Corporate Bride

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It all seemed like a dream.

Sydney did not think that she would be doing this. She did not think that one day she would be vising her mother’s tomb. She did not think she would lose her mother in the most gruesome way possible. Yes, Adeline had done some horrible things, but she did not deserve to die the way she did. That accident, which occurred, did not only rip her mother away from her, but it also made her stronger. Yes, she had to be strong, for both herself and Caleb’s sakes. She had to be strong because there was no longer someone to lean on. She had to be strong because she needed to survive.

Placing the flowers on the tomb, she touched the name carved on the cement tomb and heaved a sigh. Tears stung her eyes and she quickly blinked them back. No matter how much she wanted to cry, she was not going to do it.

A hand fell on her shoulder and she looked behind her at Caleb, who was holding an umbrella over her.

“Are you okay?” He asked and she rose to her feet.

“Yes.” She replied while putting on her shades. “Let’s go.” She told him.

Caleb took Sydney’s hand and together, they walked away from their mother’s tomb. The sun was high up in the sky now and a raging heat engulfed the cemetery. No soul was in sight as they moved out of the grounds. They reached their ride and the chauffeur opened the door of an SUV, stepping aside for them to get in. Caleb helped Sydney and then he closed the umbrella, handed it to the chauffeur and went in after her. The man closed the door after him and then he was alone with his sister.

Sydney crossed her hands on her laps and looked out the window. Her chin was held up as she sat, deep in thought. She wondered what would have happened to her if she were not in the booth of the car that night. Definitely, she would have perished with them. Police officers had informed her that a garbage truck had hit the side of their car, driving them off the road, straight into an electric pole. They added that the driver’s side of the car was damaged badly, so Mary had died on impact. Adeline, however, managed to make it to the hospital but did not last up to twenty-four hours.

Sydney still remembers the day she woke up in the hospital. A police office had been by her bed when she called for her mother. He had informed her of the unfortunate news and she had cried until she passed out. Even after three years, tears still came to her eyes when she remembers that day. It was the worse day of her life.

She felt a hand squeeze hers and she snapped out of her reverie, blinking back her tears. “Are you okay?” He asked and she nodded. Her brother gave her a sad smile and she held onto his hand.

Caleb was all she had now. After they lost their mother three years ago, her brother was her only family left. She still remembers everything she did to get him out of prison and she was glad that he stuck to the words he promised when he got out. Truly, Caleb stopped drinking and checked into a rehabilitation center, immediately after their mother’s burial. He had endured all the hardships and after two long years of healing, he was discharged. He had been nothing more than supportive of her and stuck by her side through the years. He had been her rock and he was there when she needed him. He was now the responsible older brother she had always wanted him to be. Now, upon Sydney’s insistence, he has agreed to go back to college and get the business degree he had always wanted.

The car finally pulled to a stop after them being on the road for what seemed like an eternity. The chauffeur opened the door and Caleb walked out. He helped Sydney get off and then they headed for the front door. Their house was a two story, modern architectural mansion, equipped with the best world-class security and decorated with the latest home designs. It was a house fit for a royal family, but she owned it and many other properties like it.

Yes, Sydney’s acting was on full bloom now. Her career had picked up a few months after her mother’s demise. It all was possible because of the cameo she made in that Disney movie, a few years back. The world had loved her acting and a few critics gave her thumbs up. That little act, paved a way for her. She made a few interviews and in less than a month, world famous directors were contacting her for movie roles. In a few months, she starred in her first big movie, which was very successful all around the world. Since then, she became recognized as one of the rising movie stars and has won many awards. Although, he career was just beginning, she had already dominated the big screens.

“Welcome home.” The house help greeted when they stepped into the house.

“Thank you.” Caleb responded.

“Miss, you have visitor. She is waiting in the living room.”

Sydney nodded to the house help and headed there. She was not too surprised when she found, Kari, her personal assistant, waiting for her. Kari rose to her feet and went to throw her arms around Sydney, engulfing her in a hug. It was true that Kari was her PA, but over the years, she became more of a best friend than an employee. “How was your trip?” She asked to which Sydney replied in a sigh.

“It was tiring.”

Kari pulled back and smiled weakly at Sydney, who went to sit down. Crossing her legs, she asked. “What do you have for me today?”

“I only came to remind you about the movie premiere.”

“It’s tonight!” Sydney gasped.

“Yes,” replied Kari. “I knew you would forget about it, that’s why I came personally to remind you.”

“Okay, thank you Kari.” Sydney rose to her feet and started her way out of the living room. She could not believe that the movie premiere was tonight. She had thought it was not until tomorrow. Oh crap, she was so looking forward to locking herself up in her room and staying there until tomorrow. Now her plans were ruined.

“I called the team to come and get you ready. So they will be here in a couple of hours.” Kari said to her before she started climbing the staircase. Without looking back, Sydney nodded and continued to ascend the stairs. Great, she only had a few hours to herself before the team arrives.

A few hours later, Sydney was in the limousine, heading to the Monument Hotel, where the premiere was going to take place. She closed her eyes and took in deep breaths. She had to compose herself and subdue her feelings. However, it was difficult since it was Adeline’s death anniversary. Usually on this day, she cleared her schedule, so she had the day to herself. If it were up to her, she would have postponed the premiere, but well, it was not up to her. Therefore, she had to attend and look cheerful for the cameras.

“We have the red carpet event, lasting for thirty minutes, were you will take interviews with a few selected stations.” Kari said beside her. “Don’t worry. You do not have to talk much. Then we head in for the movie and the after party comes off after that.”

“How long do I have to stay there?” Sydney asked, to which Kari replied.

