Living in the World of the Dead

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Chapter 2: Katana

Chapter 2: Katana

Two months ago, Claude and Harmony died and just last week I moved into the master bedroom. Cannon didn’t like seeing it empty but couldn’t bring himself to be the one to move in, so I moved in since Roarke is old enough to have his own room. When you reach the landing on the second floor there is two empty rooms on the left then mine and then another empty room. On the right there is an empty room, then there is Cannon’s, then Kristella’s, then Roarke’s, then Carmina’s, and then another empty room. The master bedroom has two panic rooms hidden inside it just in case someone manages to get in the house.

Over the last two months Cannon has been annoyingly overprotective of all of us and has been trying to keep us from going hunting or doing anything that requires leaving our compound. Three weeks ago, a heifer at the Barnard compound was having trouble calving and they radioed me to come help and he attempted to forebay me from going. The girls and I needed a break from him so the three of us and the pack were going hunting on the Northeast side of the compound while Cannon stayed home with Roarke and the Posse as we call the kid’s dogs. We were about 2 miles away when I heard a blood curdling scream. I motion to the girls to go to the small clearing by the river so they can have their backs to the water in a semi defensible position. I tell the pack to guard them before I take off in the direction of the scream.

I see movement ahead so I slow down and get as close as I can without being noticed. There are almost a dozen Zombie bodies on the ground and three men surrounding another man that is unconscious at their feet. They are staring at a fifth man that has an axe in his hand and a severed hand at his feet. It looks like the four men standing are two sets of twins, but all five men could pass for brothers.

“I can’t believe you just did that.” Says the one with a crossbow.

“I can. I’m just surprised that he didn’t even hesitate before cutting off his baby brother’s arm.” The one with the javelin responds.

The man with the axe glares at them. “Shut the fuck up it was only his hand not his arm. The damn Zs bit off some of his fingers if I hadn’t of taken his hand he would have turned. What would you have done?”

“Leave Axel alone before he decides to beat the shit out of you two and put pressure on Mason’s wound. We need to move. We made too much noise it’ll attract more.” The last man whisper yells at the others while scanning the trees behind Axel and completely missing me.

Just as he finishes the Axe in his twin’s hand flies past his head and imbeds itself in the head of a zombie coming out of the tree line behind him. He glances behind him and mutters “too late” just before two more stumble through the trees. He turns to start packing up their camp while Axel retrieves both his axes from fallen zombies, incapacitates the two still coming towards them, and then wipes off the axes and places them in holsters on his belt. The twins finish doing a shit job at bandaging their brother’s amputated wrist and lift him up with an arm over each of their shoulders.

I’m about to make myself known when I hear a howl followed by growling and the girls yelling “Kat!”. I dart out of my hiding spot pulling an arrow out of my quiver and take off towards the clearing I left them in. I glance back just long enough to see the twins that are carrying their brother are standing there looking shocked while the other set of twins’ chases after me. When I reach the girls with Axel and his twin behind me they are standing back to back using their bows to take out the zombies that are along the riverbank after the dogs have tackled them to the ground to give the girls an immobile target. There are two zombies coming at Carmina while all the of the pack is occupied and the zombies are moving too fast for her to hit. I release my arrow at the closest one and without stopping to see where it hit, I pull another one but before I can shoot it there is a small popping sound. I had taken down the first zombie and the twin whose name I don’t know had shot the other with a gun and a silencer. The girls stare at me while the pack runs to check on them and Reaper comes to place himself between me and the men as the other three crash through the trees behind their brothers. I glance at the injured one and sigh if I don’t fix that amputation and bandage job he will die.

“If you want that one to live” I say while pointing at him “follow us and I’ll fix your shitshow of an amputation and attempt at bandaging the wound.”

I give a small whistle and Kronus, Spirit, Satan, and Scythe form a half circle between the girls and the men. Demon and Death flank the girls and Reaper leads the way home while I follow behind the men. The twin with the pistol in his hand and shotgun strapped to his back looks at me for a moment before nodding to his brothers to follow the dogs while he falls back beside me. I role my eyes and stay quiet. He isn’t going to intimidate me into explaining myself. If he wants answers from me, he’ll have to speak first.

We make it all the way to the compound without a single word spoken from any of the adults. Halfway home Kristella called out to me to tell me that her and Carmina were going to split off and check the traps. The girls wondered off with all the dogs except for Reaper who fell into step with me. The man I believe to be their leader scoffed at my being called Auntie Kat but didn’t say a word. The twins carrying the injured man looked at me to see if I was going to stop them and when I didn’t, they started to follow the girls. Reaper let out a horrific growl the made them freeze and look to the other men. They both shook their heads and kept following me, so the others also followed. We are met at the front gate by a red-faced Cannon with Kristella and Carmina’s dogs at his feet. He has his favorite weapon in one hand while the other rests on the control panel. Ironically, Cannon’s preferred weapon is a Katana. I find it hilarious since I can beat him at just about every form of combat now.

“Where are the girls? Who the hell did you bring back with you? What the hell are you thinking bring strange men home? Wh-” Cannon starts to yell at me, but I cut him off.

“Shut up Cannon and keep an eye out for the girls and the pack they went to check the traps they should be here in 10 minutes. I’ll be in the clinic with this shit job of an amputation.” I say motioning to the unconscious man before leading the men into the house, down into the bunker, and down the long hallway to the mini hospital.

“Put him on the bed by the counter.” I tell them while I go gather supplies and wash my hands.

“What the hell is this place?” Asks the twin with the crossbow.

“A survivalist group, there are 13 compounds so no funny business we have plenty of backup. This is the central compound. Cannon and I run this one. We are sort of the leaders of the whole group. His parents took me and my kids in when we stumbled on this place two weeks after the first bite. They taught me everything they knew including how to properly amputate limbs.” I say before I start to fix the hack job they did on their brother’s hand.

They all watch quietly while I work on their brother. When I finish working and cleaning up I turn to them and say “Now is the part where you tell me all about yourselves and ask either how long you can stay or how soon your brother will be well enough to travel.”

“What if we wanted to take this place from you?” Axel smirks while palming one of his axes.

I cock my hip and raise an eyebrow. “You saw my eight and five-year olds take down almost a dozen zombies and you think you can take this place? Who do you think taught them what they know? Besides all it takes is one panic button on the radio or one of us slipping out of the compound to get word to the other compounds for this place to be overrun by our friends. Now what’s your story?”

The leader steps forward “Axel behave. I’m that asshole’s twin, my name is Gunnar. The twins are our half twins Spyridon and Beaumont. We have different mothers, but we were conceived and born on the same days. Sleeping beauty over there is our younger half-brother Mason; our dad was a pimp and our moms all worked for him.”

“So, Gunnar carries guns, Axel carries axes, Spyridon carries a spear, and Beau carries a bow?” I ask with a slight mocking tone.

Axel tenses, growls, and then nods before relaxing and looking at his unconscious brother. “Shouldn’t he be awake by now?”

I glance behind me and shake my head. “No, he should sleep for a few hours I gave him a sedative when I administered the IV bag. Come up stairs and grab something to eat. I’m starved so I’m sure you all are too.”

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