Twin's Luna Crescent

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Chapter 20

Xander’s Pov

Through the door walked the people I detested the most, Council and Lucien. As soon as my eyes fell on them, they shifted nervously. None of them could hold my stares for that long, telltale sign of fear. My wolf was thrilled at their fear. Roy and Adrian greeted us while Lucien was frantically looking around and sniffing the air. I groaned because I knew what he was doing. He was looking for Crescent, smelling her scent that was still present in the air. I opened the window and let the fresh air come in which replaced her scent.

“Bring Cashie” Alec ordered Kate. Lucien frowned at the mention of Cashie as if he knew who she was and why she was being called here. Chuckling at his unhappy reaction, I turned my attention to the Council.

“Why didn’t you wait at the border? Are you disrespecting our pack law, Council Member? Should I punish you for disrespecting us?” I questioned Adrian directly. From the corner of eyes, I could see Jackson and Kate shaking their head from left to right while Alec was face-palming himself. Meanwhile, all Council members had taken a defensive position. Their loud reaction was valid since I just subtly challenged the Council and asserted my dominance on them.

“We are Councils. We can disrespect you but you cannot disrespect us.” Adrian hissed. He was challenging me back, but I wasn’t affected by him. Since I could see fear dripping in the form of sweats from his head.

“I can and I just did disrespect you.” I spat while sending death glare to him through my eyes, daring them to open their mouth. My wolf was pissed at them and I intended to take it out on all of them one way or another.

“Xander, control your wolf. Your canines are scaring them.” Alec mind linked me.

“Sorry for crossing border, Alphas. We only intended to finish our business here as earlier as possible.” Roy apologized, trying to calm me and my wolf. I very much wanted to finish this business early too so that I could spend time with Crescent. So I calmed myself down and nodded at them to continue.

“So, did you find Lucien a chosen mate?” Adrian was smirking. He must have thought, we failed.

As if on cue, Cashie walked in with Kate. She took look at Lucien and smirked as in approval while he was bluntly showing his dislike at her.

“Do you cashier-“ Roy was interrupted before he could speak a complete sentence.

“Cut the formalities, I accept Lucien as mate,” Cashie stated.

“What about your destined mate,” Lucien asked.


“Did Alphas threatened you to agree?” Lucien asked. I knew what he was doing. He was trying to find a way to reject her. Irritating!

“No, Alphas blackmailed me to agree,” Cashie said smirking at us.

WTF! We clearly gave her the option to choose jail or be mate as her punishment. It would have been blackmail if she wasn’t a traitor. Right now, I feel like it’s our fault for giving her that option instead of locking her in cell straight away.

“CASHIE” Alec warned her. She instantly ran behind Adrian and began crying. What a drama queen she was.

“Alec-Xander, what is she saying? You blackmailed her! Roy had clearly stated that the she-wolf needs to be willing to accept the mate bond.” Adrian said and sighed dramatically as if he was disappointed by us. His acting was useless. Even a blind person could tell he was faking it.

“Cashie what do you want to do? Will you accept Lucien as a mate or not?” Roy asked her. She looked straight in Alec and my eyes and said No while smirking. I thought she liked Lucien because of the way she had reacted when she saw him earlier. I guess I was wrong. When our eyes met again, she winked at me and mouthed ‘payback’. That’s when I realized that bit*ch was taking revenge.

“Since you both have failed to give Lucien a chosen mate as you had promised, you’ll face consequences,” Adrian said.

I began to feel nervous and anxious at the mention of consequences because I knew Crescent was in danger again. There was no way that Lucien and Council would let this opportunity go in waste. In the name of consequences, Lucien will demand to be mated with Crescent and in the name of the law, the Council will give permission. They are the laws enforcer after all. We barely convinced them last time, it would be impossible to persuade them again.

“What Consequences?” Jackson asked. He was equally worried about his sister.

“We will follow the law. The Lucien will be mated to Crescent” Adrian announced.

Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!

Crescent was in the secret room separated by a thin wall, that meant she was definitely listening to our discussion happening here. What is she feeling? My wolf questioned me.

I remembered the day at the border when the Council had announced her to be mated to Lucien one week ago. She was so scared and was tightly holding me close seeking comfort. But right now, she was all alone and frightened, with no one to comfort her. My princess must be crying violently and I wasn’t there to wipe her tears.

“How many time is Lucien going to be the reason behind her tears?” My wolf again asked me. I had no answer to give him. I felt ashamed of myself.

“Crescent is ours” Alec’s loud voice resonated in the room. His canines were elongated and sharp claw was out, ready to rip flesh. His wolf had taken over his body and it was out to kill.

“Crescent is min-“ Before Lucien could claim our girl, Alec had pinned him on the wall with his hand wrapped around his neck. His claws were buried deep down Lucien's throat, right where the vocal cord was supposed to be. Alec's claws were preventing Lucien from speaking.

The situation had quickly escalated and it was Alec's doing. He was always so calm and composed but right now, he had turned wild and feral. Alec looked at me, from his eyes I got the message clear. He was going to kill Lucien, right here, right now.

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