Corporate Bride

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Anderson stormed into his hotel room in a fit of rage. He removed his jacket and flung it to the floor, then reached into his hair and tugged. Gosh, he wished he could rip his head off, so the images of Sydney’s tear stained face would leave him in peace. He wished he had not seen her tears or she had not admitted to be hurting. He wished he had not been such a jerk to her. But what could he do, he loathed her as much as he loved her. His bad side wanted her to experience the same pain he had felt when she left him at the altar, but his good side hated him for what he did. He hurt the woman he loved all because he wanted to soothe his wounded ego.

“Baby,” the voice, which spoke made him aware that he was not alone. Soft hands touched his shoulder as she asked. “What is wrong? You are on edge.” She moved her hands up and down his back to soothe his tightened muscles, but it only made him even angrier. Moving away from her, he spoke harshly.

“I am not in the mood to talk to you right now.”

A small smile made its way onto her thin lips. “Are you stressed out because of your brother?”

She had just reminded him of another problem that has been disturbing him, Hansen. His brother has not been himself since that incident three years ago. After losing both parents in one day, he had gone into a state of shock and then fell into a coma. Anderson had thought he would lose his brother too, because he had been in that condition for months. Thankfully, he had woken up, but, unfortunately, he lost his memory. He did not remember the events of the last five months, which led to the deaths of the parents. Anderson was a little relieved because that saved him from the pain of learning the truth about his mother. Now, Hansen was half way cross the world following his childhood dream of being a pianist. Come to think of it, Hansen was not the problem. Although, he was afraid that he might be regaining his memories because lately, he said he had been having some weird dreams.

“No it’s not him.” Anderson replied while pulling at his necktie.

“Then what is it my love?” She moved to him, patting his back. “Is there anything I can do to help take this stress away?” She kissed his neck, trying to get him to react to her but he stepped away, raising his voice at her.

“I said I am not in the mood to talk!”

“Who said anything about talking, baby?” She pulled at her zipper and allowed her dress to hit the floor. Now standing in her white lace bra and matching panties, she said. “I want you.” She swayed seductively towards him, only the way she knew how to and claimed his lips. When he was not responding to the kiss, she threw her arm around his neck and brought him closer to her. Usually, when he was playing hard to get, she would brush her tongue on his lower lip, which was his weakness and get him to respond to her. When she did that, instead of the expected response of him kissing her back, throwing her on the bed and ravishing her, he uncoiled her hands and stepped back from her. “Anderson,” A frown creased her forehead.

“I am not in the mood.” He snapped, going to pick her dress off the floor and throwing it at her. “Get out of my room.” He pointed to the door.

“What?” She gasped. “I am your girlfriend and this is our room.”

“Not anymore.” He replied.

“You, bastard!” She stomped her feet. “Now I see why your fiancée left you.”

Anderson came rushing towards her so fast that, she did not see him coming until he was right in front of her. “Get out.” He breathed, nostrils flaring and eyes staring daggers. She flinched, as she had never seen this side of him before.

“I… I don’t have a place to stay.” She whispered.

Anderson removed a credit card from his pocket and handed it to her. “Now, get out.” She rushed out of the room without another word.

Once the door was closed, Anderson cursed and stormed towards the bed. He flung himself on it and cursed himself for getting involved with her. She, just like every other girl he had dated over the last three years, was nothing but a gold-digger. All they ever wanted was shopping for clothes, cars, going on trips and rolling around in his bed. None of them was like Sydney. Oh crap, he was thinking about her again. Gosh, he wanted to forget about her. He wanted to erase her from his memories. That was why he got involved with other women. He thought they could fill the void in his chest Sydney left, but they were only for physical pleasure. He tried, he really did, but she was stuck in his mind like that Justin Bieber song, going like baby, baby, baby ooh.

