Twin's Luna Crescent

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Alpha Alec and Alpha Xander are twins. They are gifted with looks, body, brain, and power. All pack women throw themselves to twins Alpha but they only have eyes only for Crescent. The love of their life. If possible they were hoping for her to be their mate. But what happens when the girl they love isn't the one Moon Goddess choose for them. Alec and Xander are heartbroken but that's not the end of their story. Crescent is a simple but very beautiful girl in all werewolf community. The pack mates compare her with Angel because of her nature. She is recently turning 18 and can't wait to find her mate. What happens when she turns out to be mated to no one. What will happen when she finds out she is mateless.

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Prologue 1

Two years ago.......

“Xander, wait for me, will you?” He said quickly following his twin brother.

“No, Father will be angry if we are late, so run faster Alec!” They were slightly late for pack meeting which was called by their father. The Alpha and Beta from Arch Moon pack were visiting their pack for some important business. Despite being future Alpha of Crescent Moon pack, they didn’t have the slightest idea about so-called “important businesses”. Apparently, the Alpha John and Beta Lucian of arch moon pack wanted to keep it a secret.

Alec and Xander reached their Alpha’s office in nick of time. As soon as they entered the office, they were greeted by their guests except for one particular guest with red hair and brown eyes. He was staring at boys with a burning gaze.

“Why are you both late Alec-Xander?” Their father asked in an angry voice. Also, Alec-Xander was the term of endearment the Alpha used to call the twins as an expression of love. It also meant they were in trouble. Twin’s father was a strict man but he loved both boys a lot.

“We saw Crescent walking alone in woods on our way here, so we took her to her home,” Xander replied in low but confident tone to his current Alpha. He didn’t like appearing weak and being scolded by anyone. Not even by his father. Xander was hot-headed while Alec was the calm and playful one. And both brothers completed each other well.

“She was looking beautiful. She even let me hold her soft and delicate hand.” Alec mentioned cheekily. He smiled as he remembered her redden face when he held her hands and placed a soft kiss to it. Suddenly, someone coughed loudly. Alec turned around and saw it was Beta Jason, Crescent’s dad. He narrowed his eyes at Beta.

“Of course, I should have known this. Only Crescent can make both of you forget about this meeting. After all, you both are running after her all the time, neglecting your duties as future Alphas!” Alpha said in a frustrated tone. He wanted his sons to train harder for the Alpha position instead of running after a girl.

“I hope the moon goddess gives her to both of you as a mate.” Alpha stated, but It sounded more like teasing. Alec and Xander grinned and hoped for the exact same. It was no secret that both twins loved Crescent very much. However, twins could only be with her, if she was mated to both of them.

Everyone present in the room was werewolves. They were gifted with the strength of a wolf and mind of a human. They aged slowly, could mindlink (talk in mind) with pack members and could shift into a wolf, or human form. Legend has it that they were created with the magic of the moon goddess.

Of all the powers and gift, having a mate was the best blessing a werewolf could have. Mates were soulmate- their other half that completed them. (It was believed that twins were the same soul divided into two bodies. That’s why a pair of twins would share the same mate.)

“Alpha Cole, let’s discuss business now, shall we?” Alpha John asked getting impatient, while Beta seemed to be angry. Alpha Cole only nodded in reply wondering why his guest was acting weird.

“My Beta, Lucian, recently turned 18, but he didn’t found his mate in our pack.” Alpha John began. That statement immediately captured everyone’s attention.

“So he wants to look for her in this pack, right? The reason isn’t so important for you to call this meeting.” Beta Jason said getting irritated. He wanted to get home to his daughter, Crescent, as soon as possible to interrogate her as to why she was in woods and probably scold some sense into her. The wood wasn’t safe for an innocent girl like her yet she would often visit the forest.

“I’m mateless.” Beta Lucian spoke finally. A scrawl appeared in his face as he said mateless.

Silence...... Everyone present in the room had a surprising look on their faces. It was not common to be mateless. In fact, Beta Lucian must be the only wolf with no mate. He was a 19-year-old, handsome and powerful beta of one of the strongest pack in the Northern Kingdom, so why he wasn’t blessed with a mate?

“I’m sorry....That is so sad, but... what do you want from us?” Alec asked looking curious. He had a feeling whatever the answer was, couldn’t be good.

“I want to ask for permission to make Crescent my chosen mate.”

Suddenly the room was filled with loud growls and fists slamming across someone’s face. Alec-Xander (short name for Alec and Xander) had punched Lucian’s face and were still punching violently. His face was covered with blood. If Alec and Xander could shift, Lucian would have been dead by now.

Every member of the Crescent moon pack present in that room was fuming with anger. After all, the girl Lucian was trying to mate with was only 16 at that time and he was 19.

“Enough!” The command from their Alphas stopped twins from beating Lucien to pulp.

“I, Cole, Alpha of the Crescent Moon Pack, order both Alpha John and Beta Lucian of the Arch Moon Pack to leave my pack territory immediately and never return. They are not welcome here”.

“I’ll be back for her.” Lucian said staring right into Alecxander’s eyes. His face was no longer recognizable. He will heal fast though because of his werewolf ability.

“And then we’ll kill you for her!“. Twins promised Lucian in unison. Their nostrils flared in anger. They weren’t going to let anyone take their girl away.

Guards hurriedly escorted both “guest turned enemies” out of the room. Alec and Xander ran towards Crescent’s home as fast as they could. They needed to be beside her, protect her and get comforted by her.

There was nothing they wouldn’t do to protect their little princess from any possible danger. She was theirs to protect, love and cherish. But was she really their mate or someone else?


This chapter was more like an introduction to characters. Please vote and comment. This is my first story. So please support me.

I will update in 2 days so you won’t have to wait very long.

Give me feedback, please.

Love you guys.

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