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Twin's Luna Crescent

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Prologue 2

One year after the event with Lucian...


As soon as Alec woke up, he started shaking Xander. Xander cursed and opened his eyes glaring at his twin.

“Xander, don’t give me that look and get ready.”

“Alec it’s too early. Let me sleep”

“Stupid brother wake up already. We need to meet Crescent. It’s our 18th birthday after all.” Alec said in excitement.

Xander instantly jumped off the bed and ran towards the bathroom. It was the day they waited for all their life. Finally, they could find out whether Crescent, love of their life, was their mate or not.

Alexander(short for Alec and Xander) had fallen in love with her the moment they laid their eyes on her. When she was 3 years old, Mrs Knight had brought her and her brother, Jackson, to play with them. And since then they were always together. Everyone in the pack knew that she is Alec and Xander’s girl except for Crescent herself. However, they never dated her or anyone else. It was taboo to date anyone other than your mate.

As soon as twins went downstairs, Alec groaned slowly showing his displeasure at the crowd in front of him. Whole Crescent moon pack was waiting for boys to show up. They received lots of happy birthday wishes and greetings. This continued for half an hour. Alec was tired and frustrated because he couldn’t meet Crescent as he had planned this morning. He glanced in the direction of his brother. Xander was looking irritated like a child denied of chocolates. He couldn’t help but chuckle.

Crescent was only 17 years old. Her friends called her bookworm because of her love for books. She had a long black hair, dark blue eyes and a heart shaped face. She was extremely beautiful and blessed with an hourglass figure. She is kind, polite, caring and ball of sunshine. Shy but confident and brave- that’s what she was. In another word, she was a luna material. Girls were envious of her while boys were crazy for her. But she didn’t care about boys at all. She wanted to be with her mate only. That is the reason why she always ignored twins love for her even though she has a secret crush on both Alec and Xander.

Alpha Cole enter the hall with his mate and went directly to stage. He addressed the crowd and gestured twins to come in the stage.

“Happy Birthday boys. Since you have turned eighteen I have decided to give the alpha position to both of you. This is my birthday gift.” Alpha Cole stated and smiled at boys. He seemed very happy to finally retire from the Alpha position.

“Meet your new Alphas of Crescent moon pack” The crowd cheered in approval and joy to finally have Alec-Xander take over Alphas position.

Alec was talking with his father when he felt his wolf surfacing inside him. He realized he was phasing that meant he could find his mate now. He was snapped out of his thoughts when he heard a loud growl of sorrow. He turned around to find Xavier crying beside him. Alec didn’t understand what made his tough brother cry like that until he spotted Crescent in the crowd a few feet away from him. Her green eyes met his blue one. He waited for his wolf to chant mate but no, the wolf remained quite inside him, frozen like himself.

That's when he realized what made his brother cry. His world stopped. He forgot breathing and his heart broke into pieces. The dream he treasured shattered in front of his eyes.

No, Crescent wasn’t his mate. She wasn’t Xander’s mate either.

But he felt his wolf in his mind chanting mate and he tensed. What was happening? Did he have another mate? Alec searched through the crowd trying to figure who was their mate. Then he was hit with another shock when his eyes fell on Xander. He fell on his knees and felt difficulties in breathing.

He was mated to his own twin brother Xander. But he didn’t feel any mate bond between him and his brother. Was moon goddess playing with him and his brother? This was cruel.

Note: The story isn't about Alec-Xander being a mate to each other. So, it's not an Incest story. I hate those. Please don't assume that.

By now the crowd and Alpha Cole had already understood what was happening with twins. They were surprised and was sympathizing with Alec-Xander.

What if Crescent wasn’t their mate had never crossed twins mind until now. What if she was destined to mate with someone else? The thought alone broke their heart. It made their eyes teared. So how could they... how could Alec and Xander face the reality without breaking down? Even their wolfs were crying violently inside them. Xander wolf was howling in pain and Alec wolf was whimpering.

Xander walked toward Crescent and got on his knees as if he was submitting himself to her. When Crescent didn't give any response, he instantly shifted into his midnight black wolf and ran to the forest. Alec’s wolf followed him shortly. The dreading silence filled the pack. The only noise that echoed in Crescent moon pack was the painful howl of twins coming from the forest.

Meanwhile, Crescent felt a tsunami of emotions hit her. she was confused, sad, angry, and heartbroken. She was in pain too seeing her best friends breakdown like that. The only thing she could do was watch them being engulfed by the darkness of the forest. It was equally painful for her to see Alec-Xander suffering. She cried and ran to her brother for comfort.

Witnessing his sons’ condition, Alpha Cole felt sad.

“If Crescent isn’t mated to twins then why is their wolf crying?” Alpha asked one of the elders. It was understandable for both boys to cry since they were in love with her but sorrow of their wolf was completely another story, an unheard one.

“Only time can tell.” Elder replied staring at space.


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