Twin's Luna Crescent

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Chapter 18

Alec’s Pov

“I lost my virginity at the age of 14 with a stranger.” Cashie began while disappointment crushed my soul. This wasn’t the confession we were expecting from her.

“Since, then I have slept with at least 50+ men, both wolf and human.” She added. I was completely speechless. If I was her mate, I would have killed myself at this point. After that, she went silent for a few minutes.

“…And?” I encouraged her to continue.

“When I first saw you both, I instantly wanted both of you so I had been trying to seduce you both. But, you guys didn’t even give a single drop of your attention. It was always Crescent. For that, I hate her and I wanted her out of both of your life.” She paused and asked us, ”Are you angry?”

“No, not at all” How could we be angry when she was saying the exact thing we wanted her to say. “Please continue,” I said again.

“When I found out she was mateless, I thought of a plan and called Lucien. I told him about Crescent being mateless. That’s it.” She finally confessed. We got what we want now it was showtime.

“Sorry Cashie, you are being detained for spreading valuable information to pack enemies,” Xavier said while I called few guards using mind link.

“You lied. F****” She started swearing at us. Two guards came along with beta Jackson and detained her. When they were about to take her away, I signaled them to stop.

“ Cashie, you are sentenced for lifetime imprisonment,” Xavier announced her punishment.

“ But my crime isn’t that big” she complained. She should be thankful that she wasn’t sentenced to death. Passing pack information to enemy pack was considered treason. Other Alphas would have killed her without even letting her explain why she did that. We had shown her mercy because we needed her.

“Oh, it is Cashie. You have committed treason because you passed information about your future Luna and jeopardized her safety.” I said smirking. The blood immediately drained from her face.

“So she is the snitch” Jackson growled. His protective side for his sister was coming out. I smiled when guards growled too.

“She wasn’t even a future Luna at that time.” She pointed out. She was right but I didn’t care.

“Still you committed a crime, your action nearly caused a war,” Xavier said and nodded at my direction. He was signaling me to carry out our plan.

“I’ll give you one chance, Cashie. You have two option; either live the rest of your life in the cell or accept to be Lucien’s mate. Your action nearly cost Crescent to be mated with Lucien, so it only seems fitting to send you to him” I said. Here, she wasn’t being forced to mate. We were giving her a choice. It was up to her to decide what she wanted prison or-

“Lucien’s mate. I choose to be mated.” She said with an expressionless face. I signed in relief. Xavier and Jackson seemed relieved too.

Now that, we have successfully tracked this problem, we could completely focus on Crescent. We needed to say sorry to her and explain everything. I remembered her teary eyes when she saw Cashie kissing my cheeks, her sad expression when Cashie claimed to be the Luna. The most heartbreaking moment was the overbearing pain in her eyes when we left her standing there in the cold forest, with her unanswered question.

She had asked me ′what about me, voice laced with pain as if to say what we were planning to do with her. She wanted to know what she meant to us and the only answer she got was silence. After all, I did to her, I left her standing there and went away while dragging another girl with me. What must have she thought about me and Xander? How was I supposed to fix the trust we had lost.

Xavier Pov

By this point, Jackson and guards had left with Cashie. Alec and I were the only one left in the office. I looked at Alec who seemed to be deep in thoughts. By the look of his face and sadness in his eyes, I knew what he was thinking about.

“Are you thinking about Crescent?” I asked him. He nodded in reply which was followed by a pregnant silence.

“Do you think she will forgive us,” Alec asked me, taking me by surprise.

"For what" I couldn't help but ask since there were too many things that we had done wrong to her.

“First- we distanced ourself from her for a year neglecting our friendship, second- we failed to protect her from Lucien, third- we claimed her as a breeder in front of the entire pack.” He paused counting.

“Then we announced the Luna ceremony without consulting her, next we tried to force mark her and finally, we acted like we choose someone else as Luna in front of her.” I finished for him.

"So will she forgive us, Xavier" He sniffed, his voice were barely audible. That's when I realized he was crying.

" I don't know. But I do hope that she will forgive us." I answered diplomatically. The chances of her forgiveness were slim, next to none. I didn't want to say that to my brother.

"I feel so much guilt inside" He placed his hand at his heart. "Right here, brother. My heart is crushed with the burden of guilt I carry. It's suffocating and scary."

His words were reflecting my story. I saw me in him. We, twin brother, had fallen in immense love with the same girl, who wasn't even our mate, since childhood. Yet we kept messing things between us three. The already complicated love story has been even more complicated now with our doings.

"She hasn't ever reciprocated our feeling once and yet we act as if she is ours."

"Do you know what hurts more than unrequited love brother?" He said, wiping tears away. "It's the fact that we are the reason for her tears, her misery and her lost smile"

By this point, I had started crying with Alec. This was the first time he was sharing his feelings openly with me and yet I wished him to stop. His words were piercing my heart only because they were true.

"Yet I can't leave her. Even after knowing I am responsible for her sadness I still can't leave her alone."

I opened my mouth to comfort him but words failed me. I desperately needed comfort myself so how could I provide him with any. Probably there were no words in the world that could bring a heartbroken lover any comfort.

"We need her brother. Please do something, I need her." He began to sob violently. The last time I saw him this miserable was one year ago, on our birthday, when we found out, Crescent wasn't our mate. I wrapped my hand around him and cried with him. This was too much to bear. If only Crescent would forgive us then things would be different.


A loud bang sound brought us back to alert mode. The sound was followed by a faint, muffled scream. It came from outside and I noticed the door to our room was slightly open. I quickly stood up and examined the outside. No, there was nothing that looked suspicious.

"I think someone was here and that person saw and heard everything I said," Alec said, sounding angry.

No doubt, someone was here and that person saw his two Alphas crying and all vulnerable. What if that person said everything to other pack members. Fuck! I need to find who that wolf is.


Waiting for your

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