Twin's Luna Crescent

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Chapter 12

I looked in myself in the mirror and traced my facial features with my fingers.-5′10 tall, long dark brown hair, fair skin, rosy cheeks and full lips. I was wearing a long red gown that highlighted my curves. The women I saw in the mirror was beautiful and gorgeous. Everything was perfect about her except her eyes. The ocean blue eyes had water in them and she had lost her glow. I averted my eyes no longer wanting to look at my miserable self.

Today, I was going to be Luna of this pack-Luna of twins. I should be happy that I would be Luna instead of the breeder. I should be thankful that Alec-Xander would take me as Luna, but I wasn’t. It felt wrong somehow. Twins had disrespected me by accepting me as their breeder in front of the whole pack and the council. My self-respect was crushed. I was hurt. Could things be right by a simple act like Alec-Xander announcing me as their Luna in front of the same pack? I doubted that.

“Are you ready?” Somebody asked. I turned around to see Papa. He was standing in the door. I was not sure I could speak so I nodded in reply. He slowly came in and stood beside me. I turned around not wanting to face him. I didn’t want him to see my sad face but what he said made me realize I was too late.

“You look sad. Were you crying?”

“No, I am just nervous.” My words sounded false even to my own ears. No wonder my father didn’t believe me.

“If you don’t want to do this, don’t do this.” He said. I knew how much he loved me. When Alec-Xander accepted me as a breeder, my father wanted to kill them. He was so angry that it took my mother all night to calm him.

“If I backed out then I would remain their breeder whole life. Isn’t it better to be their Luna than a breeder, papa?” My question must have caught him off guard. He grabbed my hand and made me sit in the chair.

“Are Alec-Xander good for me, Papa?” I finally asked the question I wanted to ask him.

“I never worried about you like other parents are worried about their children. I knew for sure that whenever you fell, twin’s were always there to hold you. Whenever you were sad, they were there to cheer you up. If you needed support, they acted as your support system. When you were in danger, they provided you safety. When you smile, they smile with you and when you cry, they do anything to make you smile again.” He slowly stroke my head.

“So if you ask me if Alec-Xander are good for you then my answer would be yes.” He sounded so sincere that I wanted to believe him right away. However, after what happened I couldn’t believe his words that easily. Sure, twins were there every time I needed them but now everything has changed.

“Even after what they did?” I asked again.

“Yes, even after what happened. Honestly, I hate that they made you breeder without your consent in front of everyone. No women deserve that kind of fate but Alec-Xander didn’t have any other option.” He said again. I instantly felt rage at his words. How could my own father take side with the people who made me their mistress? I felt betrayed.

“They did have an option. The council gave me a second chance to choose. If they had let me chose another mate then I wouldn’t have to go through this.” I exclaimed. I did choose them as my mate at first because they were my best friend and long time crush. However, I didn’t love them so I would have happily chosen any another male wolf as my mate. It would have been better than being a breeder.

“Do you remember that summer?” Father asked me. I was confused about which summer he was talking about. When I didn’t reply he began speaking again.

“The summer when we went on a family vacation at Hawaii to celebrate your 12th birthday” He reminded me. I nodded. That was my first family vacation if you could even call it a vacation. As soon as we had reached our resort we had to return back because of some rogue issues. Hence, I celebrated my 12th birthday in packhouse with Alec-Xander and my family.

“We had to return back to packhouse because of Alec-Xander. Both of them were angry that you left them alone here and went with us. They wanted to spend your birthday together. Alec-Xander ordered me to bring you back to them so we had to fly back here.” He informed me.

“Why are you telling me this now?”

“What I am trying to say is, Alec-Xander couldn’t even tolerate you leaving them for a vacation then how could they let you leave them for a lifetime and mate with anyone else.” Father reasoned with me.

I gasped loudly. I didn’t know how to feel about it. It was so selfish of them to make me breeder just so they could keep me with them. Sure twins were planning to make me Luna but the tag of breeder would be attached with me for eternity. Also, the council would never recognize me as Luna.

“Alphas just mind linked me. They have requested your presence, Crescent. It’s time for the ceremony” My father said.


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