Twin's Luna Crescent

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Chapter 13

I was standing in front of Alec-Xander in their room. They were looking handsome in their suit. I would have ogled them, if not for this situation I was in.

“You look beautiful,” Alec said openly checking me out. I scoffed in his shamelessness. He took a one step closer and I took a step back subconsciously. A pure disappointment passed through his face.

“Alec, don’t bother her.” It was a warning from Xander. I was thankful to him for that.

“You don’t look happy-” Xander said intensely staring at me. I turned my head to avoid his sharp stare, it was piercing my soul “Is something wrong?” He asked. Though his voice sounded concerned, there was unmistakable fear in his eyes.

He was right when he said I wasn’t happy. He was also right when he guessed something was wrong. I was told I’m good at masking emotions. However, I was sure Xander saw me like an open book because he could always read my emotions. Right now was the best example of that.

I shook my head before reluctantly speaking. “it’s just a nervous jitter.” He slowly walked towards me. There was something dangerous about his walk. It reminded me of a wolf stalking its prey. I stepped back till my back was pressed against the wall.

“I can smell it-” He took a long stride and stood right in front me. Then he leaned down and placed his big head in the small crook of my neck. He sniffed me and placed a wet kiss on my neck. “your petty lie.” finally finishing his sentence.

I shuddered and pushed him but he didn’t budge. His closeness was hard to handle. I feared I would submit to him and his brother who was staring at me with a black eye. Both brothers were lusting after me. This time I pushed him harder, still, Xander stood firm like steel.

" Your eyes they don’t look at us like they used to. There is no joy, admiration and sense of belonging in them.” Alec said. He was suddenly in front of me. I felt trapped in between them.

“Things have changed. Before I wasn’t someone’s breeder but now I am.” My voice was rude and it came out as mocking.

“I already told you, we did that for your safety” Xander said running his hand through his hair in frustration.

“Or more like to stop me from choosing another mate” I hissed in anger. I wondered where all this confidence was coming from in me. Alec grabbed my elbow and half turned me.

“Breeder is the only TITLE.”

“Breeder has become my identity now.”

“Your identity will change into Luna after today.”

“I don’t want to be your Luna” I covered my mouth in horror. The words just escaped my mouth in a heated argument. Sure I hadn’t decided whether I wanted to be their luna yet. If they hadn’t claimed me as a breeder I would have happily agreed to be their luna but not now. Not after that.

The air felt heavy because of the change in the mood of the people who breathe it in and out. Alec took a step back- one –two-three-four-five...then he stopped. He grabbed the lamp and threw it at the wall. He started causing havoc, picking, throwing, reaping and breaking everything he could find. I had never seen him like this. It was always Xander who caused destruction, not Alec. I felt guilty for everything.

Xander was standing beside me crossing his hands at his chest. He had an emotionless face. Seeing him this calm made me shiver in fear. Calm Xander was more dangerous. He caught me staring at him and smirked.

“When we were small, whenever we stole your doll, you would always get angry at us then you’d let it go. I am sure, you’ll forgive us eventually like the time when we were young.” Xander said staring in my eyes. It sounded like he was trying to console himself. I was shocked. How could he even compare this to a simple thing like forgiving someone for stealing doll? This situation was definitely bigger than what happened in his childhood. ­

“I’ll never forgive both of you for making me your mistress.” I should have never said that openly but it was too late when the realization struck me.

Xander had already pinned my hand above my head. I struggled to get out of his hold. Alec had stopped causing rampage at this point of time. He smiled and nodded at Xander. They were probably having a conversation in their mind link. I wished I could mindlink too so I could call my brother to take me away.

Suddenly I felt a wet sensation at the base of my neck. That’s when I realized Xander had licked me and I could feel his teeth gazing at there. What was he doing?

“I want to mark you Crescent.” My eyes widened in horror. No, he wouldn’t force mark me or would he?

Dread filled me. I tried to free my hands from his grasp but failed. Tears started falling down from the eyes. I struggled and struggled but he didn’t let me go. All of this thing reminded me of.. him. I saw Lucien in Xander’s face.

“No..” I manage to speak. “Alec...” I looked at him for help. He lowered his eyes avoiding me. Bastard. I felt helpless again like that day. No, no, no...

“Tell me Crescent, will you be our Luna willingly or should I make you forcefully,” Xander asked. My fearful eyes met his guilty one. I closed my eyes not willing to witness any of this. Alec-Xander was threatening me to be their Luna. I was numb. All emotions had suddenly vanished within me except fear. Freezing, creping, dark fear.

Earlier when I refused to be their mate and Luna, I wasn’t so sure. But right now I was 200% sure. I didn’t want to be their anything. Not luna, not mate and not even friend.

“Tell me Luna” Xander whispered seductively. I flinched. My mind and heart were telling me to fight but my body didn’t cooperate. I never felt this week. I opened my mouth to scream still keeping my eyes shut. But before I could scream, someone covered my mouth. I was harshly ripped from Xander’s arm. Finally, I opened my mouth and scene in front of me made me gasp in horror.

Alec was holding me in a painful grip. His sharp-pointed canine was out, giving me a glimpse of what was going to happen, what he was intending to do. I started shivering in horror. This was worse than a nightmare. This was worst than hell.

My big bad wolves were showing me how bad they could be at the end. My protector had turned against me.

“You took too long to decide. Let me make the decision for you. Luna”


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