“Long enough to interact with most of the invited guests.”

Sydney heaved a sigh. Reaching for the bottle of water and a painkiller, she swallowed, while hoping it will do the trick and take the excruciating headache, which has bothered her all day, away.

“I am sorry love, but that’s the schedule.” Kari sent her a sad smile.

The car turned into the road leading to the hotel, and sounds of excited fans reached their ears. Sydney tensed as the car went closer. She was usually super excited to meet her fans and sign a few autographs during movie premieres, but today was not her day. Her emotions were unstable and she prayed nothing pushes her to the edge.

The vehicle finally came to a stop and Sydney looked out the window at the many screaming fans and flashing lights of the cameras. Kari helped her shimmy out of her coat and the chauffeur opened the door for her. Before she stepped out, Kari added. “I will see you at the after party.”

Sydney forced a radiant smile on her face and waved as she moved up the red carpet. She stopped a few times to take selfies with the fans and sign a few autographs. She also stopped to be interviewed by the few selected media houses Kari had mentioned to her, before stepping up to the huge movie poster. Her co-actor, Gary Finn, was already there. He took her hand and after they exchanged pleasantries, posed for the cameras. All this while Sydney was smiling for everybody, she wished deep down that, it should stop.

After close to an hour on the red carpet, they finally went into the theater. As the leading actor of the film, she got the best seat in the house, with her leading co-actor Gary. The film started on time and Sydney could not have been happier.

This movie was personal to her. She loved the story-line because it related well with her. THE RUNAWAY FIANCEE was a story that followed the life of an aspiring dancer who wanted to be famous. Along her road to stardom, she met a man and they fell in love. On the day of their wedding, she left him and run to Paris to realize her dream, as she was not ready for a commitment yet. However, somehow, in the end, they got back together. The dancer got both her man and her career. THE RUNAWAY FIANCEE was not only a romantic movie that showed the power of love, it also teaches, forgiveness and trust. THE RUNAWAY FIANCEE was what she wanted. She wanted for herself the sweet ending of the movie. It was that forgiveness and trust the man showed his partner that she wants Anderson to show to her. However, she knew she would never get it. Although, she would not get the happy ending she wanted in real life, she got it in reel life and that was enough for her.

“Are you okay?” Gary whispered to her.

“Yes.” Sydney replied, while blinking back the tears, which has formed in her eyes when the screen displayed the scene where the dancer got back together with her love.

“I am not convinced.” He said.

“I am fine.” Sydney insisted.

“Then why are you crying?” Gary touched her tear-stained cheek.

“How, silly of me.” Sydney lowered her head and wiped her cheeks with her palms.

“Let me.” Gary said while removing a handkerchief from his pocket and dabbed at her cheeks.

“Thank you.” She said and he nodded.

“You are welcome.”

The movie soon ended and then they went for the party. The party was just like every other after party. There was a ton of celebrities, lots of wine, many fans and ultimately many people. The place was so crowded that Sydney started to feel sick. Her head ached badly and the stuffy room made her want to throw up. Turning to Gary, who was at her side, she spoke to him.

“Excuse me, I will be right back.” He nodded to her as she left his arm.

As Sydney moved through the crowd, trying to get to the restroom, fans who wanted to talk, or take pictures kept stopping her. She had no choice than to stay. After her last picture with a group of girls, she made a silent prayer for Kari to come to her rescue. As if God heard her, Kari came striding to her. “Excuse us ladies. Miss Whyte has somewhere else to be right now.” Kari took her hand. “Please enjoy your party.”

While they walked away, Sydney said to her. “Thank you.”

“You are welcome. Now where is it were you going?”

“Restroom.” Sydney replied and her PA nodded.

“This way.”

They were about to make a turn when someone caught Sydney’s eye. She suddenly froze in her steps, unable to move. Her eyes flared as she stared. For three years, she did not think she would get the chance to see him for real. However, there he was, in the crowd, talking to a group of men. He looked great. No, he looked wonderful. No, he looked exquisite. From the last time she saw him, he looked very different. His golden brown hair was nicely cut to fit the fine stubble that lined his chiseled face. He has become more masculine, manlier and more handsome of that were even possible. His black suit fitted his features and outlined his muscles. Sydney sighed. She had forgotten how beautiful he was and seeing him just reminded her of it. She watched him say something to the men standing around him and then threw his head back and laughed. She missed the sound of his heavenly laugh. Tears formed in her eyes as she saw how happy he was.

“Sydney, let’s go.” Kari pulled on her hand, but she did not budge.

Memories of them suddenly flooded her mind. Memories, which she thought she had safely locked away, filled her mind, causing her brains to heat up. She wanted to stop them, but they reminded her of the love she lost. As she watched him, a woman walked to him and entwined her fingers with his. He turned, bent lower and gave her a kiss on the lips. That sight was enough to make Sydney’s tears spill on her cheeks.

Just like that, all the news she heard and the papers she read about Anderson Niles, the business tycoon’s flings, flashed through her mind.






The headlines go on and on. At some point in time, she even heard he was engaged to some model.

“Sydney,” Kari cupped her face. “Sydney, look at me.” She said, but her eyes were glued to the heated kiss Anderson was sharing with his latest girlfriend. “Sydney, look at me.”

At that moment, the couple stopped their kissing session. Anderson raised his head to return to his conversation, when his eyes looked into the crowd and then he saw her. Sydney’s body started to tremble when his eyes locked with his. The smirk that was at the corner of his lips, vanished and he stared. Many emotions, anger, rage, betrayal, among others flashed through his eyes and she flinched.

After three whole years, he still hated her.

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