Twin's Luna Crescent

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Chapter 15

Crescent Pov

I was waiting for my brother to come and take me with him. I was sitting at the farthest corner of the room, on the floor staring at the ceiling while my hands were draped around my legs. If I said I was numb then it would be neither true nor lie. I was feeling all sort of emotions and nothing at the same time.

The door opened halting my train of thoughts. My brother walked in with the twins who were lowering their head probably in shame. Jackson stepped inside and his eyes scanned the room when his gaze fell on me, he gasped.

“What happened Cre?” He asked me slowly as if he was scared that one wrong word and I would cry. Honestly, I would have actually cried. I didn’t answer him, instead, I looked towards the twins who were looking like a convicted criminal. Jackson followed my gaze and his face turned to an angry one.

“What did you both do?” He said with seethed teeth. Both twins lowered their head. Generally, Alphas never lower their head to anyone but they did, that too in shame.

“We- I attempted to force mark-“ Alec didn’t get to finish his sentence as Jackson punched him. Next, he pushed Xavier making him fall in the ground. He immediately attacked both Alphas like they were his punching bag. Alec-Xander didn’t fight back at all. They were receiving punches as they deserved it. I guess, they actually did deserve to be beaten. When I noticed Jackson was getting too violent, I decided to interfere.

“Jackson, Jackson” I called but he ignored me. “Please, stop. Take me home” He immediately stopped and turned in my direction. He came closer and engulfed me in a much needed warm hug. He frowned at my shivering body and covered me with his jacket. Then his eyes fell at my neck and he sighed in relief.

“I’ll tell everyone what you did. You’ll be punished” Jackson said to twins angry. I gasped loudly which caused everyone’s head to turn in my direction. Panic hit me hard as I didn’t want anyone to know about this. Since I was already twin’s breeder, they could do anything with me, without my consent. The breeder had no right. It was the law of werewolf. That was the main reason why I hated when twin took me as a breeder. Hence, if this came out then everyone would put me at fault. Also, I didn’t want to be the topic of gossip for werewolves women- again.

“You will do no such thing. No one can know what happened.” Xander said angrily.

“Why, afraid that everyone will know about your wrongdoings and punish you?” Jackson said mocking them.

“We don’t care about punishment. However, Crescent will suffer if this gets out. She will be criticized for not acting like a breeder. You know how people treat breeder” Alec said.

His words were true. I was already going through a lot. People have started acting different toward me. She wolf has started treating me like dirt once I became a breeder. There was no way I could tolerate being criticized as well. No, no one should know.

“Crescent is no breeder of any of you.” My brother’s voice boomed in the room. He was clenching and unclenching his fists. I knew after what happened, he didn’t want me near both Alphas. The room fell silent.

“The people don’t think so Jackson,” Xavier said. I was annoyed heavily with all these talks. They were talking about me like I wasn’t here. I had had enough.

“I never agreed to be breeder nor Luna. I hate both of you” Alec-Xander looked hurt at my statement. One would think that I felt a little bit good to see them hurt as they had done to me. Instead, I felt more sadness. God, what’s wrong with me?

“So, the Luna ceremony…..?” Jackson trailed of while asking me a question. That’s when I realized no one knew that I had rejected the Luna title and twin’s had surprisingly agreed to it.

“It’s cancelled” Jackson sighed and took my hand in his. He said something in a very low voice that sounded like good.

“Let’s go home,” He said and smiled weakly. I returned him that same smile only to ensure him not to worry and went to the door.

While passing Alec-Xander, my eyes found theirs. There was so much pent-up emotion in them, guilt was the only one I recognized. I averted my eyes from them even though I didn’t want to. Only because I hadn't got my apology from them yet.


By the time we reached home, it was already past midnight. I didn’t realize that I had spent my whole day in twin’s room. Jackson opened the door for me and I stepped in. Instantly my mom pulled me in a warm hug while Papa looked me suspiciously.

“We heard about the ceremony,” Mom said breaking the hug. She looked extremely sad.

“It was my decision” my parents didn’t give any reaction as I said that. It made me wonder if they knew already.

“Did something happened?” Papa asked raising an eyebrow. I ponder whether I should tell him about what twin did. If he’ll know then he will certainly do something that might bring more trouble. Also, Alphas will be humiliated-


“No, nothing happened.” I cut my brother’s voice. For some reason, I didn’t want my father to know about it. My brother grabbed my hand and dragged me up in my room.

Once we were in the room he asked me “Why did you lie, Cre?”

“I don’t want Alphas to be ashamed in front of anyone.” I was shocked at my own answer.

“ Their wolf took over them, it wasn’t their mistake,” I added pathetically.

“Are you trying to defend twins?” There was a rage in his voice.

Am I defending twins?

“Get out. I want to rest.” I said dragging him out of the room, effectively avoiding answering his questions. My exhausted and traumatized mind was in no condition to answer his questions.

He slowly caressed my cheeks and said in low voice, ” Rest, you seem to really need it.”


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