Living in the World of the Dead

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Chapter 3: Cannon

Chapter 3: Cannon

After everyone ate Katana, took all three kids out to the barn for evening chores, Axel and Gunnar went with her. The other two went down to the clinic to sit with their brother and I chose to do some spying. Kat is the little sister I always wanted, and I trust her with my life, but these guys just bug me. Besides, we have a nice set up here that’s worth going to war over. All five of these guys are hot and the way the four conscious brothers are watching Kat they all want her. It was kind of fun watching them earlier they kept looking between her and Roarke like they were trying to figure out if she was his mom and if they wanted anything to do with a mom. She may not be their mom, but they are her kids and if they have a problem with that not only will she not want anything to do with them she will also beat the shit out of them. From where I sit on the basement stairs, I can’t see the guys, but I can hear them.

A groggy voice says, “Was I dreaming or was there really a sexy angel guarding a fortress?”

The other guys laugh and the one I believe is Spyridon says, “Nah Mason the sexy angel’s name is Cannon and the sexy warrior princess that saved you is Katana.”

“Oh lord Axe really did chop off my hand I thought it was a dream.” Mason whispers.

The other twin laughs before saying, “Yeah a dream where you lose a hand is usually a bad one so why would there be a sexy angel in the dream?”

Mason groans, “You’re not gonna let that go, are you? I lost a hand you should be nice to me.”

“No way man this is the first guy in almost two years that you’ve admitted to being attracted to there will be constant teasing. An so what you lost a hand you’re a cripple not an invalid.” The first twin jokes.

They all sit there in silence for a while before Mason asks, “So the sexy warrior princess any of you going there? Or here wherever here is?”

One of the twins answers him, “I think she might be with your sexy angel but I’m not sure. As for this place I’m not sure about that either. We can’t take this place from them, but they haven’t said if we need to leave once, you’re mobile.

I head down the stairs and turn the corner, “Katana won’t make you leave as long as she thinks your good guys but id rather you head out once she clears cripple boy. Nothing against you guys but family first, ya know? She’s worked hard to make sure those kids stay safe and I don’t want anything or anyone to compromise that. If you want to stay in a place like this, I’ll ask around and see if any of the other camps could use some muscle.”

I give Mason a once over, “Id say you got about two or three weeks before she clears you. If you stay within our network of compounds, then in about 10 weeks she’ll have you come back, and she’ll make you a prosthetic. Probably a couple of different ones. Daily use, a hook, and some type of built in weapon.”

They look at me like I’m a crazy person, but I just give mason another glance before I turn and head back upstairs. Outside in the barn Roarke is in his little baby bouncer swing that hangs in the doorway of the little vet office. Raven is playfully nipping at his feet making him squeal and dance around. Carmina and Kristella are in the goat pen brushing and playing with the goats and sheep. Kat is in the feed room portioning out food for the horses.

“Hey Kitty Kat, where’s the other guys?” I ask her while leaning against her work bench.

She smiles up at me but stays focused on her task, “They took the ATV out to go feed Big Bob and his harem for me.”

When Kat came to live with us, she insisted that all the animals be named. Big Bob is what she named our stud bull while all eight of the heifers and all the horses are named after Buffy the Vampire Slayer characters. I grab a couple of the buckets and head out to the paddock to hang them on each horse’s designated hook. I can just make out the guys by the pond it looks like they’re trying to get Anya to get out of the water and head back toward the rest of the herd. They’ll be out there a while she loves the water and the only person; she listens to is Katana. I turn to go back in the barn and see that Carmina and Kristella are in the chicken coop tossing out food and trying to catch baby chicks. I wave and head back inside. After all the animals are fed Kat joins me at the fence to watch Axel and Gunnar.

“You sure about them Kat? They look a little rough around the edges and their loyalty is based off their bond as siblings its not like they banded together to survive the end of the world.”

She sighs and reaches out to pet her horse, Spike that came to see what she was doing. “There’s something out them that I can’t put my finger on, but it makes me feel like we can trust them that they’ll help keep us safe. Besides neither one of us has gotten laid in a year so I think they could be useful in more ways than one. We need more hands around here.”

She goes inside to get Roarke while I head inside to feed all the dogs. Their food dishes line one side of the hallway while my cats food dishes are in the corner of the living room. After I feed them all I head up to my room to shower. When I come back downstairs All five of the guys are in the kitchen. Mason is eating some soup while his brothers watch him try and get the spoon to his mouth with his right hand. One of the twins makes a joke about losing his good hand and the other smiles and says something about all of them being right-handed now. When they see me standing in the doorway the two sets of twins say their goodnights and leave the room. Mason sighs as his hand shakes and the soup drips off the spoon and onto the counter. Without saying anything I swipe it up with a washcloth and take the spoon out of his hand.

“You can worry about honing your coordination in a week or two when you’re not weak from blood loss, for now let me help.” He smiles at my words and it makes him even cuter.

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