Twin's Luna Crescent

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Chapter 10

Nepal has over 132+ Casts and 80 ethnic groups. And still, we live in harmony. No human blood has ever been shed in name religion and cast


“Crescent whom do you choose as your mate?”

I was waiting eagerly for her to say something- anything. But she didn’t. I was eager to hear our name coming out of her mouth as a mate. Again, she didn’t speak. She turned around walked the opposite way from us; straight to where Lucien was standing. I could tell she was frightened by studying her body language. She was taking very slow stride yet power was oozing from her. Why was she going toward that devil?

She stopped right in front of him. Lucien smirked looking at me.

“I think she wants me as her mate,” He said and grabbed her wrist. She didn’t deny his claim. I felt betrayed. My wolf didn’t like what she was doing and nor did I. Was she really choosing him as her mate? We were going to drag her away when something unexpected happened.

Thud. A loud sound of hand colliding with cheeks was heard. My eyes widen with shock.

Crescent had slapped Lucien with mighty force. Then she kneed him between his legs. Lucien fell on the ground. His face had a mixture of shock and pain. Crescent didn’t stop there. She was kicking him, beating him like a professional don.

I had never seen her even raising her voice at someone before. Yet, here she was mercilessly beating her culprit. I guess it was the devil being punished by an angel for his sin. Everyone present here was watching the scene with amusement. It was actually very fun to watch. Lucien tried to fight back but one growl from us and he stopped. Since the council has supported us, Lucien has automatically become weak. No one had his back anymore. Not even his own pack.

After 10 min...

“That’s enough baby” Xander finally managed to drag her away. Crescent facial expression was indicating how satisfied she was. I winked her when our eyes met. I was so proud of her.

“I order Lucien and Arch moon pack to return back to their territory right away. Never come back again if you know what’s good for you.” I said. Lucien’s body was all bloody and bruised. I bet his ego was too. He was beaten not by my Crescent but by shame. My angel did a good job.

“I am sorry for all the trouble my brother caused. Crescent, I am very sorry.” Alpha John said last time before turning around and walking away. He genuinely seemed sorry. I laughed when I saw Lucien being carried away by someone’s wolf. He was unconscious. Damn!

“Hmm... Now let’s go back to the question. Whom do you choose, Crescent” Roy asked again.

She stared right into my and Xander eyes. “I choose Alec-Xander as my mate”

A smile as bright as the sun, rose in our face.

“Mate, Finally my mate will be mine” my wolf was chanting in my head.

The moment those words came out of her mouth, I realized how desperately I wanted to hear them. Those words meant the world to me and Xander. I had dreamed of this moment countless times all days and nights. And when it finally happened I felt complete as if my soul has found its match. It was ironic because she wasn’t our real mate. But all these overwhelming emotions I was feeling made me wonder if she really was my real mate.

Xander was brightly smiling. He was the happiest I’ve ever seen him be. The spark in his eyes didn’t go unnoticed by me. I bet my eyes looked exactly the same.

I turned towards Crescent. Her cheek was rosy and her eyes were glassy with unshed tears. I knew those were tears of happiness this time. She must have been feeling embarrassed because she chose two mates when she was asked to choose only one. I was scratching her arms looking extremely shy. I opened my arms gesturing her to come towards me. She took a step towards me but was stopped by none other than Adrian. Dumbshit!

“That is impossible, Alec and Xander are already mated to each other. You have to choose someone else.” Adrian barked again. What a dog he was- always barking at the wrong time. Because of him, Crescent didn’t come in my embrace.

I facepalmed myself in frustration. Something always came in middle, whenever we thought we could have her as our mate. I was beginning to think that the writer of our fate has something else in store for us. It seemed like the universe was against us being together.

“That’s not happening” Xander roared. “She has already chosen Alec and me as her mate.”

“But you are already mated with your brother.” Roy also took part in the discussion.

Damn you Council.

“She has to choose an unmated male who also has to accept in return.” The cause of my irritation aka the council spoke again.

“I have already chosen Alec-Xander. I don’t want anyone else” Crescent spoke. Her words were like a calming medicine. She was openly saying she only wants/loves us. Could this day go any better?

“Well, then she can’t be your mate,” Roy said. Oh, I totally forgot about the discussion we were having.

“Focus, you dumb shit” Xander mind linked me. I must have said the last sentence aloud.

“How about breeder?” Adrian suggested.

I instantly went to grab his neck but was stopped by my father. I saw Jackson was being held by his father and Xander was protectively holding Crescent. It was Adrian’s second time disrespecting my girl. Shithole!

Breeders were equivalent to a mistress in the human world. They were kept for the breeding purpose in the ancient werewolf world. Breeders were treated very badly. The sole purpose of the breeder was to give birth to a child. I will never let Crescent go through that horrible thing.

“No need to get agitated. Think about it. You both will need an heir for the future. She can give you that. Either you choose her as breeder or she goes back to Lucien or any other male.” One of the members said. He gestured another guy to capture Crescent. I started panicking.

“Don’t touch her or it’s gonna be blood bath here” Xander growled.

“We already compromised a little from our side by giving Crescent a chance to choose her mate. I think you should compromise too. Alec-Xander, war doesn’t do any good for anyone. Innocent lives will be lost only because of you three. Children might lose their parents, wolves might lose her their mates, and most importantly our existence might get exposed to a human.” Roy took a long breath before asking “What do you choose?”

I looked at Xander he nodded. Next, I turned to Crescent, she didn’t say anything. How could she? After all, we were asking her if she wanted to sacrifice and be our breeder. My heartfelt heavy because of disappointme. I had failed her again.

“Don’t do this, Alpha. There might be another option” Jackson pleaded. But I knew there was no other way around it. If we wanted her safe and with us, then we had to accept this. The title didn’t matter, what matter was how we treated her. She was our life and we’ll always love her infinitely. The world might call her breeder but she will always be our Luna. Twin’s Luna Crescent.

“I, Alec King and I Xander King, Alphas of Crescent Moon Pack, accept Crescent White as our LUNA and breeder.” I and Xander said in unison. We weren’t supposed to accept her as our luna but we did it anyway.


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