Twin's Luna Crescent

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Chapter 17

Alec’s Pov

“How long do I have to continue this act and tolerate her,” Xavier said in his grumpy attitude.

Currently, we were in our office discussing our plan to make Cashie confess her crime. After we found out that a girl had called Lucien from our pack and informed him about Crescent being mateless, we begin our investigation. We immediately found some clue that led us to Cashie. Unfortunately, we couldn’t convict her because the clue we had wasn’t enough. That’s when I came up with a plan to act like we were in love with Cashie and make her confess everything.

“Not long. As soon as she confesses the act is over” Xavier hated this plan at first because it required him to act lovey-dovey with Classy, as Crescent likes to call her. He accepted this plan only when I promised him that he gets to mark Crescent first, that is if she will let him.

“It’s funny. Crescent is not even talking with you, yet you are thinking about who will mark her first.” My wolf mocked me.

“And whose fault it is that she ain’t talking” I fired back at my wolf, he instantly blocked me. Ashhole!

“ We don’t have much time. The council is coming tomorrow. ”Xavier pointed out.

We hadn’t forgotten the deal we made with the Council and neither had they. All of the council was coming tomorrow along with Lucien to take his mate. According to the deal, we were supposed to find him a she wolf as his mate within a week. Tomorrow was our deadline, but we still hadn’t found any female wolf for him, no one agreed to be Lucien mate.

“Don’t worry, Xavier.” He raised an eyebrow at my words. “Just follow the plan.” My plan was to act like we loved Cashie to get close then trick her to confess, record it then use it against her as evidence. After that, we would basically give her an option to either spent life in pack cell or be Lucien mate as a punishment. I knew it wasn’t a brilliant plan but that’s all we had. As a matter of fact that she had rejected her mate and he died a few months after that. Maybe it would do good to Lucien and her to mate with each other.

“Alec, I have been following your stupid plan for 3 days, still Cashie hasn’t confessed a single word.” He shouted. I could tell he was in stress and anxiety. We were running out of time and the only plan we had, wasn’t working. I sighed and massaged my head. Just then the door opened and Cashier walked in, wearing an extremely revealing dress.

“My Alphas, I missed you both.” She purred.

“We missed you too” I forced the word out from my mouth. “Do you need anything?”

“Actually, I want to talk with both of you.” She said hesitantly. I gestured her to continue.

“When I said to my friends that you both chose me as Luna, they didn’t believe it. So I want to show them that you both are mine.” She said and Xavier started coughing. I passed him water bottle while he was glaring daggers at me.

“Alec-Xander, I want both of you to mark me and complete the mating process.”

“F*cking bit*h” Xander crushed loudly. The plan was starting to backfire at us.

“Why are you cursing? Do you not want me?” She asked.

Damn! Our plan was in jeopardize now. “Xavier is just… over-excited. He swears a lot in excitement.” I blurted out whatever came in my mind. Xavier instantly retaliated by kicking in my foot repeatedly. This action went unnoticed by the bit*h who was walking towards us, her eyes had blinding lust in them. She stopped when the distance between her and us was only a few centimetres.

“ If so then mark me. Claim me as your” She said trying to be seductive. Then she tilted her head sideways, showing me her bared neck. For me, this was a nightmare. I contemplated if I should just dump my plan or not. If I do dump the plan, then we won’t have she wolf as a mate for Lucien and we might face consequences. What scared me was the possibility that Crescent might face unpleasant aftereffect as a result of our failure. No, I couldn’t let that happen.

“Do hell with your plan! I’ll personally kill you myself, if you mark her, Twin brother” Xavier roared through mind link. He was really angry at me right now.

“Crescent… only want Crescent… Kill Cashie” My wolf was so angry that he was unable to form a complete sentence in rage. I needed to think for a way out. Why doesn’t my brain work when I need it!

“Um… Cashie, if I mark you then we’ll share a mate bond. I will get access to your thoughts and your every dark secret. Are you ready for that.” I said. She immediately jolted backwards. Her reaction to my words was hilarious. “If you have any secrets you want to tell me then this is the time. I will forgive you” I lied to her. Certainly, there would be no forgiveness.

“Amm.. secrets…” She shuttered.

“It’s Ok if you don’t want to share your secret then there will be no marking,” Xavier said cockily. He secretively gave me thumbs up as a sign of approval.

“No, no. You have to mark me today. I have already made bets with friends.” She rushed out the sentence. This newfound information had me grinning. The entire situation was working on our favour now. Perhaps I should use it for good.

“Then tell your secrets, we won’t be angry and also we’ll be able to mark you,” I said the last part seductively and started praying that she would fall in the trap.

“Ok” As soon as she said that, Xavier started recording everything with his camera secretively. Since he was behind her, it was easy for him to capture her confession without being noticed. She seems scared at first then she started speaking. I waited for the confession to come out of her mouth.

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