Corporate Bride

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Sunlight attacked her delicate eyes the moment she opened them. Groaning she turned away from it and then waited until, her eyes adjusted to the light in the room. She took in her surroundings and then shot up in bed when she did not recognize where she was.

Sydney glanced round the odd room and made a face at its unusual color. It was black. Everything inside the room was black. The bed, the sheets, the blanket, the walls, the carpet and the chairs, even the curtains too. It looked like what the inside of the house of the devil would look, if he ever decided to build one.

“Where am I?” She questioned herself and scrambled out of bed, falling to the floor.

Ouch! She exclaimed, rubbing her ankle, which was throbbing in pain.

All of a sudden, everything came back to her slowly. She remembered how she hurt her ankle. It was her mother’s doing. She came to the party at NBC last night and beat the crap out of her.

Sydney did not know how her mother knew where to find her, but she knew Hansen was to blame for all this. If he had not come looking for her that day, she would not have ended up in the city. Her mother also would not have kicked her out and hence beat her up afterwards.

Hansen was at fault, but she was more upset with his brother, whoever he was.

“Sydney, my brother doesn’t want you to play his fiancé anymore?”

She thought her world had crumbled down on her. “What? Why?” She asked.

“I don’t know he just decided not to.”

That was when she realized what a fool she had been. She had no knowledge who this brother of his was, or if he even really existed. She only realized her foolishness after Hansen told her. She had risked her life, her family and even her job, by coming to the city, only to get rejected by a man she did not even know.

That rejection hurt as much as it did whenever the producers of a movie did not pick her.

“Sydney please come to the party and meet him.” Hansen urged.

She did not want to meet him at first, but then she thought.

What the heck, this is my chance to meet him and give him a piece of my mind.

Now come to think of it, she regretted her decision. That anger which led her into attending that party was gone, leaving pain. Her mother almost beat her to death. If it were not for that kind stranger who came to her rescue, she probably would not have been alive today.

Picking herself up, Sydney found herself staring at her reflection in the mirror. She gasped in horror when she saw the creepy girl staring back at her. The way her dark hair fell over one part of her face, made her look like a character out of a horror movie. The black sweater she had on was not helping either. It only enhanced the creepy reflection, which was she.

Wait, a minute. That was when it hit her. This was not the clothes she wore yesterday. Her mind raced with so many questions:

Where was the shiny brown dress she wore to the party last night?

Why was she in a sweater?

Who changed her?

Where was she?

Sydney rushed to the door with her injured ankle and pulled. It swung open and she stepped into a black hallway. The walls, the ceiling, and the floor were all black. Looking behind her, the dark hallway continued. As she moved, she thought about where she was. Whose dark lair was this?

She found the staircase leading downstairs. As she descended from it, she hoped this was not the devil’s house. The living room, kitchen and everywhere she looked was black. As she headed back into the living room from the kitchen, she finally noticed it.

Although everything was black, it all looked expensive and screamed money.

“Where am I?” She asked herself and then slammed into a very soft and fluffy chair. Her ankle throbbed painfully and she massaged it.

As of yesterday, she learnt a bitter lesson. Her mother does not want her anymore. No matter how hard she tried to convince herself otherwise, it seemed like the truth. How could a mother beat their child without showing mercy when she begged for it?

Tears formed at the corners of her eyes as she recalled that horrible moment.

“I will make you pay for your crimes. You will never come back home. I don’t want a slut as my daughter.”

Sydney did not know what crime her mother was accusing her off. But the only crime she ever committed was enduring the abuse when she should have left. Now she was never going back. No, never. She has made up her mind and there was not going to be anything that would change it.

She would move to the city, get a job and find a place. She would live all alone and attend movie auditions, probably get a major movie role and live her dream.

Just me, myself and I. She thought with a smile.

Just as Sydney rose from the chair, footsteps entered. She froze as a woman appeared from the corner. Almost instantly, the woman also froze in her steps and stared. This woman was in a bright yellow dress that fell to her knees. Her curly brown hair was held backwards in a ponytail. Her make-up was natural and made her grey eyes pop. She was very pretty and curvaceous too.

Both women were still and silent, until the beautiful woman spoke. “Hi, I’m Kathleen.” She smiled, revealing white teeth. “And you are?” She asked.

Sydney gulped, suddenly feeling nervous. “Um… hi, I’m Sydney.” She said while pulling the sweater down her knees.

Why did she suddenly become aware of the fact that she was wearing a man’s sweater? This made her feel very uncomfortable, as she did not know who this woman was to her savior. What if she was his sister or girl friend? Maybe she was his fiancé, or even worse, his wife!

Kathleen moved from her spot and entered the living room. She sat down in a sofa and her yellow dress brightened up the dull color. “I don’t know you.” She said while crossing her legs and placing her handbag on the glass table. Her eyes trailed over Sydney and she wondered why she was wearing Anderson’s sweater.

“Are you friends with Anderson?” She asked, pursing her lips.

“Uh…” She mumbled. Who is Anderson? She wanted to ask, but did not. If the name of her savior were Anderson, then it would be right for her to say she knew him. Because he did save her life. Although, she does not know what he looks like since she did not get to see his face before she passed out.

“Yes?” She replied in question form and Kathleen raised a brow at her. Feeling intimidated by Kathleen’s looks and posture Sydney stepped backwards. It was uncomfortable for her and she wished for her savior to come to her rescue once again.

Sydney stopped when the back of her leg, touched the foot of a chair and then she sat down. She entwined her fingers and looked anywhere but at Kathleen.

“How long have you been friends with Anderson?” Kathleen asked and then Sydney’s head came up.

“Uh… Um…” She fidgeted with her words, not knowing exactly what to say. “We have been friends…”

The sound of the door opening and closing caught their attention and they looked to see who was walking in. Sydney clasped her hands together and prayed it was her savior, although she would not even recognize him if he entered.

The sound of heels knocking the floor told then it was a woman coming. “I wonder who it is.” Kathleen said and glanced at Sydney who was beginning to sweat.

A woman suddenly appeared. She looked like she was in her late forties, probably turning fifty soon. Her hair was red and cut in a bob. She was in a blue skirt, a white silk blouse, with a brooch pinned to the side and black heels. Her make-up was too much for a woman her age and her lips were glowing red, giving Sydney a vibe that was as scary as the look in her eyes when she saw her.

Kathleen quickly rose to her feet with a smile. Sydney quickly did the same, while looking down at her feet and gulping hard.

“Mary, it’s good to see you.”

There were footsteps as the two women exchanged kisses. Sydney slowly raised her head and found the woman glaring at her. She could tell from the look in her eyes that she did not like seeing her in her son’s sweater.

“Sydney, say hello to Anderson’s…”

Mary cut off Kathleen by asking. “Who are you and what are you doing in my son’s clothes?” Her voice echoed through the house and vibrated into Sydney’s ears, making her heart skip a beat.


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