Twin's Luna Crescent

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Chapter 8

Lucien Pov

I was mateless.

Since childhood, I was trained to be Alpha. After all, I was supposed to be Alpha of Arch moon pack but I had to give that position to none other than my little brother. Yes, I lost the Alpha position....all because I was mateless. Instead, I got demoted to Beta.

I hate being Beta because I had to take orders from others- especially from my little brother aka Alpha. It boils my blood to see him ruling my pack and enjoying his time with his mate.

“Beta, come in my office” My brother mind linked me.

Another order that I hate to follow but I had no option other than obey it. I got up and looked my face in the mirror. I looked hideous because of my missing left ear.

“That m*****f****r, I will kill him next time.” I cursed Xander. He was the one who had bit me on my left ear while he came to save Crescent from me. If it wasn’t for him, she would have been living as my mate right now.

I sighed and walked towards John’s office.

I still remember the first time I saw her. She was walking alone in woods or should I say following butterflies. I was sad that time because of all mate fiasco but her one glance and I felt happy. She was vibrant and full of life.

I knocked at the door. “Come in” John’s mate answered.

Two years ago...I went to Alpha of Crescent moon pack in order to find a solution for me being mateless. I felt like that solution was Crescent. There was something divine about her that captured eyes of ever good and bad wandering souls.

I wanted to approach her that day but when I saw Alec-Xander talking with her, I backed out. Twins almost killed me when I asked permission for her to be my chosen mate. They were in love with my love- my girl. Imagine my happiness when I found that both weren’t mated to her.

Hahahaha.....If I couldn’t have her then nobody coul-

“A girl is asking for you. She called from Crescent moon pack” A rude voice of John brought me back to the present.

I was shocked. A girl from her pack? Is this girl Crescent. I instantly took the call.


“Beta Lucien?” a girl on the phone asked.


I was thoroughly disappointed. This girl on the phone wasn’t my love. I remembered Crescent voice. I remember how she had begged me that day to stop. I only wanted to make her mine before she could turn 18 and find her mate. I knew she wouldn’t come willingly so I had decided to use force on her. But that fucker Xander managed to save her from my clutch again.

You couldn’t blame me for wanting her. She was beautiful and angelic. Everything about her made me want her more. I don’t regret anything I did to her. In fact, I would do-

“I thought you might want to know that Crescent is mateless”, she said.

Joy, It was pure Joy that travelled in my body after hearing that. The moon goddess must have been bored because she kept playing games with us. First me, then Alec-Xander and now Crescent.

I opened my mouth to say thanks but the call was already ended. Who was she?

I immediately called Council and claimed my rights on her. She was not rightfully mine but by werewolf law, she will be mine.

“John, call my pack, we are going to Crescent moon pack. I have a chosen mate to claim."


I was standing in front of my whole pack. Crescent’ father was standing beside me with Jackson. Their eyes were blood red. I bet mine was too.

"What gonna happen to my child" Crescent mother asked me. One could tell she was worried about the welfare of her only child.

"I will protect her with my life." I promised her. It was true. I would do anything just to keep her safe.

I saw Alec walking toward us with Crescent. She looked frightened. I couldn’t see her in this condition. I could only imagine what she was going through right now. I diverted my eyes from her face and directed it to my pack. They were waiting for me to say something. Then I realized I had yet to address the whole pack.

“Worrier of Crescent moon pack, as you know, Lucien and his Alpha brother are standing at our border with his whole pack.” Everyone started shouting as soon as that statement came out of my mouth. I continued my speech “Councils are also there. They are here for your fellow pack member, Crescent. Lucien wants to force a mate bond on her.” I paused taking a long breath to calm myself.

“So what do you say we do with him?” I asked for their opinion. Both, Alec and I, involved our pack in every decision we made. We didn’t believe in ruling the pack like a dictator, instead, we believed in leading them.

“Kill Lucien” The pack shouted in unison. We had made the decision, executing it was the only thing left to do.

“Let’s go kill him” I shouted. Everyone instantly shifted in their wolf and started running toward our border. The sound of their paws hitting the ground could instil fear in anyone.

“I love my pack”, my wolf said in my head.

I felt proud to be their Alpha. It was actually because of my pack that Alec and I were titled with most feared Alpha in whole werewolf community.

“Alec, change in your wolf and carry Crescent to the border. Her safety is your responsibility.” I mind linked not wanting Crescent to hear any of it.

“She’ll be safe with me, brother” he replied in mindlink. He went behind the tree to shift. He was acting shy in front of Crescent.

Crescent was unusually silent. Her face was expressionless but her eyes-they had dried tears.

“Are you fine?” I asked her. Jackson who was standing beside her raised an eyebrow at my dumb question.

“I’m scared,” she said. It was the first time she had openly expressed her fear to me.

“This would be the last time you’ll have to shed tears because of that asshole.” I said while kissing her forehead. I was going to hug her but Jackson pulled her behind him.

‘Over Protective Brother’

“I will take her there,” He said.

“No, Alec will.”

He stared at me for a while then gave me a small node when he glanced behind me. Alec’s wolf came running out from the tree and crouched down in front of Crescent. I knew he would have licked her if it wasn’t for ‘big brother’ hiding her behind him.

“Princess, get on his back. Stay close to him” I instructed her. She nodded. As soon as she climbed on his wolf’s back, I gasped. It was a sight to behold. She looked like a queen of werewolf sitting on a giant black Wolf’s back. She ran her hands on his fur, next she scratched below his ears. Alec growled in pleasure. I could see his eyes turning black in lust.

“It feels so good brother.” he purred in mindlink. I was jealous because Alec always gets to have fun with her. At that point, I was desperate for her affection.

“Go now” I shouted in frustration. Alec ran towards the border but not before giving me a wolfish grin.

“Alpha, let’s go. We have a devil to kill.” Jackson said. He and I were the only ones left on the pack ground.


Thank you for all your support and love.

I love you all.

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