Oh Sydney, he breathed, recalling how she looked tonight at the theater. That figure hugging golden dress, ooh the way it accentuated her curves in the right place had been nothing but complete torture for him. He had wanted to kiss her lips, place his hands around her waist and just burry himself in her arms. He had been close to telling her how much he missed her and asking her to come back to him but his damn ego did not let him. No, she has not suffered enough. He reminded himself. Once again, her tear-stained face flashed through his mind and his heart tugged painfully. Oh crap, what was he thinking? How could he hurt her like this? This had to stop, he told himself. It has to stop. The next time he sees her, he would apologize for his behavior, and that was a promise.

The next time he saw her, was the next morning, at the Paris premiere of her new movie, THE RUNAWAY BRIDE. After watching the movie again, he was beginning to understand why she acted it. The thought of it alone was leaving in misery. Oh what a jerk he had been. Trying to convince, himself that she did not exist and staying away from her for three years, had done nothing but left both of them in pain. It was his entire fault that they were miserable. If only he had listened to her apology three years ago, if only he had forgiven her mistake, if only he had not let his ego get in the way of his feelings, they would have been together. Who knows, they probably would have had children already. A smile formed on his lips at the thought and he imagined himself playing with a mini Sydney.

“Dude,” a hand tapped his shoulder and he snapped out of his reverie. “Where is your mind?” The man asked and he shook his head.

“I was thinking about something.” He forced a smiled and then looked into the crowded room. He scanned the people present, searching for Sydney. They were at the after party now, mingling with the stars and making new friends. Anderson, however, was not interested in the latter. He was looking out for the only star of the movie, Sydney Whyte.

“Who are you looking for, man?” Another friend of his asked.

Anderson chuckled and sip on the glass of wine he was holding. Before he could answer, he saw her. She was leaving the room. He handed his glass to one of his friends and went after her. He saw her turn into a corridor and followed suit. She reached the door to the restroom and pushed it open. A few girls walked out and she entered, closing the door behind her. He got to the door, and after knocking, entered without a second thought. It was no surprise to see the shocked expression on her face when he closed the door behind him.

Damn, she was looking gorgeous again tonight in a blue knee-length dress. She blinked, with lips parted. “What are you…?”

“I came to talk.” He cut her off.

Her shocked expression morphed into a frown. “No, I don’t want to talk to you.” She said, turning around to the sink. “You have already said all you wanted to say, so leave me the heck alone!” He did not blame her for not wanting to talk to him. He had been a real jerk the last time they met.

“No, I have not said what I came here to say.”

“But, I have heard enough of what you want to say.” She snapped, glaring at him.

“Sydney please,”

“Anderson, please leave me alone!” She fumed.

“No, I won’t.” He stepped towards her.

Sydney huffed, clearing irritated by his insistence. “Why? Huh? Why won’t you let me be?” Her eyes turned glassy. “Why do you insist on making me suffer?”

“I am sorry about that.” He apologized.

“No, you are not.” She snapped. “You still resent me even after I apologized and begged you to forgive me!”

“I was a blinded by my pain, Sydney. I should have been open and listened to you.” He was now in front of her.

“So now what? You have miraculously regained your sight back and are now ready to listen to me?”


“Well no. I am sick and tired of asking you to forgive me, of begging you to take me back. Because it is clear that, you have moved on, with all the girls you have flaunted around town.”

“Sydney, please hear me out.”

“I said no!” She yelled into his face.

“I am sorry. Please I admit that I did everything because I wanted you to feel the same pain I felt when you left me, but now I knew it was foolish of me. I should not have left you when you needed me the most. I should not have kicked you out of my life, because I needed you too. I should not have gotten involved with all those woman. Most importantly, I should not have hurt the woman I love.”

Sydney’s tears rolled down her face. “Please stop.” She sobbed, turning her back to him. “Stop telling all those lies.”

“They are not lies,” he begun but she threw her hands on her ears. “Hear me out.” He reached for her hands and brought them to her sides. Sydney jerked away from his hold and turned around. Without a word, she walked past him, going to the door. “Sydney,” he took her elbow and faced her. “Listen to me please. I love you. Let’s get back together.”

She met his gaze. “No. We can’t get back together.”

Anderson’s chest tightened and he felt the oxygen knocked out of his chest, because he did not think she would reject him. “Why?” He croaked.

“Gary and I are together.”

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