfits with her, or go shopping with her, or even ... what the hell, was that... sit down and talk about themselves, no, no!

They were not a couple. She was an actress and he hired her to play his wife. She should just stick to playing that part, why does she want to get him involved in relationship garbage. He hates commitments! Why was she trying to make him commit to her!

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