Twin's Luna Crescent

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Chapter 9

Travel Nepal...

Xander Pov

I was struggling to keep my wolf in control. The person whose blood I was craving was standing right in front of me. I noticed his missing left ear and smiled. I wondered how many time he looked in the mirror and remembered me. Beside him, his Alpha John looked clearly not happy to be here.

My pack was standing behind me still in wolf form. It would be easier to attack enemies in case something went wrong.

“I am back for her”, Lucien said. He was taunting me with the same sentence he used two years ago.

“Alec and I are here to protect her as we promised two years ago”, I said. Something flashed in his eyes. He quickly averted his gaze towards Crescent.

“Hello, LOVE. You are looking beautiful as ever” He winked and blew a kiss at Crescent. Alec wasted no time to pull Crescent behind him, shielding her body from the devil’s evil eyes.

“Just a few minutes and he’ll be kissing his ass”, my wolf growled.

“Alec-Xander, I believe you know why we are here, don’t you?” A man with black hair asked me. He had black hair, black eyes, and brown lips. But he was wearing white clothes. I recognized him as Adrian, head of Council. There were five more people standing beside him. I knew none of them except one.

“Yes” Alec replied.

“Well then, let’s finish it quickly. Crescent, are you mateless?” Adrian directed the question toward Crescent.

“I am”, she replied. She sounded confident. But I knew how scared she was. Her increased heartbeat was giving it all away. I went near her and held her hands in mine.

“Then, it’s settled. You’ll be an official chosen mate of-” Adrian was cut off by a loud growl. He narrowed his eyes at me. That’s when I realized, I was the one who growled.

“Calm your wolf brother. Let me handle this. We can’t make Council angry at us” Alec mind linked me. That was true. The council were like a government in the werewolf world. Making them angry would only bring trouble. Not that I cared though.

“Any problem?” Roy asked me. I knew him. He was the one and only Council member that actually deserved some respect. He wasn’t evil like his fellow members.

“Lucien is the same guy who tried to rape her. As an Alpha of Crescent Moon pack, I refuse to let her go with her culprit.” Alec said in his Alpha tone.

“I see, but it’s a law. We can’t change it” Adrian barked again. His words were triggering me. I was losing my patience.

“Ok, Lucien can have Crescent” Alec agreed.

What the fuck!

“But first punish Lucien for his crime. According to werewolf law, he should be either castrated or killed. Which one is it going to be?” Alec said cockily. He had cleverly trapped Council in his word game.

Lucien took a step toward us. “Crescent, forgive me for whatever I did.” Lucien pleaded. But there was no regret in his eyes. It was all his act to convince Council.

“Council, she lawfully belongs to me. Since nothing happened that day, I urge you to give her as a mate to me. I’ll keep her happy” Lucien said the last part looking at Crescent. She gasped in fear. I squeezed her hand for reassurance.

“You are forgetting, not having a mate can make a powerful wolf go feral. Being mate less female means Crescent will be in danger too. Every rogue will try to have her. That’s why the law of pairing mate-less wolves was created in the first place.” Another Council member said in a serious tone.

“Lucien is right.” Adrian declared. I was struggling to not kill everyone present here. I need to cool down. Only Crescent could calm me down so I quickly hugged her from behind.

“Stop your PDA,” Jackson growled in mind link.

Seriously! He was dead set on being grumpy overprotective brother even here.

“Keep your hands off her” Lucien growled. I smirked and hugged her more tightly. Only Crescent has a say in whether she wants to me hug her or not.

“Crescent belongs to Lucien. Hand her over.” Adrian opened his disgusting mouth again. My blood boiled. He was talking about Crescent as if she was some object.

“Adrian, shut up! We can protect Crescent. And who cares if Lucien goes feral. We can always kill a feral wolf” I shouted. Everyone was shocked. I had officially disrespected Council member in front of two packs.

“Check your aggression Alpha,” Roy warned me. I was going to reply but my father beat me to it. “Council members, I want you to reconsider your decision.”

“Otherwise we’ll declare war.” Crescent’s father finally said something. The council members were astonished. However, Lucien looked like he knew it already. There was tension in the air.

The members of the Council were silent. They were certainly discussing things in their mind link. We waited for their final decision. I hoped it would be in our favour since I wanted to avoid war.

“War doesn’t come alone. It brings destruction, death and sorrow with it. There are no winner or loser in war since it’s no competition. There are only survivors in war.” I remembered Elder’s word. He told me that when he was training us to be Alpha wolves. Crescent increased heart rate brought me back to reality. This only meant one thing. It was time for the final verdict.

“Crescent doesn’t have to go with Lucien. But in one condition.” Roy paused before continuing “She has to choose her mate right now” I finally relaxed. The verdict was in our favour.

“But, you have to find a female wolf for Lucien within one week.” He spoke again. This was going to be hard but not impossible. “Do you agree?” He asked.

“We agree with it” Alec replied. He pulled Crescent away from my hug and whispered something in her ear. I glared at him.

"Crescent whom do you choose as your mate?" Roy finally asked her a million-dollar question.


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