Twin's Luna Crescent

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Chapter 16

Reading lets you enjoy hundreds of emotions without actually having to go through them.

Crescent’s Pov

It has been two days since that incident happened. All I did in these two days was wake up, eat, sleep and repeat the cycle. I didn’t leave my room for anything, not even for food. Everyday Jackson would bring food to me in my room and try hard to convince me to get out. I only ignored him every time like I had been avoiding everyone else this past two days.

Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t sad, miserable or anything like that. In fact, I was confused about everything in general. My head was full of thought, so I needed time to short it. That’s why I had locked myself in my tiny beautiful room for the last two days.

I got out of my bed and walked to the balcony. I desperately needed fresh air. My body shivered because of cold and I wasn’t complaining. I loved feeling this cold air as my body slowly adjusted with coldness and turned to numbness.

There was a constant battle going inside my head between what I should and shouldn’t do. Should I forgive Alec-Xander? I asked myself that question, probably for a hundred and twenty-nine times today. Needless to say, I still didn’t have the answer. Yes, they did try to forcefully mark me at the start but they did stop at the end. Also, it wasn’t them but their wolves who were at faults. They did seem like they regretted it although none of them verbally apologized.

I took a sip of my warm coffee and moaned at its taste. Coffee was a strange thing. It was bitter in taste yet I was addicted to it. I could relate coffee with Alec-Xander, bitter with behaviour and still I couldn’t help but be attracted to them.

Yes, I was attracted to them. These past days I have been missing them which was crazy after what they did. I thought I would hate both brothers but I ended up discovering how much I needed them in my life. I must be going insane because that was the only possible explanation I could come out with. Maybe being mateless and single had taken a toll on me but whatever it was, I was missing Alec-Xander. That’s exactly why I was confused. If only they had apologized to me, I would have forgiven them and accepted them, but they didn’t. Were they too egoistic to apologize or they just didn’t care anymore?

I was brought out my “medicating thinking” state when I saw Alec and Xander going towards the forest. What surprised me was they weren’t alone. Cashie was walking and laughing with them as Alec was holding her hand.

The cup I was holding fell from my hands with a loud bang. That caused all three heads to turn to me. They were close enough from my house for me to see their face clearly. Alec-Xander were emotionlessly staring at me while Cashie was smirking. Suddenly she winked at me and kissed Alec at the cheek. I expected Alec to push her away but he didn’t. That’s when my heart broke into a million pieces all over again.

I rushed back inside the room and jumped on the bed. What were twins doing there, getting all lovey-dovey with her, that too in front of my eyes? Tears fell from my eyes and I felt betrayed. I was half expecting at least Xander to come in my room saying how sorry he was and explain to me, so I waited and waited but no one came. The sky had already turned back and it had started raining outside. So, I curled up and cried myself to sleep.


I woke up at around 10 in the morning. I freshen up and went downstairs to the kitchen. When my parents and brother saw me they gasped in shocked then smiled widely. They were probably happy to finally see me out of my room. After whatever happened yesterday, I no longer wanted to stay locked up in my room. I wanted to get insight into what was happening in the pack and with Alphas.

“Here come have breakfast” Mom called me and I happily obeyed. While having breakfast everyone was staring at me with concerned eyes that annoyed me.

“So what are you going to do today?” Jackson asked me.

“Going for a walk in the forest” Jackson instantly opened his mouth to protest but he didn’t say anything when mom shook her head.

“Take care, my little wolf. Woods are dangerous” Papa warned me. I smiled at the nickname. It was strange that my father gave me permission. I slowly nodded and headed out before he could change his mind.

I was walking in the woods near the lake, my favourite place when I was pushed into the ground by Cashie. It took me a minute to understand what just happened. I quickly stood up and pushed her back. There was no way I was letting her bully me this time. She stumbled upon the ground and that’s when I noticed two boys, Alec and Xander, standing there. They quickly helped Cashie to standup. I felt hurt but didn’t show it.

“Alpha she tried to kill me” She dramatically complained to twins. Drama queen.

“I only pushed you”

“Still you attacked future Luna so you’ll be punished” She spoke again.

Wait! She said future Luna.

“You are forgetting that I am the future Luna” I knew, I did refuse to be their Luna, but right now seeing her claiming herself as future Luna, made me angry. So I said whatever came in my mind.

“Well, Alec and Xander promised me to be their Luna. You can ask them”

I looked at Alphas questioningly. They were ignoring me so I finally addressed them.

“What is she talking about?” Both brother still didn’t meet my eyes as if they were guilty.

“You refused and we needed Luna so we both choose her” Alec finally said breaking the silence.

Jealousy was burning my soul but more than that pain was making it hard to breathe. Two days earlier they were trying to stake their claim on me and now they are choosing someone else as Luna while keeping me as a breeder- their side chick. What was going to happen to me now?

“What about me?” I asked after gathering little courage I had left inside.

They didn’t say anything, just kept staring at me. Their eyes had a strange emotion in them that I couldn’t read. Xander opened his mouth to speak but then he looked at Cashie and walked away. Alec pulled Cashie to him and followed Xander.

How dare they? After all things they did to me, both of them left me here alone without even giving an explanation. I could help but wonder if I had let them claim me that day, would they still go with Cashie? I wanted to cry, but I didn’t. I couldn’t let myself cry for someone like them. My pride and self-respect demanded me to not cry.

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