Twin's Luna Crescent

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Chapter 11

Snow Leopard- the ghost of Himalaya

Xander POV


“What have you done! How could you do this to her!”

“My daughter is not going to be your breeder.”

“Son, you disappointed to me”

“Alpha, you shouldn’t have done this to her!”

“You were supposed to protect my sister, not harm her

These were the reaction to our action. As soon as we came back to the packhouse, we were being questioned and judged for our deed. Everyone we knew was angry at us. They were fuming with rage for claiming her as our breeder.

“It was the only way,” I said. We were having a meeting to discuss today’s events and about Crescent. Basically, Alec and I were being prosecuted by our pack for our decision to make her our breeder.

“No, we could have gone for war.” Jackson roared. I send him a warning glare. I knew I had done wrong but it still didn’t give him any right to raise his voice at me.

“War should be the last option, Jackson. Crescent wouldn’t like if we called a war because of her” Alec stated. It was true. She would never want to be the cause of war breaking.

“She doesn’t like being your breeder either” Her father said in a cold voice. Unpleasantness was crawling on me. I didn’t know whether it was because of all this persecution or the fact that Crescent wasn’t talking to us. I kept my lips closed not wanting to say anything.

“Enough! I did what I had to in order to keep her safe and by my side.” My voice was powerful. Everyone bowed their head in submission.

“Get out!” Alec ordered. All pack member hurriedly ran out except our father.

My father didn’t have an angry expression like others. “Alec-Xander, the deed is already done. Don’t waste your time lamenting about it. Keep her safe and happy” He said before walking out.

“Well, they were angry!” Alec sighed heavily. He looked exhausted.

“Now, it’s time to face Crescent”



The sound of a palm colliding with my cheeks echoed in my ear. That was followed by Jackson laugh.

“I am going to kill our beta.” My wolf groaned. ”Me too” I added.

No, Jackson didn’t slap me. His sister did. I slowly looked up and there she was. Her angelic face was no longer calm, in fact, she looked like a volcano ready to erupt. Her eyes were big and scary. I, an Alpha was beginning to feel frightened by her death glare. She averted her gaze from me to look at Alec. Thank god.

“Alec, come here” she ordered him. He quickly started running away from her. I mentally laughed.

“NOW!” she roared. That sounded so sexy. He turned around and walked straight to us but slowly. He looked frightened. I would have laughed if I wasn’t in the same situation as him.

“Xander, save me!” He mind linked. I totally ignored him. I was in no position to help him.

“How dare you made me your breeder?” she spat the last word as if she was disgusted to say it.

Right now, we were in our office. Just five minute ago, she barged in our office with Jackson and slapped me. After yesterday incident, she didn’t talk with anybody of us, nor ate anything. She only locked herself in her room and probably cried herself to sleep. We had failed her..... again. She was sad.... again. And this time, we couldn’t even comfort her because we were the reason for her suffering.

“Answer me!”

“Don’t let that word bother you. We see you as our Luna not....bre-” Alec trailed of. He certainly didn’t know what to say. He tried to grab her hand but she pulled away. She took a few step away from us. It hurt.

“That word crumbled my dignity. It destroyed my identity. Now, everyone will see me as a breeder or worst call me that too.” She screamed in agony. Her voice had a soreness to it.

A pang of guilt burned its way in my consciousness. She was right. She was supposed to be our luna but fate has made her our breeder.

“Why?” She asked.

The answer was simple. It was because we loved her and we needed her beside us. Also, we couldn’t let her go and mate with someone else or risk her safety. The council did threaten to send her to Lucien again. What were we supposed to do?

“Tell me, why?” This time she pleaded. There was no longer anger in her eyes. There was a raw pain of being us.

I opened my mouth to answer her. To explain her, why we had to do that but not a single word came out. The words got stuck on my throat. I knew how she felt.

Jackson groaned and was glaring dragger at us. I am sure, he would have beaten us to death for hurting his precious sister if we weren’t his Alphas. He ran towards her and put her head on his shoulder. She sobbed hiding her face from us.

“Forgive us” I apologized when I finally found my voice. It only earned me a solid glare from her. If a look could kill then I’m certain I would have been dead.

Crescent was there. She witnessed every event unfold. Hence, she knew why we did that, yet she was asking us the same question. This only meant one thing, she didn’t want an answer instead she needed comfort. Only an apology could comfort her right now. That’s exactly what I did. I nudged Alec and singled him to say sorry. He turned to me and winked at me before turning back at Crescent.

What’s wrong with him! I thought. He was certainly planning something.

“We are sorry, Angel.” Alec began, “I know we hurt you. I am going to make it right.”

She turned and stood right in front of him. “How? How do you plan to make this right?” There was disbelief dancing in her eyes. She didn’t trust us anymore.

“Tomorrow, at midnight below the full moon, Crescent White will be crowned Luna of Crescent Moon pack.” Alec turned to Jackson who was standing there. “Jackson, prepare for the Ceremony.”

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