Twin's Luna Crescent

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Chapter 21

Alec’s Pov

“Alec…killing Lucien will bring war. The Council will sentence you to death.” Adrian tried to warn me to not kill the one person I wanted to kill the most. It would be useless to say, I didn’t plan to heed his warning.

“Don’t kill him” Pathetic!

They were pathetic begging me to not kill this culprit. They should be encouraging me for this instead. I heard a painful whimper and turned towards its source. There he was-Lucien, struggling to breathe. Eyes widen, nose flaring, lips turning blue and sweat drops were forming on his forehead. He tried to scratch my hand and failed. I tightened my hand around his neck, even more, cutting his air supply. Due to lack of oxygen, he had lost all his energy. I could hear grunting and whizzing sound coming from him then all I heard was absolute silence.

Adrian pushed me away from Lucien but he was late. I had already killed Lucien mercilessly.

Xander does all the fighting and punishing in the pack because I detest violence and harming people makes me sick. However, killing Lucien felt like a necessity. He was that demon who needed to be an exorcised. So I became the priest and performed the exorcism.

Adrian checked the pulse of Lucien that was lying dead on the cold floor. Something like anger and fear appeared on his face. “Alec, you killed him. You committed a crime.” Adrian accused me and his accusations were all true.

“Alec committed no crime. Lucien deserved it as punishment.” Xander came to my defence.

“Who are you to decide whether Lucien deserved death or not? Who is Alec to punish Lucien with the death sentence?”

Xander and I were no judge to sentence Lucien to death. But we were the ruler, Alphas of Crescent moon pack, greater than judge itself. We were the one who protected the law and enforced it in the pack. We were the one responsible for the safety of each and every member. So, if someone tried to harm our fellow pack member, it was our duty to punish the culprit and that’s what I did.

“We are Alphas of the most powerful pack. I hope that answers all your questions.” I cockily replied to his earlier question. Despite being Council, they feared us because we were powerful, equally powerful as them.

Right at that time, the door of our secret room opened and Crescent came out screaming and running straight to my arms. I held her closely in my arm and rubbed her back to calm her down.

“What happened Angel?” From my periphery vision, I saw Xander was concerned for his princess as much as I was.

She looked up and bit her lips nervously. “A cockroach jumped on me” Oh god! She revealed our secret room to our worst enemy just because of a cockroach. I couldn’t figure out whether to be angry at her or worried about her. Then again, I couldn’t be angry at her cute face. Lucien was lying dead in the corner so I instantly covered her eyes not wanting her to see his dead face. I knew she knew that he was dead but still.

“Jackson, hide Lucien body from Crescent. Asap” I mind linked my beta and turned her around so that her back was facing the dead body and her front was being pressed on my body. Perfect

“Crescent how are you?” Adrian inquired. My wolf, who has been silent since Lucien’s death, perked up at his voice. By the look in his eyes I could tell, he was planning something. Crescent lifted her head and mumbled fine.

“I heard you are wolf less.”

Shit! How did he find out? I accursedly glared at Cashie, who was standing behind the Council members this whole time. It must be her doing. I should have kept her locked up.

“That is none of your business.” Xander growled at them. He stalked towards us and stood protectively in front of me and Crescent, shielding us from Adrian. Xander, the big bad wolf was being a bodyguard for his Princess.

Being the only mate less werewolf that has no wolf spirit inside made Crescent vulnerable in the werewolf world. So naturally, our protective side came out whenever our wolf sensed danger around her. And right now, Adrian was that danger. The very fact that he knew she is wolf less meant problem.

Adrian was an evil person and leader of the Council. He had acquired that position by playing dirty politics. For power, he could stoop down to any level. Surely, he will use the fact that Crescent was wolf less to his advantage.

“The reason you came here is gone. So GET OUT” Xander shouted while pointing out towards the door. Each and every Council members exit the room one after another except for Adrian and Roy.

“Be ready for consequences,” Adrian said while eyeing Crescent up and down. There was an unmistakable threat in his voice. I could tell, he was threatening her because he thought she was our weakness. He was wrong. Crescent wasn’t our weakness but our strength. She was our reason to live and be happy. She was our life, not weakness.

The little beauty, who was securely wrapped in my arms, began to wiggle, trying to get more comfortable. This made me smile. Adrian looked at me as if I was crazy. I knew why. He was threatening me and I was smiling in reply. It certainly looked odd for the observer.

“Adrian is threatening our girl and you are smiling?” Xander questions me through our mind link.

“My love is in my embrace for the past 30 min. Of course, I am smiling.” I replied smirking.

“Lucky idiotic brother” Looks like someone was jealous.

I noticed Adrian was still looking at us so I glared at him and pointed towards the door with my middle finger. He exited the room with Roy but not before glaring back at me.

Xander turned to me and pulled Crescent to his side.

“You know you guys brought war by killing Lucien,” Crescent whispered. She was right. Whatever happened today, the Council saw it as their insult. The news of Lucien being killed in front of them and their failure to stop me from doing so would be seen as their weakness in the werewolf committee. We have challenged their authority and practically dominated them, insulted them. The Council will certainly try to take revenge. Not to mention, the Arch moon pack will certainly declare war on us because we killed their beta who was supposed to be their Alpha once he gets his chosen mate.

“Lucien has died, Princess. Alec did nothing wrong.” Xander replied for me. He was again defending me.

“Thank you” Crescent hugged me then whispered the nickname she gave me in my ear. “My big bad wolf”, Earlier for a second I thought Crescent might be disappointed in me because I practically started a war. But nope. She was actually happy. It felt so good to know that I was the one who made her smile. Not her brother, not Xander but me.

“Cre, stop hugging both Alphas already.” Jackson, who was standing silently in the room this whole time, decided to act like a protective brother he was- again.

“I hate him” my wolf huffed. I couldn’t agree any less.

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