Corporate Bride

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It was the biggest argument he and his mother have ever had. They argued about many things but the thing that popped up the most was Kathleen and the engagement. She went on about how it would be for his own good and the family’s, if he married someone from a respectable family.

Anderson was pissed off by it and tried to make his mother understand that they had no right in fixing his engagement without his consent, but she refused to listen and said he would marry her whether he liked it or not. He became even more upset and then declared that he was not marrying anyone.

“WHAT!” Mary gasped, chest rising and falling rapidly. The shock of hearing her son’s decision was evident in her green eyes.

“I am not marrying anyone.” He repeated himself.

Mary laughed and then narrowed her eyes at him. “Then you will forget about your part of the inheritance.” She reminded him of the will.

“I know exactly what the will says mother.” He stressed and then relaxed in his swivel chair. “I have my copy you know? And I clearly know what is written inside it. If you have forgotten, then let me remind you. I was given one month to get married to any woman of my choice. It is after one month that my parents can choose a bride for me. I hate to break it to you, but I still have a few days left. So until then you guys have no right to choose for me. And I have every right to refuse.”

Mary’s lips pressed into a straight line and she fisted her hands. Anderson was pleased that he was able to shut her up. Now that he knew that his mother desperately wanted him to marry Kathleen, he would not do it. No. He will not give her that satisfaction.

“Anderson, you bastard!” Mary yelled, instantly shattering his confidence. “You are the biggest mistake of my life! And I regret having you as my son. I should have gotten rid of you when I had the chance!” She added and then stormed out, banging the door behind her.

His heart arched as his chest contracted painfully. Tears burned his eyes but he refused to let it fall. Mary was the worst mother a child could ever have. She was cold, mean and downright heartless. She never cared about him and only focused on being the wife of a rich man. She went shopping, travelled the world, and attended parties, while her child was at home with the nanny. Even when she was home, all she did was beat him for the slightly mistake and treat him like an animal.

This anger and resentment he felt towards Mary was in him since childhood. He did not think he would ever be able to forgive her for everything she had done to him. She might have been the one who gave birth to him, but she did not deserve to be called his mother.


Hansen entered as soon as he asked him too. “Thanks for having me. I came to see Sydney but I was told she didn’t come in to work today?”

Lance, Sydney’s co-actor was sitting in a chair in front of a dressing mirror when he entered. He stood up and asked him to sit. He did.

“Am sorry, but what you heard is right.” He told him. “Sydney didn’t show up and her phone isn’t reachable.”

“Yes I know. I called her countless times already.” Hansen said and sighed. “Do you know anywhere else I can find her?” He asked Lance and he shrugged.

“I don’t know. If she is not at home, she usually is here. But since she isn’t at both places, I don’t know.”

“What about friends?”

“I don’t think she has any friends in this town.”

Hansen thanked the kind man and then left the studio. Taking out his phone from his pocket, he dialed her number again. Still it was not reachable.

“Dammit!” He cursed and almost threw his phone at his Ferrari. He was angry, frustrated and worried at the same time. Why did all this happen? He asked miserably while getting into the car. All this started because their father wrote that in his damn will.

However, it would not have been a problem if Anderson had just gone with the woman he picked for him. “Aah, Sydney, where are you?”

She was not at home last night when he went to see her after the party. At first he thought, she already left, but then he found her belongings in the closet. Everything of hers was still at his place, except her.

Where was she? Where did she go? For one thing, he was positive that she attended the party last night because the invitation was gone. But then, why didn’t she return from the party. What happened to her? He was so worried sick about her that, he was starting to get a headache.

Hansen’s phone suddenly vibrated inside his pockets and he took it out. Anger burned in his eyes as he saw the caller’s name on the screen: ANDERSON. Hansen was about to end the call because he wasn’t in the mood to listen to his brother’s crap, but then he remembered that he had some crap of his own he wanted to rain on him. So he went ahead to answer it.

“This is your entire fault. I am never doing anything for you again.” Hansen blasted as soon as his brother said hello.

“Do you know what persuasion it took Attorney Greg and me to get her to agree it do this? She left her family for you! Her job and her life to live with a total stranger. She did all this because she wants a better life for her mother and big brother. She never even asked you for anything impossible. All she wanted was for you to take her struggling family to the rehab center! You are very unbelievable!” Hansen paused to take in a deep breath after his outburst.

“Hansen,” Anderson sighed.

“I don’t want to hear it! Go and marry whomever your parents want you to. I wish you a happy marriage life!” With those words, he hung up.

Hansen put on his glasses and then started the car. He drove out of the compound of the studio, in full speed. His phone continued to vibrate on the other seat, but he refused to look at it, as he knew it was his brother.

The phone soon stopped vibrating and then it buzzed, meaning a text message just arrived. Hansen had a hunch that it was still Anderson, so he ignored it. Not too long after that, another message came. He slowed down and then picked up the phone.

As soon as he unlocked it and saw the messages from Anderson, he stepped down on the breaks and immediately stopped the car.

Hansen I am sorry about everything I said. I am ready to reconsider it.

Yes, I want that girl you found.

She will be my bride.

Hansen blinked a couple of times after seeing the messages and quickly phoned his brother. As soon as Anderson answered he, rained questions on him.

“Anderson what did you say? Are you serious about what you said? Will you really marry her?”


“But what made you change your mind?” Hansen asked, but then quickly added. “Oh, don’t answer that. You will marry her! You’ve already given me your word, so you can’t go back on them.”

“I won’t.” Anderson said. “Now bring her to my place. I want to meet my future wife.”

“About that,” Hansen sighed as he remembered. “She is missing. She ran away after you rejected her.”


“But I’m searching for her. I am doing all I can to find her.” His brother sighed and then added.

“You better find her. She is my future wife!”

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