Twin's Luna Crescent

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Chapter 14

Even purest of souls can commit sin sometimes.

Alec’s Pov

Earlier when I heard her saying that she didn’t want to be our Luna, my wolf took control over my body. He was angry. He feared she would leave us, so he decided to claim her. He had only one mission in his mind- to mark her either by her consent or by force. After all, Wolf is a wolf- an animal and predator. Savagery was his identity.

My wolf extended his canines and aligned it to her neck. My wolf was eager to mark her while I was sitting in the background watching it like an audience. At first, I tried to stop him from doing this, although deep down I wanted the same thing as him. Her words had made me insecure. I needed a reassurance that she was mine and my mark on her neck would do exactly that. I desired to stake my claim on her, maker her mine. After battling internal battle between duty and desire, I decided to give in to my desire. For the second time in my life, I decided to be selfish and probably evil too.

I grazed my teeth on her soft skin and sniffed her scent. She smelled delectable and pure. It heightened my desire even more. I roughly pressed my canines on her soft skin while she was struggling beneath me. Instinctively, I tightened my hold on her not wanting her to escape. Suddenly she stopped struggling, her body was limp. Oh no! She fainted. My angel...

I hurriedly took control of my wolf. “Angel, ANGEL” I called her name and shook her body. But no, she didn’t stir.

This scene felt like Deja Voo. She had fainted exactly like this when Lucien...

Oh no, what I have we done. The realization of what we did hit me like a stone. My heartfelt heavy from the weight of it. I inhaled but the air didn't fill my lungs. I was struggling to breathe. My body had stopped functioning momentarily because of the heaviness of sin we had committed. Guilt was already making it's appearance known.

“Fuck!!” Xander cursed loudly. He was panicking and so was I. “Bring water.” He carried Crescent to bed and covered her with a blanket.

I ran toward the kitchen and grabbed a water bottle from there. On my way back to my room I saw people were running around frantically in the garden trying to finish their assigned chores for Luna ceremony.

“Alpha” someone called me. I turned around to see it was Jackson. He was smiling at me and there was respect in his eyes. The guilt I felt earlier increased tenfold. Would he simile at me when he finds out how I disrespected his sister? Definitely not. Immediately I made a beeline toward my room because I felt ashamed in front of him.

When I entered our room I noticed Xander was sitting at the floor with both of his hand clutching his head. He was grieving! When he noticed my presence, he quickly stood up and took water from my hand. He wasted no time to sprinkle water at Crescent lifeless face.

Her eyes shot open and fell on us. She flinched as if we had horns. Next thing I know she was cowering away from us at lightning speed. She wrapped her hands around her body in a feeble attempt to hide from us.

“Do-n’t come cl-oser to m-me” she shuttered.

Xander Pov

Have you ever wished that you could go back in time and prevent something horrible from occurring? At this moment, I wished exactly that- to go back exactly 2 hours back in time and stop Alec and me from doing what we did. That way Crescent wouldn’t be fearing us right now.

She hurriedly examined her neck for any sign of mark and blood but found none. I could tell she was trying to calm herself with all the inhale and exhale she was doing.

“We didn’t mark you” Alec started explaining. “Our wolf took over us. We lost control to our wolf. It wasn’t our fault.” It was true though it sounded false to my ears. My wolf groaned in agony inside my head then he disappeared leaving me alone to deal with the situation.

“Not your fault?” she laughed as if she had lost her mind. “Then whose fault was it? Whom should I blame? Whom should I curse? Tell me Alphas whom should I punish?”

I couldn’t breathe. Her painful gaze was suffocating me. I felt like banging my head on the concrete wall. I wanted to feel pain much worse than the one I inflicted on her.

“You promised to protect me from all evil, Xander, but-” She didn’t complete the sentence but I understood what she was going to say. She wanted to ask me who was going to save her from me and my wolf.

I had failed her again for the third time.


“Stop, don’t call me that.”

The incident should have never happened. When she refused me to be our Luna, animalistic emotions ran through my body. I had a strong urge to claim her- make her mine. In the end, I did follow my instinct. And I regret it now.

Nor once did I thought about the consequences of my action. Nor once did I thought about her. I did whatever I did in pure rage and selfishness. My fear of losing her made me act like a devil and in the end, I did lose her.

Now, all there left was my guilt and her tears. I was disgusted with myself. I despised my wolf, my brother and his wolf too. Above everything, I hated myself for causing unrepairable damage to the girl I loved.

“Was it love or lust that made you act like that?” She spat. We didn’t answer her question. I was filled with shame to answer her.

“At least tell me why?” she cried. It sounded as if she was holding on a thin rope called reason to not break down in front of us. She certainly didn’t want to seem weak in front of her offenders.

“No, it was our fear of losing you”

We remain still like lake water although everyone’s emotion was reflecting in their face. I finally decided to speak when the silence became too much to handle. “Please say something?”

“I don’t want to be your Luna” That was the same statement that had made me act monstrous toward her. However, it had an opposite effect this time.

“I understand,” I said with a heavy heart.

“I want to go home” The desperation was clear in her voice. “Please” She pleaded.

“I’ll call your brother.” saying that I existed from the room with Alec.

I wanted to apologize for my action however she wasn’t ready to hear it. It wasn’t the right time. That’s why I decided to show her how sorry I was, for my action instead of words.


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