Twin's Luna Crescent

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Chapter 19

Alec’s Pov

“Jackson, Find that wolf,” I instructed my beta.

“What’s that wolf’s crime?” He asked narrowing his eyes. His that action told me he knew who that wolf was.

“That Wolf dared to spy on us,” I said though it was only a half-truth. I couldn’t shamelessly say that we were chasing that wolf because he or she happened to be unlucky and saw two Alphas in a vulnerable state.

“Alpha, if don’t mind me asking, were you guys discussing anything important about pack business when that wolf spied on you? It can be risky if that’s the case, you know” Kate, my gamma, voiced out. Indeed we were talking about important things although it had nothing to do with the pack.

“I was sharing how I feel about Crescent with Xavier” I confessed. There was no need to hide anything from Jackson and Kate, even our vulnerability. However, I didn’t mention the weeping part.

“Oh!” The silence surrounded us for a few minutes. There was a conflict in Jackson's face then it was replaced by nothing.

The door opened and Xavier walked in with another person, Elder. What was Elder doing in here? Jackson and Kate had the expression of confusion, same as me. All of us greeted Elder as I offered him a sit.

“I have been researching on why Crescent is wolf-less on Alpha Xavier order. I am here to update you all.” Elder cleared our confusion. He looked anxious for some reason.

“I and my disciples have been researching, going through hundreds of old manuscript to see if we can find the record of anyone being wolf-less other than Crescent.” He began. “Then we came across the ancient book about Queen Crescent.” He said and I gasped. Even though it was just a coincidence that the queen name happened to be Crescent, it still amused me.

“Queen Crescent, the first werewolf queen,” Xavier said. I have read about her while we were training for the Alpha position. She was known for her intelligence and beauty. She’s the writer of the legendary book “The Law of Werewolf”. This was the same book the whole werewolf community blindly followed and worshipped till this date. Over the passing years, the Council had been making amendments to that book and adding new laws. Forcing mate less wolfs to mate together was one of those laws. Ever since the monarchy of royals dissolved 500 years ago, the Council have been governing werewolf community.

“What does her story have anything to do with my sister,” Jackson asked.

“According to the book, she was mated to two twin Alphas,” Elders said. It was a well-known fact that she was mated to two Alphas who later became Kings. This was the ultimate level of coincidence. Strangely, that queen and my angle had so much in common.

“We know that she was mated to king Elijah and Icarus. What else?” Xavier questioned getting impatience.

“The book states that she was wolf-less.”

Damn! After listening to Elder words, one thing was confirmed, my angel and that queen had everything the same from name to being wolf-less. I wonder if it was just coincidence or the fate playing its game...with us…again.

“What else did you find out?”

“That’s all it was.” He said making me sigh in disappointment. That information was not much helpful. I dismissed him after instructing him to keep looking in it.

“Alphas” Jackson broke my trail of thoughts.

“The Council is here with Lucien.” He informed us. Xander and I cursed at the same time. I had absolutely forgotten about today being the day to give Lucien his mate. At the mention of Lucien name, rage started to build inside me. But it quickly faded when I saw Crescent standing at the door.

She was looking divine as always. It had been so long since I saw her angelic face. The last time we met her was in the forest when she was holding back tears. But today her eyes had spark in them.

“Why did you call me here, Jackson?” She asked. Her voice so melodic, it made me forget everything else except her.

“The Council is here so you’ll be staying in my house surrounded by warriors until our return,” I said in one breath. I was nervous to finally talk with her after everything that happened.

“Are you ordering me?” she back talked. I started to panic thinking I offended her.

“No, Princess. We are only concerned about your safety.” Xavier replied on my behalf. She raised one eyebrow at us. “Please” Xavier added.

“Ok” She smiled brightly and agreed. Then she started fumbling around hair like a child.

“What is it, Angel?”

“Umm… Can I talk with two of you?” she asked timidly and glanced at others. “Alone” she added.

I gestured Jackson and kate to go out. A frown appeared on Jackson's face, but he complied. Soon, Crescent, Xander and I were the only ones standing in the room, it was awkward.

“Yesterday, It was me. I didn’t mean to intrude but I heard everything” She revealed.

Shit! What a sweet-bitter coincidence. Bitter because she indirectly heard me literally saying I need her. Sweet because she also got to know how we were burning in guilt. Maybe now she’ll forgive us knowing how miserable we are. Hope made its home in me. But there was one thing wrong about it. We didn’t deserve her forgiveness, not before properly apologizing.

“I forgive you.” She said genuinely.

“But we haven’t even apologized yet.”

“It’s not needed. The remorse you felt is enough for me to forgive you.” It surprised me how easy it was for her to forgive us, her culprit. She was too kind for her own good, sweet and forgiving. She really was an angel.

Our Angel

I instantly pulled her in a hug and kissed her forehead. The warmth that radiated from her melted my every pain and worries I had felt. I smelled her flowery scent and smiled in content. Having her close seemed so surreal. I had missed her deeply.

“My turn,” Xander said and pulled her petite frame towards his body. I whined at loss of contact, couldn’t leave her even for a second.

A knock at door halted our happy reunion. “Alphas, Lucien and the Council are here. Should I let them in?” His last sentence made me groan. What were both of them doing outside my office? They were supposed to stay at the border, since Lucien was banned to enter our territory.

“Why aren’t they at the border?” I asked Jackson through the mind link.

“We tried stopping them but The Council ordered us.” He replied. Shit! This council is starting to get on my nerves.

“I don’t want to face Lucien.” Crescent protested. Her voice was so small that I barely caught it. I looked at Xander for a solution.

“Follow me,” He said while guiding Crescent to our hidden room behind the book selves. I had totally forgotten about that room. It was made for conducting secret meetings.

“There is water and ice-cream in the fridge behind the table. Will you be ok here for an hour on your own, princess?” He asked softly. She nodded shyly and closed the door. Just then, Jackson again called us.


“Send them in,” I ordered. It was time for sorting some unfinished business.

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